Satsang  –   Volume 13, Number 8: July 26, 2010
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Guru Poornima
Your Awareness is Guru Power

Today is the greatest day, full of the power and knowledge of that Poornima [Fullness, Perfection] which has been spreading all over the world. In every heart, Guru’s breath, Guru’s knowledge is moving. Guru is there to inspire everyone to have the darshan [vision] of Guru. Everybody closes his eyes and sees the Space, yet everybody wants to have the darshan of Guru—to hear Guru, to be near Guru and to have that power which comes from the Space, the very Guru. From Guru, power was given to the sun and it began to shine. The same Guru’s power of awareness has been imparted to the moon and it too began to shine in the night, to give light to the whole world and to create a situation for all the herbs, leaves, crops and fruit to come into existence. Thus, the moon and sun, both powers, create the world. Before them, who creates the sun and moon? That is Guru power.

Thus, it is one Being. But a human being has forgotten what that one Being is. He questions, “Do I have any relation to it? Am I connected to it? Am I only a boy or a girl who is born and living on earth?” Thus, everybody is in a questioning state: “Why is it that I have the same sense of Guru, the greatness, so I don’t want to commit any mistake, I don’t want to be small, sick and miserable and I don’t want to die? Yet I also do not know who it is who feels like that—and who it is who is against this and wants to be down, to divide and to create actions which produce the results of disease and destruction, pain and suffering, fights and quarrels, even activities in which death and destruction are involved. What is that? Is it me who is like this? Or is it me who is like that that he should be full of love and joy for and the expression of kindness to everyone—to all the beings in the world, both sentient and insentient—so that they may get life and be happy? Is that me? Do these qualities belong to me? Or is the deterioration of the thought and character of a human being me?”

Everybody among us knows that we have those highest qualities, which Guru has imparted. We are the recipients of those qualities. These are the people who are united with Guru, who are the devotees of Guru Consciousness. Thus, Guru Consciousness is one thing, while body-consciousness, death-consciousness, is another. Everybody feels he has these two states of mind, because the field in which we are born is changing. People, as well as grass, trees, stars, sun, moon, crops, food, water and everything else, appear. And live. And then disappear. So this is the world of an apparent and short-lived reality. After certain years, when death devours everything, there is no present reality. And then again what is new comes.

“Why is it that appearance and disappearance are the wheel of this world? How should I know and have the power that we should not disappear?” When we have appeared, we all think, “I am, I am growing and one day I will disappear.” Then what happens? Fear comes in a human being’s heart and head and so he works to make this body permanent—which is again based on a mistake. For that which has appeared must die. But in the middle, we desire that we must not die, we must not end, we must not get sick or diseased, we must not perish or get eliminated. And we ask, “What is that in me?”

There are very, very few persons who question this. I thank all of you who have gathered today, on this Guru Poornima day, just to find out what is that which you need to know and what is that which you don’t want to have. This is the answer from my side, and it is very important for you to hear and know it.

After a hundred years, the people present now will not be there. Again people will come, and they too will remain for a hundred years and will not stay; for we have seen how in the past humanity had come into existence and a hundred years later not one among them is now available. So it is very important for us that we are here on earth. We have healthy bodies, healthy surroundings and healthy parents and teachers. We have schools, universities and education, and we are very, very blessed people. Still, if you remain unknowledgeable, or ignorant of the fact of why it is we have come on earth, and you don’t meet Guru, then nobody will tell you why.

Everybody among your relations and acquaintances will say, “You were born to study, to get a profession, to work, to create, to have creativity, to become old and, in the end, to die. So life is a struggle, full of difficulties and challenges, and you’ll meet those challenges.” But what is the power which meets challenges? Nobody tells you this. Thus, you round for incarnation after incarnation. Then, you reach over here on earth, being blessed by the gift of Guru, the gift of God. You got life. But what is the purpose of this life? The answer is given to you without your having asked for it.

The purpose of this life is to unfold the power of awareness from your head and heart that will enable you to know “I am not a body to die.” With the body, you should know that knowledge which does not die. Therefore, you got the mantr Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, because that is your true nature. The purpose of this human life with mind is to make the intellect purified in such a way that it should be expanded. It should not expand sideways, rather vertically, go towards the highest, and know what is it in this world which changes. With your highly evolved intellect, you will find that from earth to sky, everything changes. But then you stop there, because there is no way for you to know what is beyond this sky and what is below this earth. So you remain quiet. Being quiet and not getting an answer, you drop your efforts and drop your main purpose and goal of why you have come on earth. So you sit still, or begin to become busy in unnecessary pursuits, and so waste your time and energy. In the end, you become weak, you cannot do anything and you perish.

But when you meet Guru he says, “You have the power to attain that knowledge which you want. The knowledge that you want is how to remain Amaram, to remain Madhuram. You want to remain deathless and blessed.” But you can only be deathless when you are birthless. If you were born, then death is a must. So what is man living? Birth and death. He only knows he is born and he will die. While the sense or understanding which everybody has been given is that he is born, Guru says, “No, this is not correct knowledge which your parents and people have given you. Have you ever thought and used your mind to know you are not born?” Everybody knows he is born. Everybody’s name is registered in the municipal or police registers and he knows he was born, he belongs to a country, he is a male or female and all that.

