Satsang  –   Volume 8, Number 14: December 10, 2005
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Doubtless Meditation

… The word Para is equal to Supreme. A human being speaks of Supreme Reality, Supreme Truth, Supreme Being, but he has no clear concept of what Supreme is. In Hindi, we call it Para.

First, there is vaikhari vaani, which means language [vaani] that is spoken [vaikhari]—about the names of things and forms. When we do not speak yet speech is still going on in the head, then it is said that vaikhari vaani has finished and it is madhyama vaani. At this second stage, understanding is still going on and speech is going on in inside. The third stage is pashyanti vaani, where no language is going on: only you feel that you exist and you are having the experience of existing. This also falls in the category of speech, but subtler, or the subtlest: pashyanti. And, as you must have observed in deep sleep, where there is nothing that you can perceive, feel, or have any kind of experience of, then that state is called Para. That is also vaani, that is also language. That is why when we say that language has its Source, then it is Para, it is Supreme.

So Para is not the field of understanding of the human mind. That is why I have asked you to meditate. In meditation, you are not asleep. But in meditation, you are able to think, to perceive thoughts. And sometimes, occasionally, you do not have thoughts. But you have the knowledge that you exist. Since you are meditators, I can boldly say that you have experienced, after meditation is over, that there was a time during meditation where there was no experience of any kind. That is Para.

If you know that is Para, then it is not involved or caught by anything. It is all clear. At that time, all the descriptions have receded, they have settled down. In your awareness, thoughts are there, things are there, experiences are there, all kinds of situations are there, but it is just as in the river water, where sand particles are there, but somewhere the water has become settled. What happened? All the sand particles have gone down, down, down and became sand resting over there, and the water is clear. In this way, in Para, all that which was designed for understanding—coming and going thoughts and things and forms—that is all settled and it is only Para, Supreme, for which there is no word. We began to call it Reality, or Supreme Consciousness, or Supreme Being.

That is where a human being should rest. That is his place. They say “at home.” People are seeking from here to be that which will be at home. That will be at peace. And that can be possible, that can be effective, only when the mind is settled. Otherwise, the mind full of thoughts is like a seed full of tree. Unless the seed is burned, it will germinate. Unless the mind became Supreme, it will create birth and death and the idea. That is where Para comes.

Having known and realized Para, again and again, the value of this will be that now you, as a human being, will not be in division about what is truth and what is untruth, what is right and what is wrong, what is birth and what is death. You will be as above the water as the lotus flower is. As the water rises, the lotus flower rises: it will never touch you. So for a human being, the value of this—the knowledge of the Knower as it is—will be that the Knower is he. Up to this time, he was saying that he is the one who is known by the Knower. So he was saying that the body is he. But this will change and it will be the realization that his I has plunged into that Para, just as a drop plunges into the ocean and there is no more a drop. So his individual I is no more that. If it is not, then he will know, “That is my nature.” Then, out of That, when his body is alive, he will again be the drop, he will again be the consciousness, and will again be this. But he will not be involved, because he retains the knowledge. That will be the value of it. Then, you will remain free.

Then it is said that wherever you go, you do whatever you like, and while doing you will be non-doer, because you are That, and it is held. While thinking, you will be non-thinker. While writing, you will be non-writer. While speaking, you will not be speaking. While being quiet, you will not be quiet. This answers all your questions, all your doubts. It is called doubtless meditation, where you know. Thank you.

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