Satsang  –   Volume 2, Number 4: January 27, 1999
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Close the Eyes and Know the Knower

Everyone can close the eyes. Every animal can close the eyes. When you close the eyes, that is meditation. When I say 'close the eyes', I like to create knowledge in human beings who never would otherwise get the benefit.

If people simply close their eyes daily, they get the benefit of not becoming dualistic for a while. When eyes are closed, there is less duality, more freedom from duality. The power which causes the eyes to be used and creates duality is minimized. So daily, when you close the eyes, you get this simple attainment of non-duality. This is meditation.

When you close the eyes, you see nothing but Oneness. Whatever you watch is Oneness. When you close the eyes, fire does not reach, sun does not reach. This is meditation.

These are my words. But who listens and who understands?

The Space does not change. But one must apply attention.

All human beings have gyaan (knowledge) but they concentrate on the knowledge of form, of body, rather than the knowledge that 'I am Immortal.' But when you apply your attention on the knowledge of 'Amaram hum, Madhuram hum,' who is knowing? Knower! Through meditation, your reality becomes that Knower.

But for you, Knower is not there. You have the understanding that it is only body which exists, and with that understanding, you will never know the Knower. You have been told that there must be some bigger entity, an entity that made the sky and the earth. You have all kinds of funny ideas. But you do not know the Knower. You even think there are different knowers. You think that there is a 'little' knower in your mind, who sees a cup and knows the cup, and that this knower is useless. But it is the same Knower!

Even though you have never seen Knower, try to know the Knower.

I say that Knower you are! When Guru-ji says, "I am Knower," it will be easier for you to change your previous knowledge that body is Knower, or that mind is Knower. Just have faith in Guru-ji's words. That is enough.

Whether you are asleep of not, Knower is there. When I say these words, you might just possibly come to understand.

Mind will always think that Knower is just inside the little head. Now, in your Satsang situation, you are trying to reverse this knowledge and reach the understanding that in Knower, all is.

Knower is all ideas, abstract and not abstract.

All thoughts are sitting in silent form in the Knower.

In the Knower are all the appearances and disappearances of the universe from the beginning.

All living things are encompassed in the Knower.

What has been and what will be is all in the Knower.

Knower is first and foremost -- no matter how abstract and `unknowable' that may seem.

It is possible that through practice, you will unfold the knowledge that within me, whoever is, is the Knower. Whether you are convinced or not, just make the point that 'I am the Knower, and not the body.'

If I say, "God alone is," try to understand. I'll keep it saying it. You keep repeating it. The Knower is that with which the understanding that 'God alone is everywhere,' is known. When Knower is realized, there is no fear of death or of elimination That Being cannot be divided. That Being is One. Having heard such words, something goes on behind the ears. And that is progress.

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