Satsang  –   Volume 19, Number 8: July 19, 2016
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Guru Poornima's Secret
Remind Yourself You Forgot Pure Intelligence


Like you, I could not wait to see you! [Laughter and applause] So I thought to come early and celebrate. Guru Poornima is not a festival to celebrate only in July: it is an eternal existence. Thus, it is being celebrated every single day—whenever Guru appears at heart. We are all Guru in the beginning, because we were not born. When we were not born, it was not that we were a previous incarnation of an elephant, camel or human being. The first is Guru Existence. Out of Guru Existence, duality appears. Thus, the very Guru Existence becomes maya (illusion) and makes the whole world, which is changing and dying. Krishna says, “Arjun, I am unborn.” If he is unborn yet he is giving a lecture, for all of you it would be noticeable that he cannot be unborn. What is this? It is the ignorance of a human being in all times. He never knows Krishna.

A human being only knows that he is born and he will die. And he is afraid. For that, he has to earn, he has to learn and he has to depend on his relations, thinking they will make him permanent. If a hundred years before all parents died, then you can have some explanation for why they died. But you cannot—without Guru—come to know that they were never there. If they were never there, then you are also not here. You are not now.  But you know, “I am born with this name to this family.” Yet if you check, if you have the vichar (inquiry) of the Self, you will find that you are not there in deep sleep. If you are not there in deep sleep, then why would you be there in the dream, and why would you be there in this long dream? You were never there.

But the illusion, the deception, is that everybody thinks, “I am a person, my name is this, my form is this.” Your name was given by your parents: it was never your name. Thus, you come to know you are living in deception, and you cannot get out of it. All people, including scientists and politicians, say, “That’s what I know and that’s what you know.” You know your family, but why do they die? If family members are permanent, they should not die. And if they are temporary and they die, you should also die with them, yet you don’t. That means you have to have vichar. But for that, there is no time to think. Busy, busy, busy. Why? In busyness, you do not have to think. And when you don’t think, you never know who you are. Everybody thinks, “Who am I?” They never get the answer, a hundred years pass and they die—unless Guru comes and they see him, have a dialogue with him and ask, “Guruji, who am I?”

Guru will never say you are your name and form. Guru will say, You are Me. Why? He wants you to study Me. What is Me? Your Me is this form. A tennis player wins and says [pointing to his body], “I did it, I did it.” Me did it. For all human beings, Me is the body. And the body dies. So a human being is not right. Yet he is busy showing that he is right—to his relations, to his children, to all people. He creates children, yet he himself dies. Why would any father be that unintelligent that he will create children and will die, while giving them the assurance, “You will not die.” So it is a wrong tradition of human beings. That is being corrected now, after forty-six years, in Siddhant Kal (the time of the Principle which is beyond time and space). Siddhant is forever the same. “Forever the same” means it will never change, so it is unchanging. If you do not get the unchanging, it does not mean it is not there. [Laughter] You just don’t get it. Thus, in the light of unchanging Eternal Existence, Me, Guru always says, “You are Me—whether you are long or short, this or that, a woman, a man or a child.” But who understands? …

You have seen human beings. You have all your mental conditions. I say “Biscuit,” you say, “Halava.” I say, “Bread,” and you say, “No, biscuit.” I say, “Curry,” you say, “No, rice.” We were taught wrong and we learned it. Who learned it? That is not known. So we say that the mind learned it. The mind did not exist when you were a small child. We have reached the satsang situation, yet you are convinced that you cannot get out of this learning. You try. You have been trying for the last forty-six years, and you are at the same place. Why can you not give up or do sarvatyag of learning, of all kinds of learning, and become a child? Now you cannot become a child. You have to do that which you have learned from human beings.