You only know this much. And you are growing big, thinking you are growing taller. But you do not know that you are losing energy and getting down, and down and down, year after year. Every year, you have a celebration of your birth, and you think you have become greater or bigger; and the next year you think you are getting weaker and weaker. So the sense of weakness, death and suffering has permeated the human heart and mind, and he is very much alone in his life, hoping that someone should give him the desired goal, or the information to attain the goal. The goal is that nobody wants to die. Everybody wants to not die. Yet everybody says, “I am born.” How will it be possible if you were born to not die? It is inevitable. Therefore, you want to get out of this wheel of birth and death. … So you have to hear the information from Guru, who says, “You are Pure, you are Free, you are forever the same. You are unborn, you are unchanging, you never die.”

Today is the greatest day, because Guru is the highest. You can see that whenever a human being has power, even if he has all the powers, the highest power, it gets still higher, and then it ends. And then he becomes that which has no power. But beyond that, if there is any power, that is Guru power. A man thinks and knows and has full memory. He says where everything is, how much it is, and this knowledge goes up and up. But then the end of this knowledge of a human being comes. Beyond it, if knowledge is there, that is the highest. In the same way, a man has the joy of the senses. He gets joys after joys after joys, he gets all the joys and happiness. Where happiness ends, beyond that if there is happiness, then that is Guru.

So Guru power, Guru knowledge and Guru happiness, Sat Chit Aanand, is not found here, between the earth and sky. Guru says you have That. This means Guru is not a liar. Guru speaks the Truth. Because Guru has been gifted with that knowledge that Sat is the highest, Chit is the highest and Aanand is the highest. Yet a human being is only busy with the satisfaction of his hunger and thirst of some senses, some desires. It’s a very big thing, but in short your desire is insatiable. It is not satisfied, because your intense desire is that you should get the highest.

The highest is not found between earth and heaven. You again reach heaven and come back; you again become a man, again try hard and again attain heaven; and you again attain heaven and come back; and in the meantime, if you do wrong things, you go to hell. In this way, your life is between hell and heaven, heaven and hell, birth and death, birth and death, I and you, this and that, raag and dwaysh [attraction and aversion], you and me, he and she, birth and death. This is the life of a human being. How long will you live it? I say that you have become enlightened enough. For the last forty years, you have been listening to me.

Today is a very special day, a very important day. I want to tell you how to hit the goal, how to achieve the purpose of your life. First, you have come to know that you need to know that knowledge which is undying. That knowledge will also be unborn. But you do not know that knowledge if you say it is only formless, or without form—for without a human being, you will never know it. Therefore, you have to have a human being, and you got it. You have to have days and nights to pass, you have to have food, flowers, everything. You have them. You have health. But now what is that which you have to have? Knowledge. So you have knowledge, Sat Chit Aanand is there. Attain it. But how to attain it?

Today, I especially have full consideration of your power, of Guru’s power, who has inspired you to come over here and have the darshan of Guru, the words of Guru. It’s very simple to do so. That which is difficult, a couple of individuals can understand and others will not; especially, children will not. Therefore, I’m speaking about that Truth that can be so simple, so simple that even children can get it. That Truth is what you like. It is called Guru Gyan [Knowledge], Guru Praym [Love], Guru Aanand [Bliss]. Guru means the highest: the Highest Existence, the Highest Bliss. The Highest Existence is immortality. The Highest Bliss is no birth and no death—only then can you have bliss. All of you are hearing me with intent and purpose, being attentive to what I’m going to say. In the end, I’m going to say something very worthwhile, which you can use in your life daily.

When you have exhausted all the means of your wealth and power and became ready to hear what it is, I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you that death does not have power. And when a man is not born, he has no power. So whoever you are, you are devoted to that power. That power which changes is not Guru power. That power is of a man, who gets up in the morning and sleeps in the night and between has that little power. But Guru power is that which remains forever with you. What is that? That is your Awareness. And you do not know where it is.

When you see flowers and fruit, you know they exist. Then you know your eyes and a knowledgeable mind are there. The fruit and flowers became the object and you became the subject, and between them is the action or relationship. A human being lives all these three, the trio, and that’s called the mind. The mind is making the subject, the object and the relationship between them. It’s relative existence. But what is that which is not relative? Anything that is relative is the mind. Anything that you see, hear, smell, taste, grasp or on which you walk is the mind. The whole scene of the world is the mind.

You must know, is it the mind which creates the world? You see in the dream that it creates it: the mind creates the dreamer, all the forms and the sense of happiness, unhappiness, fear and disappointment. All this happens in the dream in the mind. The same thing happens in the waking state. And you want to get out of both. You want that “There must be something which I know that I have and which I am, which is ever the same.” That ever the same is deathless. It does not change. It does not take birth. What is it? It is Chaytan [Pure Awareness]. It is not jar [insentient]. It is not half chaytan [sentient] half jar, it is not part of chaytan and jar. It is Pure.

