Satsang  –   Volume 9, Number 6: April 12, 2006
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The Ocean Of Peace Has Attracted Us
(Welcome for Astri, Per and Lars)

Close your eyes for a while. The presence of all those who have meditated—the presence of great meditators who have already been practising meditation and have been sitting over here for many, many years and those meditators who have gone to different places and have come from Norway—has created the space and brought that space over here. The space that is here, which has been present, and the space added to it through these bodies, together became doubly graceful. No doubt we welcome these three meditators who have come over here, but our tongues and our minds have been taken to that depth, we have been taken to that depth, where from it is not easy to continue with activity. Because the formula is an ancient one: the Absolute first.

It has been Bliss Consciousness Eternal. Yet when it manifested itself, it went to all directions, just as the sun stays at one place but all its rays go outward to all directions, and there is unending light and light and light everywhere. The Absolute Bliss Consciousness is the centre of all lights, the centre of all suns, the centre of all planets, the centre of all the eyes, which are nothing but the sun, and the centre of all that awareness which, as a Witness Self, permeates all, and is all, and knows all. Having become one with That, there is certainly no sense of duality that remains to be used as a power for talking. When all the drops get immersed in the ocean, it is one big, vast, infinite ocean—one ocean.

So in all the ages, the Ocean of Peace has attracted all of us. Norwegians were attracted in the beginning. Indians were attracted in the beginning. All the earthlings, all the earth beings, have all been attracted towards That. So our bodies, like the sun’s rays, wanted to go back to the sun. And that sun is the enlightened state, the bha [light], the prati-bha [brilliance], the aa-bha [lustre, splendour], the enlightened state, that is Bha-rat [one with the Light of Awareness].

People have been seeking the great heights of mountains and can go up to their tops, where the ice mountains touch the sky. After that, a human being remains standing. He wants to reach the Space, but he has no arms to reach it. No fingers can touch it. No feet can walk further upwards. So he comes back.

In many, many places, monks in monasteries, saints and sages everywhere, continued meditating, making research, and moving towards That which has been attracting them. They already knew it, they loved that attraction, because it is Absolute Bliss. It is indivisible. And human beings, who are born as sentient forms, are only experiencing divided joy: divided in the form of fragrance, in the form of sweetness, in the form of sound, in the form of touch, in the touch of light, in the form of visions. Each one enjoys, but ultimately they take rest and again begin to search for the Absolute Bliss Delight. Until they get it, they do not rest.

No doubt these are modern times. We do not talk about the past and we do not know that the future exists. We have succeeded in making an experiment in this here and now with that which we have been seeking for ages and ages and which is hidden within everyone. Even if seven billion people sit down together, it is hidden. That is not individual. That is hidden in the sky in the form of sound and void. It is hidden in the earth in the form of cohesion. It is hidden in every single bubble and wave of the ocean. And it is hidden in every atom of every single ray and the rays of the sun.

All the forms taken together, sentient and insentient, could not get there, except for when the fortunate birth of a human being took place, such as all of you. For you are endowed with that power, not only of seeking, but of reaching the conclusion of seeking: the very Knowledge. That Space, which you know by the name Shyam Space, makes I I’s. That makes You you’s. That makes Form forms. That makes Object objects. That makes Planet planets. That makes Star stars. That makes blue sky. Yet it remains forever free, because it is bliss, it is freedom, it is absolute delight, it is the existence of delight and bliss and consciousness, the Knower.

So when your nervous system, having been purified, produces in such a moment as this, then each one knows, “I am Bliss. I am Purity. I am Delight. I am the Self—and forever, forever Awareness, Knowingness.” Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum… [Meditation]

Open your eyes and know your own true Self, your true Source, your true Being, the very Oneness. That itself knows what activity each individual is doing. The Self knows. And the Self strengthens and gives power to each individual, according to its own direction. The intellect and mind obeys it and directs the organs, hands, feet, eyes, and senses. The result is always that which the Self wants a person to reach. That is why all of you, who from the very beginning were totally pure on the level of the expanded capacity of your intellect, could see the mirror being a reflection, as the body, and recognize that the reflection is never separate from the mirror. The mirror and the reflection are just the same.

As long as the human mind remains forgetful, it says of itself, “As a reflection, I am separate from the Whole, the Mirror, the Guru Consciousness, the Guru Mirror, the Guru Creator-Creatrix, the Guru Absolute, the Knower alone.” As long as he knows in this way, a human being seeks to be united. But in due course of your practice, the intellect becomes purified, and then it knows that which it calls I. Every form-intellect says the same thing: I. When that intellect is purified, then all seven billion people know that I is one. Then they know that I am I, that I is the Absolute Pure Being—where no division can ever take place, where no birth could ever divide or touch it, where no destruction or death can ever touch it.

All that is happening is for a human being to know: on the level of the senses, or for the eyes, the form happens; for the ears, sound happens; for the nose, the fragrance of flowers happens; for the tongue, the sweetness, or sugar cane, or sugar cubes happen; for the fingers, touch happens, embrace happens; for the feet, action happens; and for the sense of direction, the mind or intellect, distances happen. But for that who is the Source, it never happens. It has been. Only the manifestation happens for the functioning of the senses. But that which is, is always one with the senses, with the organs, with the forms, with the elements, with actions. It is all one Reality.

This has been the objective for everyone to seek. Through your practice, you got opened—of course, having received the information “Thou art That, you are already That.” When you have realized that “I have always been. I am. I will always be,” then what is all this that time records or space records for a human being? Then you come to know that it is just the imagination of a human being in the dream state; it is the imagination of a human being in the waking state; and when deep sleep takes place, there exists no imagination. But then, in deep sleep, nobody knows that it was all imaginary.

It is only Guru, the realized being, the enlightened one, who knows that there has never been any illusion, there has never been any deep sleep, dream, or waking state, that it is one Pure Sky, forever the same. Having received this information, all those dearest ones who have practised it have come to know that the eyes that saw me were having the same vision that my eyes had. When Astri first saw me, in the form of a photograph, she was seeing and laughing. And I was responding again and again to her, as if we had both met with the sentient aspect and with the insentient photograph. But she knew that there was no insentience of any kind, that it is all Consciousness, it is all Pure Being. … Welcome to everyone. Thank you very much. You delight us.



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