Satsang  –   Volume 15, Number 9: October 7, 2012
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Eternal Existence Is The Mother
Of All The States Of Existence

… A melody alone has no meaning. But if words are sung in any language, you like them. Why? In the beginning, you were nothing but “word.” So your existence is word. Since word has no form, no one knows its meaning nor has the knowledge of it. That is why, in Hindi, it is called nishabdh; in your language, it can be called “the non-existing word.” But for you, that which is nonexistence means that it is nothing. When all the existing forms are gone or have ended, then you conclude there is nonexistence. But how can it be possible for nonexistence to stand alone?

So a human being is confused. Why? Because of the senses. The difficulty arises because he cannot do anything without the functioning and understanding of the senses. Yet in the womb of his mother, a child is not the senses. Why is it not possible for a developed human being to know his own originality, or that he has no senses? He should not identify with them. But due to the constitution of a human being, which he has not made, he has to accept the group of the senses, and so he has to accept form. Thus, no human being can be free from body-consciousness. If the consciousness of the body is in the body, then it must be the body. The body is born, the body lives, and slowly and slowly a human being begins to like and love and enjoy; and then he suffers; and then, removing suffering, he again enjoys. Therefore, the life of a human being is happiness-unhappiness.

But see, if it is the life of happiness-unhappiness, then he should be able to like both. [Laughter] But he does not like unhappiness and he likes happiness. And unhappiness arises more near his death. He begins to think, “Now, the end of life is coming.” Therefore, life becomes two sides: life that is alive and life that is dead. He never thinks how it could be possible when life is life for life to become dead. But because of body-identification, because man thinks he is the body, he cannot sort out this difficulty. For birth and death will always remain with a human being.

But when you have come over here, the main purpose of your coming is to know, “Am I able to get the knowledge which has nothing to do with the birth and death idea?” Because you are not ready for that, no one gives you any information about it, or that you are birthless and deathless. Thus, one of the very unique words or phrases is Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum: your I is Immortal, your I is Blissful, so your I is not going to take birth and die. When you can be aware of your I, when you know your I has never become iron, wood, cotton, skin, blood, bones or your breath, then why should your I be associated, attached and tagged to every part of the form of a human being?

A human being cannot deal without I. So I became a human body, and a human body takes birth and dies. Therefore, everybody’s I is dying, and so man is afraid. I tell him, “No, no. I is Pure Free Forever. Know it.” Then he says “Well, I can’t.” I say, “No, you have the power to know it.” In this way, forty-five years have passed. We continue talking against your concept and conviction. You say, “Birth is there and death is there. So I have to serve people and save them from death.” And you forgot completely that death is inevitable. Even if you have cured everything, all kinds of diseases and sicknesses, still, one day, a healthy person will die.

Why would you worry about that which is inevitable? Just take easy and, through your chemicals, remove all the bad chemicals and bring the good ones. Live life. Whatever you enjoy—call it happiness, joy, love, devotion, family, this and that—do it. But you have seen, it is your own observation, perhaps that of everyone, that whatever you do for the family, still one of the family members is going to die or become sick. And you are the one who is more sick than anyone else, because of the burden of the family, the burden of the neighbourhood, the burden of the country, the burden of the relations, and all that. Then your mind buzzes with that worry, tension and agitation …

I know what will happen through the kind of studies human beings do. Now check. It is the time to speak the truth—for you to hear it, at least for me to tell it to you. Where will your study lead you? Death. Let me know in which book a beginning and an end are not? All start with an introduction and end with a full stop: “The End.” That is what a man’s life is—beginning and end, appearance and disappearance. When each one of you thinks with sincerity, you know that you don’t want that which dies—neither a relation’s death, nor the death of your neighbour, nor the death of your god, or your predecessors, or your father or mother. You don’t like it. That means, that which you don’t like, you don’t pursue. But you are compelled to pursue it. Pursue we do. [Laughter]

