Satsang  –   Volume 17, Number 1: January 1, 2014
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Where There Is No Time, Space Or Mind

Happy New Year—where there is no time and no space, and no mind either. Thank you very much. You will hear a kind of revelation. Since the year 1924, ninety years later in 2014, you are no more a person. You can check: today, you are already with that awareness which is only Awareness, where there is no form—no flower or tree, no directions north or south, no mountain or fire, no sun or air, and no form that you think you are.

What is that where time is not and space is not? Thus, for everyone every year, if he thinks he is in time and space, then he is born. How could he have seen that he is born? His mother’s eyes would have not seen the formless. Just half an hour earlier, the mother knew the child was not born; yet after that, whenever she sees the form, she knows the form is there. This is not the fault of the child, nor is it the fault of the mother. It is the eyes, which do not see the eyes. For you this will become a kind of awareness, to know that when the eyes are there, they will see forms—the eyes will not see the eyes. The moment you see forms, you will immediately have a mind to see that form is born, so you will become the body. As soon as you were born, you cried, and your mother knew that she did not know where the cry was coming from; yet, because of the eyes, she concluded that the cry was coming from your form.

Having attended satsang, all of you with your closed eyes never see form—because your eyes are not there. So you are not a mother to see forms. Now check. If a human being, or any sentient being, has eyes, he will see his own form; therefore, he will see the forms of others. But two sleepy persons will not see each other. You are being awakened in the year 2014 that that which you call you, the body, is not born—because the eyes were not there yet. So as long as the eyes are closed, the child is not born as a child.

Who is that mother who says, “No! The child is born”? She is delighted in her heart space, not on the level of her teeth or eyes. What is that heart space? A human being with eyes, with the block of senses, will not be able to know. The difficulty of a human being is because he is born. He cannot say that he is not a name. As soon as he is born, a name is given, which was not there. Why? The form was not there. The moment a form came in the mother’s womb—these days it can be seen through a machine whether it is a girl or a boy. That means, the machine that sees this has eyes, and those eyes will make form; the machine will not make form by itself.

The main thing I want to tell you in the year 2014 is that year does not exist. [Applause] You are the same Being who was happy yesterday, and you are happy today. It is not that your unhappiness turned into happiness: you are Eternal Happiness. We use the word “eternal” because both time and space are not. Your language is all right—it is whatever our elders said, that this is the eternal moment, it is not in time and space. Now check. With your eyes closed, the eyes are not seeing form. Then who you are? You are the Space. Because Space has no eyes, Space never sees form. Before birth, those eyes of the Space never saw form. But you never think about how the Space turned into form. Even though this flower, which Veena has given, is seen, but it is not seen by the eyes or the mind how it became this form when there was only once a twig, and when a few days before that even the twig was not.

This difficulty arises with a human being because of the senses. The senses are not made by a human being. Although a satellite can be made by human beings who have eyes, a human being cannot make that which is formless. Treat it that those people who have body consciousness will never grow in the realization of the Space, however Sat Guru, or a Guru may speak—although each one, in fact, is the Space. With body consciousness, you cannot hear. If you are sleepy, you will not hear. Suppose a person is dreaming. There are no eyes in the body which is in sleep, yet he is seeing world forms and himself also; whereas a person with eyes who is sitting near the person who is dreaming does not know that he is seeing a dream world.

When you hear such things, do not treat it that you are hearing somebody else. You are the same Being who is talking, and you are the same Being who is hearing. In talk, the lips and mouth and the ears are involved; this much a human being can know. Why? Because of the imperfection of the senses. So today, in the year 2014, if you can remove the imperfection of time and space, then you are going from here as that Being who is free from time and space and where there are no words and no forms. Having realized that, you will be ready to sing those songs for which you have no meaning. [Laughter]

Whatever we are as human beings, we have traditionally come to know, “Make some nice things.” So we are making 2014 the nicest year—although it is always the same. In twelve hours [it was noon], nothing has happened. [Laughter] But who knows this? The one who is the Knower. I generally say to you that you are the same Being as the one who is the Knower everywhere. Even for a little birdie, how did it happen that it became the knower of its mother’s form, if it had not become the form?

It has become this way due to its introduction by some mysterious power, which all of you have come to know. And now you do not mind. You just eat, drink and do things, all nice things, because you know that if a dream is being seen by a dreamer and he is happy and unhappy in that dream, still nothing is there. Anahota, which means that which never becomes, in a dream appears to be becoming. It is exactly the same in the waking state—that which never becomes appears to be wakeful, and then to become relations, then the body, the senses, the world and all the things.

You have joined here, and you are the same Being—which I see, although I call myself ninety years old. I was born in 1924 and now, in 2014, it has been ninety years. If I think I am the body, then I will be afraid. As soon as eyes are given to a human being, he sees the body and he sees time and space. Therefore, everything is fake—yet everything is considered to be solid. So now, the solid time and space of 2013 is gone. It was already gone in 2012—the world was dissolved then, yet you have lived one year. [Laughter]

This will be the year of songs, because you have not to worry about their meaning. [Laughter] Then you have not to worry about this person. Then you have not to worry about relations. Yet you have to worry, because you have a body, and body consciousness comes in the morning. This continues.