For the last forty-six years, we have been observing Guru Poornima. And we are human beings. If you are full Guru Poornima, then why is it that you become ignorant and forgetful? In this way, we have grown. We have grown in this way up to this time. Now many of you cannot give up your human status. Why? Tomorrow you have to work, run the business, go to the office, earn money, eat and drink. All your actions convey to you that they are essential. And you were not born! Here, you become quiet. You know this, that you were not born. Everybody here knows, “I was not born, you were not born.” Then from where did “I am” and “you are” come? It is illusion.

How long will you be living under illusion? One incarnation? A second incarnation? A third incarnation? Again and again, death-birth, death-life, death-life, death. You want to come out of it. Come out of it means be free—free from this circle. But the moment you make more efforts to be free, you get more entangled. If I say you cannot get out of it, then what have you come here for? I say you have come to me just to get the information to get out of it and be deathless, be birthless. But birthless you don’t want to become, deathless you want to become—only half. It cannot be.

So we welcome Guru Poornima because it makes us not human beings, it makes us Guru. If we remember Guru, then Guru is not born—Krishna,  who is Jagat Guru (the World Guru), says, “Arjun, I have come to tell you that I am not born and you are not born. Therefore, you should not copy all human beings, whom I have made through maya, for they will remain bound.” If you remain bound, you are not listening to Krishna and Krishna is not your subject. You do not know what your subject is. You just do sadhana because you have come to know it is nice, because when you come over here to satsang, there is no worry. Why? There is no mind. Seeing Guru, you became Guru. All your attention is inside, not outside—not inside/outside but innermost.  There are three bodies that you know: physical, and mental; and antavahak (innermost), which was not made even when your mother conceived you. Where was your body? It is only that she ate chapatis, or wheat. You are a wheat product. Everybody is made of wheat, but you think, “I am made of skin.” Guru says, You are not even made. You are Sky. So welcome the Sky. [Applause]


I will give you the secret. The secret is that you were not born. Hearing me, you have to know it, because you have ears, a head, a body and senses. Pure Intelligence is not in the realm of a born person. A person dies, but Pure Intelligence is still there. A chief judge, a president dies, many did, but Pure Intelligence is there. If millions of people died, Pure Intelligence was there, is still there, and will still be there. Therefore, your secret is Pure Intelligence.

Now, I am supposed to make you check, or have vichar, that if Pure Intelligence were not there, how could you take birth? That means, it must be before. If before, or Pure Intelligence, is there, and your birth is there, then your birth is Pure Intelligence. But it is not. All human beings lost Pure Intelligence and got only the intellect and mind. So you forgot. The secret is that you forgot. The secret is that you should remind yourself that you forgot. Forgot whom? Pure Intelligence. Pure Intelligence is not a form, so it will not die. Form came in the tree: the leaves die, the fruit dies. It does not matter that they are useful so they did not die. They are dying and again appearing. Dying and appearing. This is the process of your intellect. Pure Intelligence is now. If you say, “I am unborn,” then this I is Pure Intelligence. If you say, “I am born,” then it is the opposite. This opposite has created problems for all human beings. It is the viparya buddhi, ulti buddhi (opposite intellect). Parents say “Use the sulti buddhi, seedhi buddhi (right, or purified, intellect).” But nobody gave it to you.

Up to this time, forty-six years have passed, and what has happened to you? Your intelligence, viparya buddhi, your opposite intellect—that sees only the body; that seeing the rope [Self] sees the body [snake] in it; that seeing one moon sees two moons; that sees water in the desert in the sun’s rays—that is being purified. The viparya buddhi is born with a man, so man is nothing but viparya buddhi To change a child into Pure Intelligence is not easy for his father. Whatever the father says, his child has to do ulta, or opposite. So the tradition is of viparya buddhi. It is the same situation with Guru and disciple. The disciple has viparya buddhi. Guru all the time says, “You were not born.” But the disciple, with viparya buddhi, says, “No, I am born.” However hard you try, he just makes something.

