Satsang  –   Volume 5, Number 11: December 25, 2002
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Christmas Day: Love Alone Is the Reality

We, the human beings, even if we are developed human beings, lack the spirit and perfect awareness regarding time and space. We do not know when time began or space was first noticed by us. This means that the source of time and the source of space, which must be one and the same, we now perceive as a moment of time or space. As human beings, we have this awareness in our existence that there are always two things, a separate time and a separate space, whereas if we examine this idea we find that we cannot say ‘moment’ without space. So where is that space, and where is that Being who is aware of the space?

This leads us to the understanding that space is time and space is Awareness, and that Awareness, time, and space must be the source of our existence as existent beings in time and space, which are one and the same. That is the description we can utter. But then we bring in words and language to communicate to each other that "I am one and you are two"—whereas when we have closed our eyes, we have reached the Space where this divider that says "I am one and you are two" is not there. That is the Being Space, which before I uttered words was not described. All of you are That. That is why to each one of you I say "You are That." When a little bit more distance comes and ‘he’ or ‘she’ arises, I again say "All of you are That."

Human beings cannot experience That other than by the feelings of Love. In Love, there are no two things, such as two hands and two feet, two eyes or two ears, or one head and one tongue. That Being is free from the sense which says "I am one and you are two," yet we, the human beings, have accepted this sense as our mind. It does not matter whether we locate it or not, we know that this sense is workable and manageable. It is the organizer of our sense of one and two, and of multiple aspects in terms of sentient and insentient forms of existence.

But the main thing is not the words and language. It is Love, which in the beginning is without manifestation, as well as being manifestation when it began. So it permeates or fills itself, and we feel it in our being, and we call it the heart’s love, or love in the heart. Why? Because we, the human beings, are constituted in such a way that though Love is the heart and the heart is Love, but we always say that the heart is one and love is another, love is one and the heart is another. So we, the human beings, are always born with this sense of division, the function of which is just to divide. Although we see a human being as one body, yet we use this sense to describe so many parts of the body, and we know each part to be totally different. When it is the case that this sense calls a human being as one body with many parts, and so one is separate and the many parts are separate, then why would this sense not also organize other human beings, objects, and forms which appear in front of our eyes as totally different from and other than ‘me,’ and ‘me’ as other than ‘you’ and all?

This sense disintegrates that Love and brings in division between two persons. We know that there is a mother and a father, whereas the child is one. How is it that the child is one and they can be two, or they can remain two and the child would be one? We can examine this only when we are developed on the level of our perception. We have found that human beings have this sense of division, and thus have the sense of sounding a sound by clapping two hands, uttering sound by using two lips, walking on earth with two legs, seeing forms with two eyes, and hearing sounds with two ears. There is always this ‘two-sense’. The sense of making two is a human being. This sense has no knowledge of that which is Love.

But Love has never died, even though it does not appear to this sense. Rather, it appears that "I am that sense. I alone am that sense, and you, having your sense, are not me, rather you are you." So I began to like myself, my thoughts, and my emotions. Because of my senses, this sense says "I am this body," as well as, at the same time, "You are that body." So I like to exist here, and maybe you like to exist there. But because the sense of separation results in my not caring for you and you not caring for me, there is tension. In order to release this tension, we speak, express, utter words, please people, hurt people, fight with people, and even wage wars—just to release the tension! If a person becomes powerful and is tense, he can become a tense warrior creating war with that tension, and the intensity of that tension includes millions of people, half on this side and half on that side, and they create fighting and war. Each one wants to exist, therefore they join together for the sake of existence; but through the fighting they are eliminated, and their purpose of existence is forfeited.

On the other hand, if a person is born with the awareness of Love, then he does not have this sense of two. He is Love incarnate. His whole body is Love. His expression of thought is Love. His expression of speech is Love. His action is performed in the light of Love. His traveling is conducted in the light of Love. His interaction takes place in the light of Love and the result of the interaction is always Love. Since Love alone is each being and he knows this, therefore he hates no one. He creates no division. In his eyes, in his heart, and in his mind, there is no such trio which knows that you are separate and the knowing is separate that joins him and you. Rather, he knows that Love alone is the reality. It does not matter how many imaginary forms he imagines, or how many forms which are based on somebody else’s imagination are there, but he knows that they are the forms of Love, the voices of Love, and the music of Love. It is one heart, one Space. How beautiful and wonderful will be that group or family, village or city, country or many countries, where such beings are who have the awareness of Love that alone is, which is called Oneness, Love-ness.

It is our constitution that when we speak any word, we need a form to sound the word. Even when we have a flute and sound is to be manifested, we need two persons—our lips and the flute. Our life with lips and the flute may be insentient, but when both are joined, they become sentient and utter sound. That is why in music the musician completely transcends the division-sense that "the flute is separate and I am separate." As his hands are, so his flute is. As his hands are, so his guitar is. As his hands or fingers are, so his drum is. As soon as every musical instrument, which is insentient, joins with that which not insentient, then this insentience becomes one with that which is a conscious, sensible being. If a human being is not there, sense is never realized. When a human being’s constitution appears, then it is like a flute with lips, or with sound, or with a whisper, or with life. So it becomes all One when one is tuned in as Love. Whatever joins Love, then it is Love existence—whether insentient things and forms, sentient persons or individuals, or animals and birds. Whoever they are, when they join that sense which is Oneness, or Love-ness, they all turn into Love.

This is the information by which if we—the human beings who always live the life of disintegration and hatred, and the sense of quarrel, jealousy, anger, and bondage—join all these emotions and forms of existence to the sense of Love, then they are all loving: it is all one Love. Whether you say that somebody incarnated as Love or from Love, or that millions of people incarnated from Love and are living in Love, they will come to know this if they reach that state of Love by unfolding the awareness of Love.

This awareness does exist in the body form, but it is to be unfolded. Sound exists in the flute, but it is to be unfolded. Sound exists in the sitar, guitar, cymbals, and drum, the sound "jingle" exists in the bell, but they have to join the Love, or the sense or awareness of Love. Then all becomes sensible, and it makes sense that the world of forms—which was not there and which will not be there—is in existence in the middle because of Love. Love is the reality that is unchanging. That which changes is time, that which changes is space. But Love is beyond time, beyond space. That is called Love.

Today, we are celebrating the space of Love. How beautiful this is—especially for those who do not know that sleep is there, so they are not sleepy; nor that a dream is there, so they are not dreamy; nor that the waking state is there, so they are not wakeful. Rather, they have unfolded that space of Love which is the fourth state, which is turiya, which is God. If a human being gets filled with this space of consciousness, then his heart is so full that joy is automatic, happiness is at heart, and his sense of separation is eliminated.

This is not a message of two lips. This is the reality. The reality is hearing, the reality is speaking, the reality is experiencing, and the reality is that eternal Experience, Anubhav, or forever Presence that is, friends, pure and eternally free. Speak about it, think about it, and live it in your life while seeing, hearing, eating, and drinking, but keep knowing that your existence and the existence of everyone and everything is that Love. Many times people have given such messages of unity, harmony, and peace, but they have never worked. They still keep hoping that through instructions they will have love in their hearts and that through speeches they will have peace and harmony in their atmosphere. But the main thing—which you have experienced at this moment in the year 2002, December 25th, today—is that when each one of you is completely dissolved from your sense of two, or sense of division, then whatever remains, friends, is your real nature. That is immortal, that is Madhuram. Jingle bells Amaram, jingle bells Madhuram. Jingle bells Amaram, jingle bells Madhuram. So, jingle, jingle!

Thank you very much.

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