Satsang  –   Volume 6, Number 5: March 17, 2003
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Inside Joy, Outside Joy, Everywhere Joy

Swamiji: Close your eyes and know Delight; Space; Shyam; Oneness; Pure, Free, Forever. Check how much you have been happy and lucky—especially when you have been given the most beautiful earth to walk on, air to breathe, and thoughts to think—and watch, there is no division. You have been living with that Life which has never seen any disappearance. It has been in the night, it has been in your dreams, and when you woke up it was there. The beauty of it is that it has never made you agitated about why you do not know this. What a great gift of Life! The body demands—sometimes this or that. But although Life has given you its space, heart, thought, mind, intelligence, senses, and all the tattwas [elements] made out of it and has always been with you in the form of "I know"—always, yet it has never pressed you to give it back anything. This I has never, never pressed you for anything. You laughed, I laughed. You became sad, it became part of you, it cooperated. You became happy, I became happy. You became brilliant, I became brilliant. You forgot, I forgot. You remembered, I remembered. So there is the sense—the delight—of its existence, of its awareness. It must be, for that is why Awareness is felt.

Clouds are there. Above, all around, and below the clouds there is only sky. In the same way, Pure Being, God, Pure Delight, Aanand—in whose name we got together—permeates outside, inside, and all around every single room. It has no beginning, so it has no end. There is water all around the earth. The earth and water can be dissolved, fire and air can be still and subsided, even the sky has an end, but that which you are, the Life, is unending. You are watching that Space which you are aware of, and that which is aware is You.

Awareness is everywhere just the same. If you think of anybody’s head, it is the same Awareness. If you think of anybody’s heart, it is the same. If you think of their body, it is the same. That sameness, that Oneness, is known as the Love of God. Why? God is Love, so we can use two words, the God of Love and the Love of God. But watch, when we are silent, there is neither the word "Love" nor the word "God." Check. Are you not that for which there are no words and no thoughts and so it is called beyond thought, seeing, and knowing? Yes. Amaram Madhuram. [Meditation follows.]

Inside Joy, outside Joy, everywhere Joy. All is Aanand, just Aanand. Aasha [from Kanpur] said something, but her heart, mind, words, and view, her son, marriage party, and family, her Guru and her friends under the care of Guruji, are all Aanand. What a heart one has who is always established in Aanand. Then, it is the manifestation of Aanand. It is raining. Aanand is raining. Every single drop is the grace of the Supreme Being, who is permeating all the drops, the clouds, and the water. In every single atom, it is. In the shining drops of light of the sun’s rays, there is that Aanand. Aanand in the light, and when the light is not there Aanand has never gone anywhere. When many people close their eyes they call it darkness, when the sun is not visible they say there is darkness, but it’s all the atmosphere of Aanand.

Today is the festival when everyone is filled with Aanand. With the atmosphere of Aanand, they completely forget what they did the whole year—who they called enemies, who they criticized, with whom they fought and quarrelled, with whom they joked and giggled, who they put down, who they raised. All is forgotten. When? When Aanand appears, there is no loss of expenditure, no loss of defeat, no loss of power, no loss of vote, no loss anywhere, no destruction. In Aanand, it’s all Aanand.

We are celebrating that Aanand which is the only Reality. Yet we each have a different form. Alright. We have forms in our dreams: it rains, and there is an ocean, a ferry, passengers, a swimmer, fish, waves, sky, shores, and all that, including the dreamer and the dreamer’s relations. Every form is there. When deep sleep takes place, it is all Aanand. When the waking state takes place, it is all Aanand. Since human beings have been living in the society of human beings where there is raag and dwaysh and the mind, so children either begin to love something or have aversion for something. But when they are quiet, check. Then it is called meditation, Aanand meditation, Shyam Dhyan, Shyam Meditation, Shyam Aanand. It’s not a word, not a physical form; yet it is words and physical forms.

For the last many, many years, many, many incarnations, many, many millennia, we have always been enhancing our capacity only to understand this: how Aanand is free and how it permeates all the atoms, atomic structures, and all the tattwas, how Aanand turns into sadness, death, and destruction. Human beings are made such that they do not understand or realize this. That is why information is given in varieties of ways to those who are eager to understand. For children, there are dresses, toys, schools, and sports. For adults, there is play, joy, family life, children, toys, politics, games, business, and work. There are varieties of ways for a human being to recognize and realize that Aanand alone is, that Joy, Delight, alone is. Each human being is capable of thinking of it. If you take "Aanand, Aanand, Aanand," two, three, or four times, then it increases Aanand: Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy, such a joy, Joy, Joy all the time.

From the very childhood, there has been the history of this festival of Holi, which you are celebrating with gulal, or coloured powder. It’s all colourful. Even the universe is colourful. It has sun, showers, white light, yellow light, rainbows. This day, everything is being celebrated. Why? It is God’s day. I must have told you the story of Hiranyakshyap and Prehelaad many times. It is history, the reality of the past, and the generations have maintained it. …[Swamiji tells the story of Holi—with everyone singing "Ram Ram Ram!" along with him as he recounts it. There are songs, and Swamiji colours everyone’s faces with Holi colours.]

Everything is made available on earth according to our desires—the desires of the body, mind, intellect, and even of the I, the ego. But that which is beyond the senses, mind, intellect, and I is not available. When that comes, it is Guru Consciousness, Sat Guru Consciousness. It is where a human being is able to be tuned in to that Consciousness. Even though it is always there, it is not seen. That is why it has become difficult. For when the eyes cannot see it and the ears cannot hear it, then how to communicate it? How to reach the human head, which is completely unable to reach there?

That is why it is essential for Guru to come on earth. Holi is the celebration of Narsingh Avataar, who came on earth when there was terrorism and all undivine thoughts were prevailing. Then, God appeared and established the thought of God. So how important it is for a human being to be tuned in to That. With the body, we can only do this much. We can join you, we can have a tilak [the adornment of the third eye with colours], we can eat and drink, but we cannot get that which is your Aanand. Somehow Aanand is created, and then you feel it. At this time, your heart is full of that Joy, yet it is not seen where or what it is. …

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