Satsang  –   Volume 18, Number 13: November 11, 2015
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Divali 2015
A Turning Point for the Self


Morning Session

This is Diwali 2015, a turning point for the Self. If nobody is in siddhant, then at least I am in siddhant. Yet tradition is to be maintained, so I will not disturb it. If anybody has been in the tradition of birth and death, then I’ll not say that you are not born and you are not going to die. However, I will say siddhant; pure, free, forever; Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum; unchanging, undying, ever the same. There is no sense of duality of birth and death. There is no sense of duality of defeat and victory. There is no sense of duality that I am good and you are not good. This will be a new tradition that has been established from this day onward. All the things that people are doing, let them do that, but you should do that which you like.

So Happy Diwali to everyone—which means total freedom. If you want to be in bandhan, or bondage, then that is your choice. But when you come over here, then you will see yourself sitting in the state of freedom. Freedom has no awastha (state), neither deep sleep nor dream awastha nor waking state, nor thinking, imagining, or any illusory state. And that is the state of freedom. It can be replaced with the word “liberation,” “moksh,” “ultimate beatitude,” or “perfect renunciation.” These are the words that are to be understood. And if not, then when you come on the chair you can ask about the meaning of these words. Otherwise, you should know that you have come here for freedom, and after forty-six years of hearing me speak of freedom, freedom, freedom, then you are supposed to be free. That is your status, even when work, which is always in bondage, will continue.

So Paramatma is at the back of everyone, which means that Paramatma is the Source, Self is the Source, freedom is the Source. You can give it any name, but here in India it is called Brahm. Some people will call it Paramatma, some people will call it Purush, and in your country it will be called God. So God must be first, in order to create the world. If God was not first, but rather was in between, then He would be a person, prakriti (nature), jeevatma (soul), and therefore bound. Thus, without Paramatma, without the Supreme Being, there is no world and there is no existence of man, no existence of things and forms. So they cannot be called Paramatma. Otherwise, you can do anything wrong and you can say that Paramatma did it. 

So today is the day of no deception. You are not governed by deception. Close your eyes, and treat it that in freedom you have closed your eyes, not in deception. I am explaining it to you because I am not in deception. It is siddhant.



And things will go on, according to the tradition. Therefore, each one who is free is not supposed to criticize and make negative comments. Whatever one is eating, he is eating that which suits him. You are not supposed to compel anyone, or say that   “You shouldn’t do this, you shouldn’t do that,” etc. You have done this enough, and you have found that it does not work. It is only free Being which is at the Source, again and again: Diwali at the Source, Saraswati at the Source, Ganesh at the Source. And all those religions which talk about their gods, they are also at the Source. Source is, and Source has manifested all the traditions, all the shaktis, all the powers, and all that which is in prakriti. But Source is never, never bound by the manifestation. So this is Source Meditation.

If you open the eyes, then it is tradition. And in tradition, birth and death is there.  After forty-six years, on some day you have to be enlightened. Diwali 2015 is the real Diwali day. Diwali day is not about varieties of lamps, of bulbs, of sun, of showers, varieties of rain, varieties of moon, or varieties of stars. They are all in variety. But that which is not in variety is that which is before the sun. Whatever light it is, that is Paramatma, Prakash, or God light, or Self light, or pure light, Amaram light, Madhuram light, free Swatantr light. Undying light, unborn light.

This is the speech which is enlightened. If Guru is saying that you are enlightened, then you are enlightened. Don’t be deceived by yourself or by anyone. Each one is born enlightened. Each one is born enlightened. Each one is born enlightened.

All of you come for two hours every day, and yet today, in one hour, so much has happened. In a structured program, only ten persons can speak, and then somebody comes and somebody goes, and that is your satsang. Today, this has been the real satsang, Diwali satsang. It has no boundary, no bondage of any kind. And yet, surprisingly, within such a short period, from eight to nine thirty, everybody has been included. So don’t depend on time. You are time-free Being. That is siddhant. 

All the scriptures are there, including the Upanishads, Vedas, Purans, Smriti, Shruti, and your Bible, and then the Torah, somebody’s Koran, somebody’s Mahabir, or somebody’s Buddha. All the names that you can quote from history are all manifestations, which means all are in prakriti. But you are the very Self, which is Param, Supreme Reality. When there was no world and no happening of prakriti, that was the real enlightened state. It has been acknowledged by all of you that that was the enlightened state. To That we call unchanging, unchanging, unchanging, because it was never born and has never died.

