Satsang  –   Volume 18, Number 4: March 22, 2015
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With Closed Eyes

Let us close the eyes. And then conclude. You cannot conclude anything about those whom you have seen from your very childhood, for when you were a child they had no names nor forms. Later on, you not only came to know your own name and form, but also their names and forms. At this time, there are no names and there are no forms. There is no world—no land of the world and no sky of the world. Except there is the mind: that is still there. You are using your mind now. You will take a few minutes, and then you will not even remember that the mind exists; or that the world exists; or that the body exists; or which chairs you have left, or to which chair you have come. After a few minutes, it will be such that you will have not seen any of them, nor will you have ever seen Guruji, even though you have seen all of them. You will never know your own face, even though you have seen it in the mirror. At this time you—who you have called a name and form—have no name and no form, yet you are always present. This was present before your birth. It is still present in you. But you do not ordinarily see it, for it is hidden. But now, at this time, it cannot be hidden. You are knowing that.

It exists. It also existed. And it will exist forever. But not with the body. It has never existed with other bodies previously gone by. And it will never stand and exist with future bodies that you will make after death. That I call pure because it is not born,  so it is immortal. I call it free because it is not born, so it is free. And it is ever the same, because it is not bound by time, space and the field of causation in between. That Knower, that Knowingness, is now.

With closed eyes, we cannot call it space, we cannot call it sky, we cannot call it air, we cannot call it water, we cannot call it earth, we cannot call it a valley, we cannot call it flags, we cannot call it mountains, we cannot call it a river, we cannot call it father, we cannot call it mother, we cannot even call it our body and name. And we cannot say that it will die. It is birthless, because it is not born. It will not die, so it is deathless. It is immortal. It is blissful.

I have given the mantra Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, which means I is immortal, I is blissful. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum means I is free, I is pure, I is forever.

The mind will come in between. Alright. The mind will think about the stations, airports and travelling schedule. Alright. The mind will not be able to give you all these things. Alright. The mind will try to not let you meditate. It is alright. But now, you are in authority. You are in power. You are almighty not to listen to the talks of the ego, intellect, mind, senses, and of all our friends—who are just Pure Free Forever. I will be quiet for a few minutes. [Silent meditation]

For opening the eyes, you will have to wait, Before your eyes are open, inside you can see many figures, so you will know that the Seer sees without eyes. It is the same Seer or Knower who knows in the dream, with closed eyes. It is the same Seer who becomes the wakeful person in the waking dream and sees with open eyes. In the dream, he sees with closed eyes; in the waking state, the same Seer uses this body and makes the eyes open and see. In the waking state, it also makes the mouth speak and makes the ears hear sound. It makes the mind think about our name and our form. When this becomes strong enough, then the eyes can be opened.

Then you will see the sky, the earth, the hall and the chairs. The mind will begin to remember where you have to go after this place—all kinds of things will come. The mind will start remembering. The mind will start sending energy to the legs and energy to the hands. That energy was hidden when you were closing the eyes. With eyes open, there will be the energy of knowing things after the eyes see them. That energy has no form and has no name.

It will not be visible with open eyes. But now, at this time, it is not energy: it is the Knower knowing. That Knower will be hidden as soon as you open the eyes. If you are smart enough to know it with your eyes open, appreciation to your smartness; if you do not, then too you are not at fault. For the mechanism is made such that it will hardly be able to know the Knower, who remains unborn, unchanging. Forms are made to change. Forms are made to get dissolved. But it remains the same Knower, ever-present. So as not to let the time be passed and wasted, you should join your Self, this Being. [Silent meditation]

It will soon be indescribable. The tongue will not speak about it. That is why I will not ask you what this was. The tongue cannot be used to describe it. It is not darkness. It is not sky. It is not the light of the sun. It is not the blackness of the night. There are no stars in it.

It is Existence alone: no form existence, no name existence. No sound. It cannot be described by using the word “is.” It cannot be described by using the word “not.” It cannot be described by using the word “life.” It cannot be described by using the word “death.” It cannot be described by using the word “breath.”

It is known and seen without eyes. No action of any of the senses reaches there. It is only dearness. It is not our dear mother, it is not our dear father. It is not our own dear body. It is just dearness.

Now if you think to cut it by swords or shoot it by guns, you cannot. The mind cannot do it. Your individual person cannot cut it, cannot burn it. It is not paper, it is not wood. It is not a volcano, it is not a tornado. Fire does not reach to burn it. The ocean does not reach to drown it. The wind does not reach to make it fly, as when a hazard comes and cars are flown, houses are flown. When the dissolution wave comes and the world is dissolved, this remains unapproachable, indescribable. Some of you who have come on the level of your tongue, sing those seven Gita verses. … [Gita 2:19-25]

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