There would be only a few sincere persons on earth who will have this sense. There are two practices: gopatee and saaradhee. Saaradhee, to describe it in English, is that with which the dhi, the buddhii, or intellect, is tuned into Essence [Saar]. Gopatee is that which is hidden and yet is there, so it belongs to a jigyaasu [inquirer]. A jigyaasu is one like you who are sitting over here. You have come over here to know, “What is that immortality which I like?” You have seen what mortality is. But let me know, what is immortal? If you reach Guru and he has no information, he will talk in the same way that all the writers have been talking. Therefore Guru says, “That which you already know, that is your I, which is Pure Free Forever.” I has nothing to do to be bound with your teeth or hair. If you tag your I with every single hair, what will happen? The whole world will be created over there. Because I is everywhere.

It is very simple. I don’t give a big lecture as great professors do about their subjects. I immediately come to you, which is me. You and me are two words: when I say it from here, it becomes me and you become you. When you speak it from there, your body becomes me and I become you. But people have not even tried to sort out me and you. Why is it that you become you and I become I? The Source must be there, and the Source cannot be I and you both. It will be the knowledge of I and the knowledge of you. That knowledge is subtler. Because your eyes and all your senses can only experience gross forms, they are not meant for that. If they are not meant for that, why do you use them to find out that which cannot be known by them? So I is not known by anybody.

I’m waiting to confuse you. [Laughter] Because for you, I is your ribs; and behind your ribs, your heart; and in your head, your mind or brain. But where is your I? This is the test that Guru gives. If you pass it and know, “I is not known to me,” then Guru says, “Come on, I’ll make you know.” That is the relationship between Guru and disciple. The disciple is Guru, and Guru is already Guru; he has been a disciple, he has been a man; the disciple is a man, both are men. So it is not just by structure that he is Guru so he becomes worthy of respect, and the disciple becomes a little boy or girl. Both are human beings. When all are human beings, even the Prime Minister knows that when you cast a vote, whether you are a male or female, it is one vote. There is no such difference in the ballot box, nobody says which is a female vote and which is male vote. They count two thousand votes, and they declare the candidate elected.

This is something which is rare, but nobody checks it. Or a few persons check it, such as among you, you try to check it, and so you got into saaradhee or gopatee. Then the second sense is of one who knows it, who is called samaan, sam, or ever-the-same: no boy, no old man, no male, no female, no this, no that, it’s all sam. What is sam? Pure Intelligence—you may not call it pure, but it is intelligence. Even a butterfly has intelligence and can find its mate two hundred kilometres away. How does she fly two hundred kilometres and find her mate? She must have good intelligence somewhere. We cannot figure it out, although we are human beings. Many things we cannot figure out. I’ll not continue giving you all kinds of examples which you know. You do not know one example or one thing: where are you? …

From where does a smile come? It’s not that a denture speaks or smiles. A smile does not come from a dead body. Again, you came to know. So I am convinced that you have the power to know your Self, the Life. But you say, “I have to be practical. How should I apply this on the relative field when I have to attend to this and that? How should I do it?” Well, you have learned so many things, learn this also. That is why the highest knowledge is most beneficial, because you can apply it in your daily life—before death, before old age, when you are young enough—so that you can be happy all the time and deal with all the things: provided you have the knowledge of your I. I is the same everywhere. Therefore, do not pay attention on the forms, black or white, long or short, weak or strong. Just know, “I alone am Pure Free Forever.”

.   .   .   .   .   .   .

If you meet a realized being, or have a realized being in your home, you will realize and your children will realize. If children do not have any wise one around them, then they will be the same Hell’s Angels—whatever company they attend, they will become. You can watch what is happening to the world. … People are busy with cell phones. Anything that is useful you love. That is called raag [attachment]. It is not real love. Raag means that which has never been there and you love it. That which is there, and will die and you love, that is raag. Raag means ignorance. Ignorance means no knowledge. And you have come here for knowledge. The source of all kinds of powers of knowing is Shuddh Chaytan, Pure Awareness, the mother of all the universal strengths and powers. Sing the song. Thank you.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .

