Satsang  –   Volume 16, Number 7: July 22, 2013
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Guru Poornima Is Neither Born
Nor Does It Die

It is a moment of great pleasure for all of us, because it is Guru Poornima. Many persons, those who have shared this day for years here, know what Guru Poornima is. But many persons are inquiring about why this day is celebrated, and with great pomp and show, great decorations that have a very spiritual touch—for nothing is physical. It is not like a festival which is generally observed in the name of some incarnated god or incarnated creator—some being like Vishnu, who is taking care of the body, or the great god who, in the end, annihilates the body. In this country, we know Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, the trio of gods who are considered to be the creator of this world, the maintainer of this world, and—when the world becomes fragile and weak—the one who dissolves it in the end.

In the world, everyone knows about evolution and dissolution—the evolution of manifestation, and the dissolution, or elimination, of manifestation. All human beings who are now were not one hundred years before. Millions of years before, many, many people were there, but a hundred years earlier than that, they were not. A human being has never seen a world without human beings. It is going on and on in the form of creation, so people began to know that the creator, or Brahma, must be there; that one who maintains the world, or Vishnu, must be there; and, since the world gets dissolved, some dissolver must be there, or Mahesh.

We become so aware today that this is the festival, or observation, of that high which was first of all. It is called Guru Poornima. Guru Poornima is neither born nor does it die. It is not any birthday—not of Krishna, Ram, Vashishth or Vyas, not the birthday of any Guru, nor the birthday of a man. It is the worship, or union, of a human being with himself, the Source Existence, the Pure Existence, which has always been Guru Poornima, which itself has no source. All other appearances have a source. If appearance takes place, a source must be there. If evolution takes place, increase must be there. If dissolution takes place, then the end of the increase in the form of decrease must be there.

We are observing the day of Guru Poornima, which is not a night and a day in between. The day before this, night was not, and, after this, the night will not be. The symbol of this is in the sky—poornima (perfection), which is represented by the full moon. The full moon cannot be reduced today nor can it be increased in any way, so it is called Perfect Being. Pure Existence is perfect. Guru Poornima is perfect. It is the name of the festival which celebrates that which, from the very beginning, everybody on earth has been observing: the source. The source is Guru Poornima, yet all persons, in all the ages, have forgotten it. At least once in a month the full moon appears in the sky to remind them. It says to you, “Today there is no increase and no decrease. Therefore you should not observe any such thing which appears and which disappears.” Guru Poornima reminds us all that we have been informed by someone about this, about what the source, Guru Poornima, is, which is permeating the whole universeincluding every kind, both sentient and insentient. This means that when Guru was, the sentient and insentient world was not in form. There was no manifestation. When the manifestation is, then all of us here, in the form of manifestation, are nothing but the outcome of Guru Poornima.

My salutations to Guruji, to Guru, who had informed me of his existence and the existence of all. That is why Guru is worshipped, Guru is revered, why Guru is always given higher acclamation and appreciation. That is why Guru does not need anything, for the whole world is below Guru. All beings are the children of Guru, as Guru is the highest. Highest Awareness is Guru Poornima, so we observe highest Awareness at heart, in the mind, and we close our eyes for some time. Then we will begin this Guru Poornima day with songs, with speeches, with appreciation—but being the heart of Guru.

In your heart, at this time, there is no increase, no decrease, no movement, no ideas, no past, no future, no present. It is beyond time and space. We, the human beings, have forms in time and space. Thus, everybody is happy to say that he is born and he is increasing, he is growing. But growing in what? In the removal of the forgetfulness of Guru, of the greatness, of the highest Awareness, the highest Existence, the highest Delight. That is why I wish you a happy Guru Poornima, because it is all happiness. When you attain or achieve at heart the space of Guru Poornima, then it is happiness of the kind which never decreases, never becomes mental, never becomes intellectual, never becomes egotistic. It is totally Pure Free Forever. Thou art That.

When at heart we do pranam, or salutation, it means we are one with that. We offer flowers at heart, and we are one with that, because Purushottam—the first—is without beginning, without end. Guru has no beginning, no end, so it is perfect. That which is not poornima, not perfect, becomes increase and becomes decrease. The symbol of the moon tells you, who are human beings, that the moon appears and disappears. But when it reaches the highest, it becomes full. The same is the case with a human child. He appears and he disappears. But if he becomes aware of the fact about why he is appearing and disappearing, then he knows the continuity of birth and death, appearance and disappearance, pain and suffering, happiness and worries and agitation, about all kinds of suffering and being caught upsometimes in jail, sometimes in the house, sometimes in the family, sometimes in work, sometimes in business, all that. A human being is always, always trying to get out of that which he is now. And it is possible only when he has the knowledge of Guru, the knowledge of Guru Poornima, when he knows that he has been Guru Poornima. But when he appears as a human child, he forgets it.