You should not acknowledge any person other than this unchanging Being. You should keep it within. You don’t have to speak about it, but that enlightenment which has come, you keep it for yourself. And for that there are no words, except free, free, free light, before the sun. 

Evening Session

This is the day of the Diwali, the day of the light, the day of victory. This is the day of the victory of light over darkness. It is the victory of light over ignorance.

This is the field of ignorance, which we have been speaking of since the morning, which is the confinement of the head of the human being. And no head can come on earth without taking a birth. Therefore, the human head is interrupting, or forgetting that which is the Source. Source is all around, the Light; all around, the Self; all around, the Supreme Reality. If it is so, then this head should also be the same Source. But it has forgotten. This is why the forgetful person has been praying for ages and ages. Why? Because he dies, and then reincarnates as a person. It is not the same body, it is another body. And then that body also burns, or is finished, and then another body comes. Thus those people who are body-full have forgotten that which is pure, free, forever. That is called grace.

swamijiThe whole day, you have been released completely, without my telling you that you should remove vikshep. Vikshep is deception, or the illusion which is being created all the time simply by seeing the akar, seeing the form. Form cannot be seen in the womb of the mother, or before that; but the moment form is seen, then vikshep is there, which is a kind of interruption that does not allow you to remember that which Guru has said. Unless Guru comes, no human being can remove vikshep, or interruption, or intellect, or mind, or senses. But the human being is so rigidly established in the head, ego, intellect, mind, and senses that he cannot easily listen to Guru. But all of you are so grace-filled, after listening to me for the last forty-six years, and especially today. It is as if it is a final beatitude, and all of you are filled with that grace of no vikshep.

This song speaks about the prayer that has been going on for incarnations. But the prayer has not been heard, because you did not succeed in removing form-awareness. Form-awareness is ahankar (individual I-sense). The moment form, or akar, is seen, then man is in form-awareness. This has been the great subject that you have heard and finished with this song. ... [Song]

My Guruji had let me know that every rom, every pore of a human being, is Ram. Every atom out of which the human being is built is Ram. Every kind of particle or flake of earth, of water, of fire, of air, and even of akash (space), is Ram. But if you remain under illusion, then you remain established in the flake, which is called deception. You have realized today that there is no deception; there is only Ram, only Ram, only Ram. Victory to Ram! No darkness and no flake.

You will never forget, because this head and many heads are like drops of the cloud, or flakes of the snow, and all around is the Space. So you can never forget that you are the Space. ... [Song]

I was only a small child when Satguru came to my home. I did not know what Satguru was, but my Guruji would always say, “Love Satguru, love Satguru, love Satguru!”  And always he would speak of Sat-Chit-Anand, Sat-Chit-Anand, Sat-Chit-Anand (Pure Existence, Pure Consciousness, Pure Bliss). So, from the very childhood, I was immersed in the prayer and love and knowledge of Satguru. Bolo Satguru dayal kee jai jai jai means victory to Amaram and victory to Madhuram. It means victory to birthlessness and victory to deathlessness. This wonderful song means victory to everyone, but jai (victory) is Satguru, because Satguruis the highest, which means it is that which is before the sun. That is Sat, which means the highest existence. And that is called Guru Existence, Satguru Existence. ... [Song]

The devotee has been walking for ages after ages but could not reach the goal. So then he prays, “O Lord, please tell me how much farther I have to walk. I got attracted from bank to bank of the river, and even walked to so many countries. After reaching there, I did not leave walking. I still continued walking and walking. Why? Because unless I get the Param Dham, Supreme Reality, Supreme Truth, Supreme Love, I will continue taking incarnations and I’ll continue walking towards You, Lord.”

After listening to the devotee’s prayer, the Lord, or the Supreme Reality, spoke: “I am sitting in your own heart, dear one, so I am not very far away. You think that the heart is of the skin, or the heart is that which the doctors describe, which is the heart that dies. I am the heart that is your own Being, your own heart. And I am sitting in your love, I am sitting in your knowledge. And that is immortal, that is blissful, that is Amaram and that is Madhuram. ... [Song]

All our light is from the sun, and that is physical. Moonlight is from the moon, and that is physical. Stars are physical, bulbs are physical, lamps are physical. But in this song it has been said, “My divine lamp is ever shining.” Now, if you are born as a human being, you will not understand. But if you get within, as you did all these years, by closing the eyes, then you know that that is divya deep, divine light. It has been given many names, and yet it has always been the same light shining.

Diwali day 2015 is finished now, at this time, with this song. But the divine light will be shining forever. Thanks, everyone.


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