Satsang  –   Volume 15, Number 10: November 28, 2012
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The Marriage with Meditation

When we were not on earth and even the earth was not there, then whatever was there, whoever he was, God, would have felt very lonely. That is why he decided to get married. And we are the progeny of God. Therefore, our family life, our family tradition, is nothing but God, Gyan (Knowledge), Atma (Self), Param (the Supreme), which means first. The world will dissolve later on, but the world should be here for a long, long time.

Before the end, there is a middle. And before the middle, there is a beginning. The beginning is adi and the end is ant. It is adi, it begins, and that which begins stays because it begins with time and space. So with adi, time begins and space begins, and then time and space lives. And all that which is in time and space ends, antadi and ant. We are all familiar with whatever is from adi up to the end, ant—from evolution to dissolution. We are capable of knowing this. From where did that capability come?

If we know adi, then we must be before that. If we know in the middle, then we are a current, a river, a flow of the same Anadi, that which was not adi, which has not begun. We are before beginning, and after that begins and grows and gets older, we are still there. And that which ends, we still watch, we are there. And all that which was in the middle cannot know after the end. All that which was in the beginning cannot know that which was before the beginning.

That which does not know before the beginning and after the end is called a human being—humanity as a whole, in time and space. And that is a man. He cannot be without man, or mind, so he is man. Mind has created everything, so that which is visible is mind. Before adi there was no mind. After adi mind must have come, and when end takes place then mind must end. After the end there is no mind, and before the beginning there is no mind. So why have we forgotten this fact and overlaid and superimposed mind in the middle?

Mind is in the middle. The middle is mind, man, all men, and that is the world. So we rejoice in the world. What is before adi we have no clue. We cannot because mind is not there. And after the end mind is not there. Therefore, mind’s joy is that something begins, something lives, something ends, something is produced, something grows, and something perishes. This is what we know and enjoy.

We are seeking now that which has no end. And that which has no end must be that which has no beginning.

This is a kind of mystery, which nobody can reveal. Though it is there, one cannot have it revealed to him unless he meets someone who introduces a technique to the mind so he can go before the beginning and can go after the end and can remain again in the middle. Then he will know what beginning is. He will know what middle is. He will know what end is. And then he will certainly know there is no beginning, no middle, and no end.

It is one eternal Reality, eternal Existence. It is forever timeless. Time never begins. Time never ends. Space never begins. Space never ends. Man in time and space never begins and never ends.

And that is why every human being wants to have this mystery revealed to him. If there is no revelator, the one who reveals, then humanity as a whole will be deprived of this gift, this achievement: to be united with that which has been and is and will always be.

So you always want to get married and find that technique by which you get joined to that which never begins and never meets and never ends. That is called Guru Consciousness, Highest Consciousness, Highest Awareness, Pure Awareness.

Why? Because this awareness that begins, it ends. And it changes in between. But that Awareness that has never witnessed a beginning is Awareness throughout. That will never witness an end, because it is throughout. That throughout-Awareness, only a human being is capable of achieving through his marriage with meditation.

The result is Pure Awareness.

Close your eyes. Since we all have bodies, every set of parents told us we were born and we believed them. They told us to grow in wisdom and we followed the course of their instructions and we became wise. And when you met us you felt that you were the wisest from the very beginning and will remain always wise.

The wisest one is the one who is never born and never dies. He is Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. Hum is that which is not known to the human mind, unless mind is tempted with the information of Amaram—that I am immortal, I am blissful.

Mind will never, never give a chance to the senses to rest and be the Space. Hum. Hum. Hum. Amaram Hum. Hum is Amaram. Amaram is just the word representing the meaning of Hum.

All sentient beings when they breathe in and they breathe out become Hum. They do not have to speak. That is why in meditation it is not necessary to fill human beings with instructions after instructions. You just lead the attention of the human being, which is mental, to be established in that Space where there is no movement, there is only Hum.

You are in the state of Unity, which means marriage. The moment the mind gets absorbed, it is Unity, in the Source. We human beings know that when a drop gets merged in the ocean, it is no more a drop, it is Unity, the ocean. Whenever any air bubble breaks, it gets merged—it is Unity.

Every human being on earth has always been seeking Unity, but they have had their method for ages, for millions of years, and that is the marriage between male and female, sometimes between sentient and insentient. It is the great desire for everyone on earth to seek Unity. Unity is that Awareness that is never divided. It never begins and it never ends. It is forever Unity.

And my blessings are for all of you to retain this Unity Awareness, Pure Awareness, Free Awareness, forever the same Pure Existence and Consciousness.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

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