Satsang  –   Volume 15, Number 4: April 12, 2012
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Mind, You Are
Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum

John: I want to ask you how to get off ground zero [of the progressive stages to Self Realization]? [Laughter] … I’m now beginning to love Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. Sitting there the other day, I went into this blissful state just with Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. Is that all that is required?

Swamiji: It is a hundred percent of what you need. Because Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum is before zero. [Laughter] It is the truth that I tell you. I haven’t spoken about Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum too much, because many of these people hate mantr. [Laughter] … They think it is too big a mantr. But I have not concocted it. I heard the sound Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum when I was deep in meditation. That means it was not my ears that heard it, it was not my mind that came to know it. It was Me talking to Me. So you like Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum because Me and Me is one. That Me is the Self. … “John” is a sound, and sound cannot be uttered by a dead man. So to whom does the sound belong? To Life.

John: Not to me.

Swamiji: What is the difference between Life and John and me? Me is your body and John is the name of your body, which can be changed. But Life never changes. To Life belong form, sound, smell, taste, earth and all the five tattwas [elements], up to the sky. Scientists will use all kinds of material forms, but not Life. Somebody has to think deeply, maybe you. How would you communicate to people about Life if they are not lively and if in front of them a dead man is not there? You cannot compare, because to lively people, everybody is life.

When you see a dead man, what has happened to life? It is reduced life. Life is life. There is a bigger life in you; and when one dies, it is reduced life. So life does not become extinct, it is reduced. As compared to the sun there, the sun here is reduced light of the sun, and there it is the bright light of the sun. So a human being born with the knowledge of things and forms has reduced knowledge of the big knowledge of the Infinite Being. When I have said to you that the Infinite Being exists, you became the Infinite Being. Your small light has gone, it became absorbed in That. That is the way for a human being to come to realize that he has been the Life; that Life has not gone anywhere, it is still Life; and that Life will never go anywhere, Life will always be there. So Life is immortal, Life is eternal. To that we say Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. And that’s why you became bright.

This is the meaning of Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, because it is the basis. Think of anything—the most minimum and the most maximum. Somewhere you end up thinking on that side or you end up thinking on this side. Where thinking stops, whatever remains, that is Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. If it’s the Source, from where will thinking come if not from that? But the moment thinking comes, it changes. You have seen this in the case of milk. The moment curd comes out of it, milk is no longer milk. It’s exactly the same when the sun goes down; it’s the same light, but here it is small light and there it is the sun. Again the sun comes, and it is the same light. Light never changes. Why? The small light turns into big light. In the same way, the small life turns into infinite Life. That becomes Oneness.

So Oneness is the name of the Source, which the human intellect cannot know. Therefore, it is not to completely discard the idea of knowing it; rather, to know that the human intellect will not know it. This became a challenge, for who will know it? The one who knows, he will know. So the Knower is Oneness, the Knower is Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, the Knower is Immortal, the Knower is Blissful. The Knower is liberation from this small knowledge of birth and death. That’s why you go liberated—wherever you go, you are liberated. It doesn’t matter how much time you’ve spent here, but you are liberated. Now you’ll eat the same food, being liberated; you’ll meet people, being liberated; you will sleep, being liberated; you will work, being liberated; you’ll earn money, being liberated; you’ll be with your children and other things, being liberated. That liberated state is your freedom

Vichaar has been translated as thought, which it’s not. Anything which is in the field of thinking is not vichaar. Vichaar refers to that realized being, the Self, which has no mental field and is Awareness—then it is vichaar. So vichaar comes in meditation when your mind is not working and you are attending, with your attention, on the Attention. This became Aatma on Aatma, Self on Self. So the Self is vichaar. But people have started saying that vichaar means self-thinking—which means thinking of the body and mind. So there has been a lot of confusion in the field of words and language.

It was originally the Sanskrit language, which is the oldest language. The ones who knew it were blessed to get the laws from Beyond—call it Beyond, or call it themselves. But it is like this—to me also, for my mantr especially, for Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. It was not written anywhere, because it’s not a written mantr, it’s the Space. The Space spoke to Me—Space: Space to Space. So whenever I speak to you, your Space gets opened, which means the speaking has vichaar in it, gyan [knowledge] in it. So gyan is not Sankhya Yog, Karm Yog or Bhakti Yog [paths to realization] or anything. It is just Aatma, Self, the realized state. …

Since this is individual, direct experience, it will not be known by others. You can talk to those who are sympathetic to your personality, to your speech, to your aura, but they also have the same thing; because of their learning from people of varieties of thoughts, languages and ideas, this is a new idea for them. What is new they will not like. If you say “a new idea,” they might like it. But it’s a new space, which was never opened to a human being, and suddenly it is opened. Therefore, the mind does not relish it in the beginning.