Meditation alone will create an opportunity for a human being to know he is never born. Whenever I say you are not born, you hate it. You say, “I really am enjoying everything with the body.” So Guru always tries to unfold that power which is hidden and will make you free. If you have no shuddh buddhi (pure intellect), you will have no Anand—you will have no joy, no happiness. Every year and every moment, you can continue wishing happiness, but it will never happen. Therefore, the conclusion is, do any profession, any kind of work, any kind of activity of the senses, but you will never get the sense of freedom without the shuddh buddhi of Anand.

This intellect is either of thinking, or body consciousness, or it is of the dream state—there it is also the intellect, where everything is realized in the dream body. The waking state is all body consciousness, and in it you, as a scientist—everyone in it is a scientist, it does not matter whether you are an artist, or musician or anything. A scientist is one who has eyes and sees form. I am saying this because this is the first day, the first moment. The whole year, you will be ignorant, but at this time, you are totally open. Many people say, “Tell me something, I am open.” You are not open, yet you are saying you are open. When you are open, you have no eyes of a human form. Those eyes are of the Akash, of the Space. …

Be tuned in to wisdom, which every head has. Yet every head says, “No, I am the body.” This is the intellect. In 2014, you have to change for wisdom, and I will be very much in tune with your happiness for the whole life, because that is what you are. Great salutations to every human being, who has come on earth only to realize that he was never born—which if I say, you will not know it. You will always say, “I am born, so I am hearing you.” It is not the case. For me, “I, the wisdom, am hearing, or saying, and then the body and all that.” This will be your change of thought or idea. If you can succeed in it, well and good. If not, whatever you are, you are very beautiful.

This is a beautiful time, a beautiful year. Time is not gold and space is not silver. The waking state is neither wood, nor flowers, nor leaves, nor a human being. And you are in the waking state. So unless I say that you are never in the waking state, you will never exert your waking state intellect. With it, you will question, “Am I in deep sleep?” You will go back and forth in this way, from deep sleep to the dream state, to this or that. Then somebody will come and assume himself to be a great Guru and say, “You are in turiya (the fourth state)” You will say, “Well, I do not even know three states, who knows the fourth?" This is the fourth state, who is now singing. Happy New Year to everyone! [Applause] This is the moment and awareness that you can be at every time. So then never, never get into unhappiness, an unhappy moment, and all the mind things. Whenever the mind will come, it will always try to make you unhappy. That is why we wish you a Happy New Year, without the use of your mind. [Laughter] Yes, sing.


All of you have meditated; it is with your fourth state. The intellect is at three places, but at the fourth place, the intellect is not. Who is that? That is Pure, that is Shuddh. That is happiness, that is Bliss. You know Bliss. It is no child who is born, no child going to school, no child learning, no child playing, but it is blissful. Blissful means that the child’s body has nothing to do with Bliss, because Bliss does not exist in time and space. We thank our elders who at one time came to know Sat Chit Anand, Absolute Bliss Consciousness. All three words have nothing to do with a piece of earth, a drop of water, a flake of fire or a storm of air. This is possible, because all of you have always been Me. Me has never been separate. …

Life is a joy, I tell you. If you put a fruit on a knife in any way, it will be cut. In the same way, if you put any kind of unhappiness in happiness, it will become happiness. Unhappiness will go away, it will be burned. This is possible after you have heard it. But it is your turn at home to use your skull, or your understanding, to see whether you can get it or not. We got the word Oneness. But Oneness has nothing to do with the seeds of a papaya or the forms of a world—because these eyes delude, and a human being believes in them. Such as you are seeing me, a form. The eyes are seeing this body, but Me is seeing Me. In order to reach Me, your fourth one, know that You exist. When you add Me, the Self, in you, then it is all happiness, even if unhappiness is felt, which a man thinks it is—that is why people wish him happiness, as if the whole world was unhappiness until yesterday. …

That Space which has been opened, which has come on earth, is Shyam Space. It has no colour. It is only recognized when you close the eyes. It is not blue. It is not black. It has no colour. At the same time, there is no chance there for the mind to think about any form. That Space exists. … We have come to know that even the earth is a ball in the middle of the sky. Those people, like you, who see the sky, know that when the sky covers from all sides, then if my form has eyes, they are the eyes of the sky; if it has ears, then they are the ears of the sky; if it has a nose, then it is the nose of the sky; if it has a mouth, then it is the mouth of the sky; if it has hands and feet, then they are the hands and feet of the sky.


They were singing Kya kehenay (What should I say?/ What can I say?/I hail them). When you have enjoyed and experienced 2014, then Kya kehenay. Just accept happiness, and enjoy. This still appears, because we are using the word “year,” which means time and space and everything in between. But through this process of being a human being, if you reach the awareness of the Infinite, how high your status becomes! With that status, if you hear a human being who is born now, or those a little bit grown-up who are talking and babbling anything, then Kya kehenay. You will accept that, whatever it is. They are full of love and chattering. In this way, you will be full of love and joy throughout the year.

We still think that since we are human beings, we will remain blessed, we will not be coming down from this time onwards. Suppose the mind comes any time, for which we generally say, “We wish you blessings for peace, love and harmony—so there must not be any duality.” We still wish this, because we know that the mind is coming in time and space, and it will start putting somebody down, somebody up, somebody this, somebody that. Then we know what it is. Whatever we do, whoever does what, whatever loss is there, whatever game is there, always remain high in the sky. That is called “Love is God, God is love.” Thank you very much everyone. My blessings to everyone. Wherever you go, just know Me. Thank you.

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