I was talking to Vinod, who said that it is all give and take in the family. “You give me and I give you.” When you die, where is give and take? This will not work for a human being of the type who wants freedom from give and take, from the opposite intellect, from the opposite mind. So here, in forty-six years, the secret is that we got together and always sent your viparya buddhi towards the Sky. In the Sky, there is no sulti buddhi or viparya buddhi, no super intellect, no small intellect. Sky. Now Sky you were, and you were born a child.

Since it is Guru Poornima, you must know the full science. From where did the child come? Nobody has the answer other than Guru. Guru knows that as a leech comes, so you came, so you are nothing but a leech. [Laughter] There is no reason, no cause and effect why the child came. But a man says the mother and father are the cause and the child is the effect. There is no such thing. Cause and effect will remain and you can die. You can remain alive and cause and effect can die.

So a human being needs a perfect Guru. Perfect means he is not born: he is unborn. If Guru is unborn, why would you be born? You will also not be born. People say that the talk of Guru and disciple is spiritual talk. They made spiritual against material, or that the material changes while the spiritual does not. Thus people say, “Live long.” But it is not the fact. Since you were a child, you must have died so you became a child. This means you are death and birth at the same time; but death is not seen, birth is seen. A child is nothing but death and birth together. But no, he says, “This is my birthday. My death day will come one day.” But it is the same place—birth and death. If you accept both, you will never get freedom. You have to turn off both: sarvatyag. Both, you have to. Then, the world does not remain, name and form do not remain, but You remain.

How would you know? When a dream is over, you come to know, “The dream was constructed by me. I cannot fly. So me, as a flying object, was nothing but constructed by me.” Then you remain whom? Only one Atma (Self). Atma is everywhere just the same. Man does not think Atma, he thinks name and form and then Atma, so he is doubly caught up. His Atma is Light and he joined it with darkness. …

A human being will not know that Pure Intelligence does exist by itself. He will think Pure Intelligence is with a president, or with a prime minister, or with somebody, but not with him. A human being has forgotten that he himself is Pure Intelligence. I say that you are special people. You should not minimize yourself, that you do not have Pure Intelligence. But dig it. If you do not dig it out of the body, it will not come. You watch, how does a vulture know that an animal is going to die? Even in a vulture, Pure Intelligence is there. So nobody is made a form without Pure Intelligence. The vulture, that heinous bird, a dog, a cat, a pig, animals—all animals are nothing but forms of Pure Intelligence. Yet man is essential, who is better in channels, who has a sukh-mana (the channel of Self Realization), the last nardi (channel), which, when open, only then you come to know that Pure Intelligence is your source. …



Meditation is the inner utsav (festival). You become happy inside. That inside cannot be explained. Outside you say is that [pointing away from his body], and inside you say is this [pointing into his mouth]. That is not inside. Utsav is always outside. Because we are human beings, so the traditions of human beings will be our traditions. A man will act like a man, he cannot copy an animal. He cannot act like one. Therefore, man has devised something which is good for the body and good for the mind. If he does not make an utsav, then for him there is no mind, there is no body and there is no life. So he knows these three things only through utsav. If he is sleeping, there is no utsav. If he is in turiya (the fourth state) there is no utsav. If he is in samadhi (with intellect absorbed in Self), there is no utsav. So whenever the time comes to observe a festival, with confidence we observe the festival. There is something which moves, which acts, and if utsav is not there, you cannot act. No doubt Guru Poornima is a meditative state, but when everything manifests, then the glory is utsav.

We like glory too, and we also like happiness. Happiness does not come in the middle of glory: temporary happiness comes, and after that it is over. Like today, up to this time we remained in utsav, but now we are about to go, and in going we say a prayer. The prayer begins, “Oh Lord.”  Whoever the Lord is, that is You. You are praying to your Self. Because without You, you could not take birth. This remains secret for a human being . It is Guru who reveals that you are pure, free, forever just the same, Guru alone. … Today’s festival has been excellent, and I welcome everyone who came over here and joined us. My blessings are for everyone, that in every heart there must be peace, there must be harmony and there must be love for one another. Thank you. [Applause]

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