But if you are determined and give the mantr to the mind, then whenever the mind comes, you will say, “Mind, you are Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, you are Immortal, you are Blissful.” The mind will say, “No, no, I have been with all the senses, which are changing, and everything is changing, I’m not really immortal, I’m not blissful. Rather, I’m worried about this and that.” But then you will say, “No, you are Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum.”

That’s why it has taken so much time. If you are determined, and any time your mind is upset and uneasy you try to again and again say, “Mind, you should not be worried, you should not be agitated, you are Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. Your source is Amaram, so you are Amaram. Your source is Madhuram, so you are Madhuram,” then slowly and slowly, the mind will be absorbed. It will become direct realization. But then again the mind will come and will be coloured in the same colours of the things and forms of society, people and family. That is the difficulty—you don’t get that much chance to meditate. If meditation can be prolonged, perhaps you may get it.

For me, everybody is important. First of all, nobody will come over here. So if somebody comes, then he is very, very rare and has been sent from the Almighty— whatever the grace is. Thus, he’s very dear to me. So I like to fill each person with a very simple awareness and thought that “Look, whenever you are quiet, you are Pure. Whenever you are not thinking and getting involved, you are Free. And when you know Pure Free is not in time and space, then it is Forever.” … There is no way out for a human being unless he meets Guru, who tells him, “You don’t need anything anywhere to be avoided, you are always that which is Pure Free Forever.” You know that “I am eternal,” that “I exist.” I is. Simply, you have to see where I is. You’ll find that I is beyond your mind and sense. It is Space. …

I could not be successful, neither here nor there, because these many people are here and they are in the same school of Oneness, they hear about Oneness from me, but they don’t execute it in their lives. Then what is that Oneness? Daily I come, and they pass the time, and one day I’ll say goodbye. But they will do the same thing which they know. That is the problem. …

You give mantr to the mind. It’s not that you’re throwing the mantr somewhere on the road. A human being is nothing but the mind. And the mantr has been given by some person who knows that your mind is Immortal and Blissful. Whereas everyone has said that the mind is mortal, the mind is a monkey, the mind is a donkey, beat the mind because the mind creates problems, the mind is a ghost, and all that. No. To a mother you say, “Look, Mommy, the mind is your own child. You love your child: whatever kind of child he may be, whether he is educated or uneducated, but you love him. In the same way, be with your mind. Love it, care for it, and tell it that it is Immortal, it is Blissful.” Mind is the only existence which people know works for them. So when it will work for “Immortal I am, Blissful I am,” then a human being’s life will become most wonderful. Thank you. …

Dr. Praan Nath: What is the difference between the Knower and Knowingness?

Swamiji: There is no difference. Knowingness is a kind of abstract noun. The Knower is associated in your mind with something to be known, whereas I’m talking about Knowingness. But how is Knowingness to be spoken to and who can hear about it if the word “Knower” is not attributed to it? So Knowingness is Oneness. You can hear “Knower” and understand it, but you will not understand Knowingness, you will refuse to. You will ask, “What is Knowingness?” So Knowingness cannot be all alone if the Knower is not there. If the Knower is without Knowingness, then is it is not the Knower. Therefore, Knower and Knowingness is one and the same.

It’s just like the mind and the source of the mind. If I say, “The source of the mind,” you as a human mind will not understand. But the Source understands it. You’ll be quiet and say, “Well, reach me, I’ll also understand. Leave the mind and then speak.” Then I’ll say, “Then don’t hear the language of the mind, hear the language of Guru, the Source.” So then I’ll say, “Source, you are Pure Free Forever—from the mind.” The Source will understand. But when the Source is with the mind, the mind will understand, the Source will not understand. That becomes tadaatma, the mixture of the same thing. It’s like in your homeopathic medicine, if you repeat it again and again, again and again, the power increases; it is said the small power becomes big.

