Satsang  –   Volume 13, Number 12: November 21, 2010
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There Is Nobody Else Other Than You

Man sees a mountain and it goes inside his head and so he says “mountain.” Like a camera sees a mountain and you click it and the mountain goes inside the camera, then we say the mountain is inside the camera, we do not see it outside. In the same way, our heads are made such that we are bound to say with our mind that the world is outside and the world is not inside.

Whereas, when you dream the world is not outside. Your eyes are closed and at that time you can understand that the world must be inside. How can the mountain, the river, and the ocean or England or India go inside a person’s head in sleep? And the same person wakes up in the morning and sees everything outside. There in the dream everything was inside, and he understands it must have been inside, even the dreamer must have been inside.

The dreamer and the dream figures are inside the Space. Space is our reality. And the Space itself is creating the dreams, because the Space is almighty. It can create, it can recreate, it can withdraw, and it can give you another dream, and another dream, and make you forget you are dreaming. You are in the hands of the Space. But you think you are separate and Space is not doing: “When I am seeing the mountain in the dream then I am seeing the mountain, whereas, you [the Space] are nobody.”

Exactly the same thing has happened when we are in the waking state and you say that thoughts have been created just to see the world, to see the beauty, to see all these people and be in harmony with them. Because you forgot it is the Space in which you are.

It is the Space who is seeing through the eyes of the Space. It is making the whole ViraatSwaroop, the whole Cosmic Being, out of itself. It is one reality, but your mental side, which is a kind of sense—it is a sixth sense—is forgetful. It is forgetful of the Space and is knowledgeable of this body.

Here came the mistake. Not of a man; mind-wise, he is right. The mistake came to the Space. The Space began to think, “I’m a man, separate from me.” And now you cannot approach a human being and say he is the Whole. But there could be someone who sees like the sky: “All of you are sitting in me,” the sky will say.

In the same way, you can reach there: that I am the Space and the whole world is sitting in me. The dream world is sitting in me. The waking-state world is sitting in me. The deep-sleep world is sitting in me. The thinking world is sitting in me. And I am watching it. So there is nobody else other than you.

But for a human being, we want to bring him on to that level where he is not able to apply his mind. The moment mind functions, it functions in dwait, in duality. It says, “I am mind and you are a body. I am mind and this is a body. I am mind and these are arms or fingers.” And you can understand—if you are intelligent—if I am one, then I am one as a whole. I cannot say that I am one and then eyes are separate, ears are separate, but man does it. And all men say this thing.

Because of this, human beings need maturity and to hear satsang, or talks, again and again, and we don’t get an opportunity. We may hear someone, but we can’t ask because we are not free. Mind does not become free from the thought or knowledge that it has created. It says, “I am bound, and I feel like this.”
In this way, all human beings are to be approached as they are. They say, “All the elements, the material forms that we can see and deal with, are the world. We don’t talk about such things as spirit, the spiritual side, or God, or the religious side.” They don’t go for that.

Maturity is needed only for those people who want to realize and examine this fact, which they have heard, that the world is the Space, that Space alone is.

If Space alone is, where will your thoughts come from? From Space. And in what will they remain? In Space.And in what will duality function? Space. All duality, all negativity, all positivity, it is nothing but the Space.

You hear it and you came to know at this time when I’m speaking, but when I’m not there, again your mind will get into the same thing. That is why maturity is needed.

Jyoti Shakti: So whatever my mind is telling me, Space has to be first?

Swamiji: When your mind is telling you something, and your mind does not exist, then why is it saying anything? And who are you, then, to whom it is saying something? You have to know it is Space all through.

If you see a totem pole and an artist has created two hundred figures, moortis, in it, then the artist has thought, in his mind, that he is separate. The totem pole does not think this. For the totem pole there aren’t two hundred figures.

Who is this artist? Your chitt, the mind. The Space is itself and mind came out of it. It became separate and began to think. And now Space, as mind, has nothing to do with the Space. It became the way the artist says there are two hundred figures in the totem pole. The chitt, or the mind, is an artist in the Space, but it makes the Space not exist. In Space, billions of people think they exist. This is the chitt, the mind.

We say that mind can be made still. We don’t say that mind should not be there, because, without your accepting that mind does not exist, mind is. We say it is possible for you to sleep. You say, “Yes, that happens.” Then I say that in the waking state there is the possibility that you can check that mind does not exist. You say, “When?” And I say, close your eyes and watch. In which corner is your mind? You look here, and here, and here, everywhere, but mind is nowhere.

It is your own personal examination that finds that mind is not there. But when you open your eyes, it is there again—it is not that it has to come from somewhere.

You say, “No, no, without mind we cannot do anything.” So then it becomes difficult for a human being. Would it then be possible to bring deep sleep into the waking state? And use the waking state with the help of the enlightened state to know what to do and what not to do? This is possible.

There is a possibility to do only those things that are required for you so that the Space becomes matured. And then you will know that Space I am.

When Space I am, where is the body that has been born? When Space I am, where is the body that is going to die? When Space alone is, where are the things in the world? In this way, Space alone is.

We do not say that these things will be cancelled, because Space has made the game. And this game, once Space has made it, cannot be cancelled. But you as a human being can get tuned in to the Space and you can know who is playing the game. And then you’ll say, “Well, if winter comes and the leaves fall, alright.” You will not feel sorry that your tree is now bare. And then spring comes and again the leaves come. It will not be a very great high. You will say, “Yes, my tree is also alive.” In this way, everything goes on.

The Space is the basis of everything. It is the original Space that is doing everything. It is the mind, it is the thinking, it is the intellect, it is the senses, and in each person it is different. Therefore, nobody can copy anybody. Everybody will be himself. But there is a possibility to understand what Guru says—Guru says you Pure Free Forever. But you’ll never find “you” without body. So you will say, you are, I am—that’s mind.

You can come to know there must not be “am.” I Pure Free Forever—four words. So that I am Pure, I am Free is also not correct. It is I that is Pure Free Forever I. There are four words, but the Space is one. If this somehow clicks to someone, then he is Space.

You have come to know the Space, but you do not accept it in the waking state. In the heart of hearts, keep knowing that you are niraakaar [formless], the ViraatSwaroop, you are everything in the world. Saakaar [form] you can know and be devoted to your family, but know you are niraakaar—that I am the Space that has no form.

And this is possible, for a human being to someday know that I am the Space. If you accept the Space, then everything will change in your behaviour.

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