Satsang  –   Volume 16, Number 8: August 23, 2013
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The Advantage Will Be That You Will Just Experience The Space

… What is that which the eyes are? What is that which the ears are? What is that which the senses are? It is a mystery. The body is like one block, so we take the example of a round rock in which your eyes see many lines. For you, the lines cannot be the rock, because your eyes see lines; yet your eyes see the rock as a whole. Why is the line seen to be separate from the rock? Check what a human being is!

We do not give injunctions to rocks. We also do not talk to animals or birds. When you are lonely, you can have a pet and talk anything to him [Laughter]. But we are always taking a human being into consideration. Why do we take him into consideration? Why is a child born in a family? Why is it that he is a new guest, yet we like him? He has no proper clothes, but we like him. What is that? If one can solve this mystery, if one can open it, then one needs developed awareness, more than what a human being has.

In the case of a line, a rekha, on the round rock, you see that there is a rock and there is a rekha, and then again there is one more rekha. When you put a thread on my hand, you called it a rakhee—which means that the rakhee became separate from the rock. When you join a rakhee to the Space, again the rakhee is full. So who is your senior brother? A soul wants to know this. Why? It is a mystery. Everywhere, all your festivals are being observed, yet people do not know how and why. Traditionally, they observe them. … You must know what Rakhee is before you celebrate it, so that you can do so with happiness and delight.

A rakhee is something which, to your eyes, is a separate thread. But if you put the rakhee on a hand, then it is not separate: it is that hand. The hand is not a rakhee on the body, it is a hand on the rock. That rock is the absolute rock, the absolute shila, the Absolute Being. So all the forms—which the human eyes, with the mind, separate—are one rock, one Being. You are already trying that “when I observe all the things, all the actions, all the talks, all the seeing and all the scenes, I should have the knowledge of the Space, that the Space is one.” But the human mind separates every thing and form. As soon as he wakes up, he separates. Knowing this separation, we, as human beings, want to observe that no doubt we are awake, but we are tuned in to the space of Oneness. That Oneness is the fourth state of consciousness, that Oneness is turiya, that Oneness is Space. .

I am telling you a very significant formula of knowledge: how not to ever get sad, upset, insulted, feel appreciated or not appreciated, abused, and all that. The formula is that you should know why it is that the mind of a human being only knows what is happening in his head, or in the world of the human head. Each human being is separate, so each human being has a separate mind. But when you sleep, why is it that the individual, separate mind is not there? Where has the mind gone? The mind had become like a rekha or rakhee on the individual, so you called it a separate mind. But it is not separate. Because the moment deep sleep comes, it goes back to the sleep rock. There, all minds are one.

Space is not a form of any kind. All the forms appeared from the Space, the way that the seed makes a tree’s branches, flowers and fruit. Then you can know, “My intellect has become one branch of the same seed, the branch of Don's intellect is another branch, and Dikpal’s intellect is another branch.” Then you can know that when ten persons get together and read an RF, why do ten different branches become one? Because at that time you are reading one RF, and that too an RF produced by someone who knows that the Space is one, but that out of the Space all the fire flakes and sun beams are different. Millions of suns coming out of one knowledge-sun will be different.

That is why meetings or parties are arranged, so that some people should come together and solve the problem of a human being: why do we become separate from each other, yet why do we become one in deep sleep or in meditation? We do not take the name of meditation again and again, because even in meditation, each one's meditation is different. Each one says, “I meditated well, you did not.” [Laughter] So there is no solution unless you become absorbed in sleep, which means that you, the separate mind, become absorbed.  

It is not our fault that we are different forms who are born differently, because the Space has become hundreds of boys and girls. In your intellect, the power has not been aroused that you should know that the Space is the space of Knowledge, which we began to call Pure Space, Pure Awareness. Daily, you hear “Pure Awareness,” but you never think, “That is my own true nature.” Rather, you say, “I want to have Pure Awareness after doing something.” [Laughter] So it is to know that you are the Space. Rakhee is nothing but the extension of the same Space. If you are knowing it is the same Space, then sameness became your love, your knowledge, your space—all that. But now, how to maintain it? The moment you came to the senses, the preventive power again came—the collective, preventing power. We also give you this challenge, we tell you, “Look, this will always happen, as long as you are alive.”

All the time I have scripture, in which Guru says that the world does not exist. The disciple responds, “Well, I am seeing it. It exists. Why would you tell me something wrong?” Guru answers, “You know that I have said the world does not exist. But what is the power, which is there with you, with which you know this? You know that the world exists. But when you do not see the world, why is that power not in existence? If you say that the world does not exist, why has that power gone and become dead?” That power is Pure Awareness as Space. If you can know this, the advantage for you will be that wherever you are, wherever you go, all the time, you will just be experiencing the Space. You will not say, “Why has that person come? Why has that person gone? Why has that person not done this thing? Why has that person done that thing? Why has that person followed this?” And all that.

But a human being does not know this. That means I am saying, Begin to know this. It is extraordinary knowledge. Not knowing this, you will have your happiness apat ramanee: ramanee means happiness, apat means short. It is something which satisfies your senses—then you are happy. You have seen all those people everywhere. Short-lived happiness. You are repeating that short-lived again and again, again and again, thinking that someday short-lived will become long-lived. [Laughter]

Therefore, this festivity is the festivity of the unfoldment of the Space. You have become that. But it is possible provided some ideal is there. If your ideal mother is not, if your ideal father is not, if your ideal friend is not, if your ideal teacher is not, and they treat you as separate, separate, separate, then it will not happen. Then just because your hair is long or your hair is short, because your action is long or your action is short, so you are separate. You can watch this. I say you can watch, which means you can watch the world. Then you can talk for millions of years, not only in this lifetime. Keep knowing the Space and talking about what the world is doing, why the world is like that, why a man in the world is like that, why animals and things in the world are like that. You will never be short of speeches. [Laughter] Otherwise you conclude, “If I know the Space, then where is the time to speak?” Speak anything about anybody, and also about you, for you are also one body.

But you do not speak of your own self, because you are identified that “They are separate and I am separate.” When you sleep, then the body is separate. When you dream with the mind, then the mind dreamer is separate. When you begin to awake, then the wakeful person is separate. The sense of separation is that rekha which is not on the rock: you have taken it out. How can you separate when it is on the rock as a whole? Either it is whole, or it is not whole at all. In this way, there is identification, the “I am,” the ahankar [sense of individuality], the akar [form]. Each one is akar—individual. But if each one's individual akar has become the Space, then all are the Space.

You were singing the song, Amaram Hum Hey Rakhee Meri, Madhuram Hum Hey Rakhee [Amaram Hum is my protection, Madhuram Hum my security]—which means the Space. All the words cannot come without the Space. Where do all the words from all the mouths subside after their speech is over? In the Space. You can know it is the Space coming from the words. Suppose words are not there, then too it is the Space. When forms are not there, it is the Space. And when all the forms are coming, all the leaves are coming—they come from the Space. When all the forms of the three worlds are coming, they come from the Space. You hear this, and after hearing it, something goes in you. That is enough in satsang. …


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