In this way, it is the Source which made itself manifest, like water makes itself manifest a wave out of fluidity. Why is a wave called a wave? Not by the water, by a human being. A human being has duality to conclude two: a wave and water. Water and a wave became two for him. But for the one like you who knows that water alone is, why would you say that a wave is something else? A wave is nothing but the same. In the same way, when you know the Source, then anyone may talk about the mind, but you will know it is the Source. Thank you very much. …

What I am saying practically is that in your body there are two factors: easiness and uneasiness. Sometimes you feel easy and sometimes uneasiness. Whenever uneasiness comes, you conclude many things. You blame your husband, you blame your child, you blame the atmosphere—all that, just because uneasiness came. But it does not work. The changes will go the way changes are. You must attend that which does not change in your being. That’s all. However hard you try, changes will never stay. Money will never stay; even if you possess a lot, it will go. People will not stay; however hard you try to please them, they will go away. The house will be dirty, and you will have to paint it again and again. The car will be losing its strength. The pet will be hungry all the time. Your children and grandchildren will be happy with you for some time, and again they will be thrown away. Changes will never stay unchanging. You have to know that which is Unchanging, that which is Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. That will be forever your I. I Amaram, I Madhuram. I Amaram, I Madhuram. I am Immortal, I am Blissful. I am Immortal, I am Blissful.

Until you become “I am immortal, I am Blissful,” these itchings will bother you. They will come and go, changes will happen, disease and destruction will happen, but your I will remain forever. That is liberation from sickness, disease, destruction, all uneasiness, climate and all that. You reach That. So you have to know You—Pure Free Forever. I am Pure Free Forever. Don’t try to get the whole picture of the mind, that it should be thinking this or that, it’s alright. The mind will always find out some pretext to make you uneasy. …

I’m talking about the mind. However hard you try to be peaceful, when you go to London, you’ll be uneasy. But remember my words: you’ll be uneasy, but immediately sit down somewhere exclusively and [he sings], Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. The mind will come and say, “Stop, stop!” You can say, “No, no, I’m speaking to you: Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum.” [Laughter] The mind will easily agree, provided you treat it well. If you become angry at the mind, then it will come again, bothering you.

Mind is just a little child—I say. This is my experience. Just treat the mind as a child and allow him to play with his vrittis [mental waves]—whatever vrittis he has: “I want more money. I will have that in the bank. I’ll do that. I’ll go there. I’ll meet the Prime Minister. One day I’ll go to Queen Elizabeth and I’ll be having dinner with her.” Just continue doing it. [He laughs] The mind will do it. But the mind is not you—that’s what the whole thing is. I am saying you are Immortal, you are Blissful, the Source. Millions of people are the victim of the idea that they are bodies, senses and the mind. Nobody tells a person that he is the Self also. They think, “The Self is myself, the body with ribs, here.” But in meditation it is your direct experience that you are Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. The worries go away, the diseases go away and become alright. Even if they are not alright, but you are not worried about it, thinking. It is such a great mantr. …

The Knower is everywhere just the same. But we are here like a ray of the sun. The sun is everywhere, sunlight is everywhere, but a ray is one, and that’s why we became individuals. That ray can know, “I am the whole sun.” Any time if it becomes vibrating everywhere, it will know that everywhere the sun is. That’s the thing about the Knower. The Knower is the originality, Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. The Knower is Pure Free Forever. That’s why death does not come, because death does not exist to the Knower. It’s not a very big news to anybody that the Knower does not know death. The Knower is deathless. All the changes belong to the relative field, and they will change. But the Knower is not in the relative field, bound. It is so big that one little atom is the whole universe of the Knower. The Knower is so vast already. That is the Knower. …

At this time, when you are about to open your eyes, before you open them you can watch. There is some kind of movement in the very Space where there was no movement. That shows that when there is no movement, it is the Space. When the movement starts, it is the same Space. Because movement is the mind. So you come to the mind field. When the Space is realized, your direct knowledge is that in meditation there was no mind, no thoughts of things, forms, situations and projects. Then when the Space begins to move, you know that the waves go high and low, but that which is called Space is ever the same. So even when the mind comes, do not interpret it as uneasiness. When the senses begin to function, do not interpret it as uneasiness. What do I mean? The sense of two. Whenever the sense of two comes, that there is oneness Space and oneness manifestation, if you know it is not separate—rather, it is one—then blessedness will remain. But if you think that Space is lost and the manifestation of the mind and things arose, then the sense of otherness came.

We are hearing it is all one reality when Oneness is realized. But when Oneness is not realized and you move from this body, senses and mind’s side, from the mind’s waking and dream state’s side, then when the dream and waking states are over, they are found to be changing and ultimately nonexistent. That is why we emphasize on meditation, to practise meditation in your life. Anybody who will include meditation, he will himself have the fourth state. That is where Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum is considered to be existing as the Truth, Knowledge and Love. …

Many times, many questions will come, and they have no answers. All the relative answers are written in books by the people who guide you, so you can consult them. These days you have telephones, and any time you need any information, it is available on the internet. Only this information is only on the internet at Whenever you need it, you can see it. Thank you so much everyone. God bless you. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. [Applause]

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