Satsang  –   Volume 2, Number 2: January 8, 1999
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Satsang Quotations

6 January 1999:

"Come smiling.  A smile is like a dress - why would you wear a dirty dress?"

"I don't mind because I have accepted this" [Swami on answering endless questions].

"The literal meaning of vicharanaa is thinking.  But the correct meaning is "the One who is knowing what I'm talking about."

"My desire is to see you happy.  Your desire is to buy a tractor.  That is your understanding of desire."

"Language has no meaning for me.  Carrot means something.  Cauliflower means something.  But 'I love you' and 'I hate you' have absolutely no meaning."

"Aham meta (aham - me, meta - remove) remove the 'I'.  Otherwise you will always be hurt, you will always hurt, you will always remain miserable.  You have to have this knowledge of aham with which you become upset.  Maybe due to sanskars, illness, all that.  It just goes on forever."

"You think it takes time, a few seconds.  It takes time until you die!  Who dies? Ego.  So ego is there, as long as ego is there..."

"Whether you like it or not, you have to start with the knowledge that 'I' is not mixed (Self and intellect).  It is forever free.  Wherever you feel 'I', keep the knowledge that 'I am free'.  Counteract the mixture with which you say 'I am body'."

"When you have known that Self is everywhere, practice being the one who knows that."

"You can say 'I am the Self.'  But if you feel pain, then it is like seeing a painting of fire.  You can say that it is fire, but you will never get any heat from it."

7 January 1999:

"If you know the subject matter perfectly well, then you can command the answer when someone from within says 'I am upset.'  You will know who is upset and who You are."

"Keeping the company of undeveloped people, you will suffer.  So either you quit that company or you make them developed," (laughing, Swami then added that he had chosen the latter since he couldn't get rid of his devotees).

"If your habit patterns are binding you, you need to do two things: know that you are the space, and cut the habit patterns short."

"In meditation, we don't mind disturbance and we don't call it disturbance. You have the power not to be disturbed.  Meditation is watching, whether with your eyes open or closed.  Drop the idea that you ever get disturbed in meditation."

"You cannot do what I do.  But you can learn from my main focus: not to make people miserable."

"Don't put the observer in any pot, whether hot or cold.  The observer is unaffected. Abide by it."

"This is how I succeed in interviews [laughter]: when I put my attention on the words, they turn into consciousness.  When I say 'heater' the heater turns into consciousness."

"Make yourself beautiful on the tongue level."

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