This has been the mystery in the world for millions of years. No scientist could solve it. No poet could solve it. No learned man could solve it. It is Guru who knows it. If you get the information, then you have met Guru. Today is your meeting to have the darshan of Guru. Darshan means information: when Guru gives you knowledge, then you think that darshan has been transferred to you and you got it. With these eyes you see the flowers, bouquets, people, things, forms and decorations. But when you know you don’t need these eyes to know, then that Knower is with you. The Knower is ever the same in the dream, deep sleep and waking states. In the thinking state, in the state where you abuse others and in the state where you listen to abuses from others, the Knower is there. But you call it the mind. If the Knower is the mind, then the mind changes: it comes in the morning and goes in the evening. It is changeable. But the Knower never changes. The Knower is that Chaytan. …

Close your eyes. [Pause] You became aware of your breath. The breath moves as long as Chaytan is there, Guru is there. When Chaytan is withdrawn, Guru is withdrawn, the breath will not move. So when you are breathing, you have come to know Knower is there. … This is Guru Poornima. I have led your attention towards the Highest, and now you are knowing the Knower. Which eye is that which sees the Knower? Not these eyes. That means the Knower has eyes, the Knower has ears, the Knower has everything that you have. But you have a gross knower and gross things. And I am leading your attention towards That which is subtler than the subtlest. When I’ll be quiet, you will come to know that the listener did not die. You are with closed eyes, but you know that the sight-giver is not dead. You are sitting quiet, still, and you know that the body has been given life, but the life-giver is not dead. In your heart there is love and devotion for you and your friends, people, family, children and Guru, so love is there and love is not dead. The Knower is not dead. Life is not dead. Love is not dead.

Do you think it is found in any book you can read, any food you can eat, any scripture or voice you can hear? No. The Knower is all alone. All alone means that nothing else is there other than the Knower—then it is called all alone. This means that the Knower, with its power, permeates the whole world. What is its power? Sound. When Guru speaks, automatically all the doors of your ears are opened, all the doors of your mind and intellect are opened. The sound of Guru goes straight to the Knower, and the Knower-you and Guru-me, the Knower-Guru and Guru-disciple or listener become one and the same. That is the oneness of that Knower. The Knower is one, of the disciple and of Guru. When Guru speaks from the Knower and the disciple hears from the Knower, the ears and tongue may not be there, but the Knower does not die. The Knower is unborn, unchanging, forever living and undying.

How to get to that is a very simple way. You have closed your eyes. You began to watch your breath. The breath stopped: the Knower is there. The breath moves: the Knower is there. That means that when Chaytan moves, the world comes into existence, all the forms, all the objects, all the things come into manifestation. When Chaytan stops moving, it is Pure. At that time, it’s called Free. It is said that it’s not bound by time, not bound by space. It is Pure. That Pure is this Space, which we call Shyam. Shyam Space is your meditation. Your meditation is on Shyam. Shyam is in my body, behind the eyes, and in your body behind the eyes. Shyam is one and the same. Shyam is the highest because it never changes, it never dies, it is never born. That Space is subtler than the subtlest. Even millions of skies can fit in that. And that is your own one little anu [atom]: it’s called an atom, but it’s supreme, so it’s called param [supreme] atom, Param-aatma [Self], Brahm [Oneness]-aatma, Amaram Hum-aatma. When you are watching the breath, it becomes your praanaayaam, or knowing yourself as life, as love, as knowledge, as non-doer. There, you have Guru Darshan.

Guru Darshan is inside, when you close the eyes. … When you open your eyes, you see the manifestation of Guru. All of you are so fortunate that you have come with the grace and gift of Guru, who is Sat Chit Aanand. These words which I speak have no parallel example, therefore, it is not with half understanding that you can get it. You need poorn [full] understanding. Today is Guru Poornima. With the grace of Guru, you now have full understanding. … At this moment, you have the knowledge of your Self, the Guru, the Sat Chit Aanand.

Dearest one, take this technique with you and, with your understanding, apply it anywhere. But without its practice, you’ll forget and will come in the face of death and the death-filled world. All human beings are living in the field in which they think death is real. And all of you have known and have heard me that death is not real. It is Me, the Self. It is You. …

You have heard this. But today you have drunk it, you have eaten it. It became part of you. You are That. Having realized That, it is your own world. Wherever you go, play in it, live in it, imagine and create in it. You can have as much as you like, you can give up as much as you like. There is no bondage of possession, no bondage of giving up, no bondage of gaining freedom or removing bondage. This is Guru Poornima, and I wish you supreme liberation, supreme well-being. As a human being, when I have come on earth I pray to Guru that he should take care of you. Wherever you are, you should be blessed. I wish you a long life so that you can participate in Guru Poornima again and again, for many, many years. Thank you very much everyone. Blessed you are.…

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