The appreciation and credit goes to all the people who can hear the music and can know what is being sung. It is not easy for an ordinary person, as he only hears sound. Many times you have seen that some people are good at flute, but they don’t find anyone to listen to them, so they go to the forest and play in front of buffaloes. [Laughter] Although buffaloes hear them, they don’t understand anything. So music is worthwhile only when some listeners are there. And all of you are so deep that you can see art and know from where the artist has drawn it. You hear sound, and you know from where it is coming. Even with language, many people who know the meaning also come to know from where the writer is writing. And in this song the writer says, “Eternal Existence is the mother of all the states of existence.” Understand only one thing.

Now a human being can never grasp that Eternal. If you talk about non-eternal, he can grasp it—a flower, a leaf, a tree, a form of a sentient being, a form of an atom, a form of a mountain, a form of water—anything which is non-eternal, he understands. Because that is where understanding has been given to a human being. A human being has not been given to understand God, who is subtler than the subtlest. It is called God Consciousness—call it God or God Consciousness. But many people left “Consciousness” and began to feel that God must be a man. Again a problem came, because a man never lives forever, a man dies. People made God, and they died—the pretext could be any. Therefore, man cannot get out of the idea of death. Then, he cannot get out of the idea of fear. And he seeks no fear, no worry, no death or destruction. So he likes to possess all the things near him, so that he can see them, he can know them, and he can interact with them and be happy.

But everything goes away. A mother produces a child, and he becomes the Prime Minister and never comes home. The mother is sitting over there, waiting for him to come, but he is busy with meetings. Now, what else is there? So it is a very awkward situation for a human being. Then why should he not seek that which is non-awkward? Non-awkward is Eternal. But he cannot get Eternal. Therefore, there must be someone who should give him the instrument, the knowledge which enables him to know from where knowledge arises in a child in the womb of his mother. It does not come from school. When you see a child drinking his mother’s milk, which school taught him this?

So knowledge is first. Everywhere the whole space is of knowledge. Every single atom of a light ray of the sun is nothing but the representative of knowledge. With his imperfect state of mind and senses, a human being cannot know it. That is why he has to live the life as a human being and become a good human being—that he can do. Who is a good human being? Who does not kill, who does not eat wrong, who does not use wrong words or the meaning of wrong words, who is all love, all love. People began to be united with the person who is all-loving. All-loving could be who? The one who knows the seed of the tree as a whole: the tree branches can go anywhere, but he knows the seed. That seed is God Consciousness, Awareness, Chaytan Satta, and that is the mother of the universe. And you have come to know that.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .

I have emphasized on meditation, because this is not the story of the waking state, neither is it the story of the dream state, nor can it be the story of deep sleep. This is the truth of meditation. This truth never changes, never dies. And that truth is Me. It is called Shyam Space. Whenever you close your eyes, you are with Me, the Shyam Space. That is why I am so confident that whatever you say about me, I am that. And whatever you do not say about me, I am that. Because I am your Source. I am the basis of the whole universe. And I became aware of that. Therefore, I am never a miser in telling you the truth, which is eternal Pure Free Forever, unchanging, undying—and, at the same time, changing and dying.

After hearing this, you will be enlightened enough to examine it, imbibe it, and carry it with you, and so again and again, again and again, remember your own Self. When you remember again and again, when you practice again and again that you are the Self, you are Pure Free Forever, you actually become Free Forever— against this idea that you are a body to be diseased, destroyed and to die. That is the greatest gift that ever anybody can give. It is God’s gift. I am nobody to have such a great gift and give it to you. Life is already there, which has been gifted to you. Please respect it, honour it, and be tuned in to that Guru Life. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .

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