Today is a very special reminder to you from Guru, who says, “All of you are one with Guru, because Guru is all your appearance.” In the form of your appearance, there is Guru. But you forgot this, and Guru knows it. That is why we close our eyes and meditate on that which remains, which is only Guru. It is me who is in relation with you as one, who is reminding you all the time, especially today, that, look, when you are not aware of the body, you are not body conscious. And who is not aware of the body? The very ego-intellect-mind, which is the current subject of all human beings, who think that without the intellect they cannot live, without the mind they cannot live, that without the ego they cannot be an individual, therefore, the ego-intellect-mind must be there. At the same time, they are so worried, thinking, “Why should it not be permanent? Why do the ego-intellect-mind and senses disappear, along with the body?”

This has been the concern of all persons. But a couple of you, joining this moment in satsang, are fully aware that the body is a must to know the fact that the body has never been. Who has been? That is Guru Existence. Guru Existence is without appearance and disappearance. You can understand that in the dream, all the forms and the dreamer appear. All that which you see in the waking state, you feel. But you do not know how it is that the dream appears and affects your body, although the body is sleeping in your bed. This is a kind of mystery, which is to be revealed to you, that, no, the dream is non-existence; the dream was never there, but the mind makes it real. The waking state forms with the wakeful person are never there, but the mind makes them true.

So we do not have to worry about removing forms, relations and people in the dream state or in the waking state. Rather, we have to put our attention on that which has never been there, yet he claims that the dream is there and the waking state is there. If he has not been there, why should his statement be real? This means that which you call your mind was never there when you were born. It was only Guru manifestation. Manifestation does not mean it became time and space.

There must be somebody in our modern times who can answer all your questions—which always arise in a human being, because you have forgotten the reality. Forgetting the reality, questions come, and you seek solutions. But they are never resolved, and you always remain doubtful. You compromise, thinking, “My mind comes. My world comes. I have to do something practical in life. What to do?”

But today at this time I am speaking to you, and you are fully opened, which means you are free, as Guru Awareness. Awareness is always Guru, it is never the body to die. The body remains changing and ultimately dies. Guru Awareness is Guru Gyan (knowledge). And without Guru Gyan, without Gyan, you can never, never be released from agyan (ignorance). Agyan is the whole manifestation, which is changing and dying in time and space, including time and space. But when Guru Poornima reaches, when a person reaches the climax of understanding, then he experiences oneness with it.It is the day of oneness. All over the world, Guru Poornima can be observed and celebrated as oneness, as unity, which every human being wants to have the knowledge of. But he is only the recipient of the knowledge of duality. Today is the elimination of your duality sense, where you observe oneness, or Guru Poornima.


It is a very, very important day, because of that knowledge and love which has come to your heart from Guru. It appears that there is a person. But persons you are not. This cannot be spoken to anybody: everybody knows that he is a person. Yet, when you meditate, you are reminded of your own true nature as Guru, as Absolute Bliss Consciousness. There you find that at heart there is no world, yet you are there. When you come from there, then you know that this world is beautiful and wonderful, that it is to be lived with joy, greatness, prosperity and happiness. Thank you very much. God bless you.


This is bhakti (devotion). On Guru Poornima, you do not remember knowledge, you do not remember business, you do not remember worldly things and worldly status. Automatically, in your heart, devotion appears. You must have seen that throughout the day, there is a kind of devotion— devotion appears. My childhood was spent at the feet of Guruji [Swami Ramanandji, in the photo behind him], in the heart of Guruji. When I was seven years old, Guruji came to my home, and since then Guruji is ever the same in my heart, and that is going on in your hearts too. So it is bhakti. Bolo Bhakti Bhagwan Kee Jai (Speak of the glory of devotion to Pure Free Forever)! Bolo Bhakti Bhagwan Kee Jai! Bolo Bhakti Bhagwan Kee Jai! Bolo devotion-devotee Kee Jai! Bolo devotion-devotee Kee Jai! Bolo devotion-devotee Kee Jai! Blessings to all. Thank you.


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