Satsang  –   Volume 19, Number 12: November 20, 2016
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You Are Under Deception
And You Cannot Accept It


You think that you and language are separate, so when you are quiet, you think you are maun (absolute silence). The word maun can be used, but it is not understood: all of you are maun, but each one of you is thinking something. If language is to be checked, what is the checking vehicle? All of you have come to know that the checking vehicle is the intellect. When you were born, the intellect was never there to say “I.” It never said, “I am the body,” it never said, “You are the body.” Each one of you has not come with the intellect and each one of you is born. All of you see a small child. One day he will become big: he will become a president, a prime minister, a businessman, a train traveler. Somebody will be living, somebody will be dead. You have heard the drastic news (a train derailment in central India), but why did only sixty of the people die? Why did they die in those compartments, and why did the people in the other compartments not die? Why were some of the people wounded? Your intellect was not there when you were born, yet everybody has an intellect. And that intellect is saying to everyone, “Let’s go and travel!” It does not say, “Let’s go and travel and die.” That shows clearly that your intellect is not competent to give you the answer. But that is the only vehicle that a human being uses.

For what? He uses it for knowing, “ I am born on this day, and I will die on that day.” He does not know when he will die, yet he conceives of it. He does not know his birth, yet he conceives of it. She used the word “deception,” which is very important for all of you to know who attend satsang and hear Swamiji speaking, or anyone coming to the seat and speaking.

Deception is not there for a child. The word “innocence” is used, but innocence is also not there, because the child begins to act. Veena told me yesterday that a mother was going to change the diaper of her very small child, who was put on a table meant for changing his diaper. The mother just went for a moment to get the diaper, and in the meantime the child moved and slipped off the table. Her other child, who was five years old, rushed so quickly that he caught his brother halfway while falling, so that he never reached the ground. This was all caught on camera, and Veena saw it. She told me that the five-year-old child said, “Somebody pushed me from behind, as I could not run that fast, but I reached there; and I am not good at catching, yet I caught my baby brother.”  [Laughter] Now, your intellect has no answer. The parents were very happy that their son saved their little child.

That shows that you come here as a person among those whose intellects are not working, and you do not know that the intellect is deceiving you. It is not your name which you use, but the name that was given to you as soon as you were born, and it became part of your existence, of your living, of your speaking, hearing, eating, drinking and all such things. So when you come over here, it is not that in one day you come to know. I have read all his letters, and in all of them he appears to have realized; yet he does all those things which a realized person does not do. What is that? It shows that language can be used to impress people, and language can be used to impress upon you; you can also do according to language.

I am picking up one word, which we have been speaking and hearing: deception. Now, if deception is not explained, you will never know what it is. Each person is deceived, and not by someone else. The intellect does it by himself. The intellect makes one himself, and then the intellect takes off—and it is the intellect that is deceiving. So the deceiver is that who is not known, and deceives.

The word “deception” should give you some knowledge. For the intellect gives you knowledge—knowledge of these flowers, that one is white, one is yellow, one is too yellow. What is this? You use this system—speaking, seeing, hearing—to know that which never falls in the system. All of you have come and joined satsang here or the session here, to hear Swamiji, who has no system. Everybody is supposed to come at eleven o’clock. But Swamiji comes at five past eleven, at ten past eleven, sometimes he never comes, sometimes he comes twice. What is it? There is no system. And no system is working much better than the systematic system. [Laughter]

In the system, you are trained that you are born and you will die. I do not talk about that system. I say that you are never born and you will never die. It goes against your deception. So deception is important to not accept deception. If deception is not there to be known, then you are being deceived at every step. The result is that you are sorry, you are sad, you are worried, you are agitated, you are angry, you are lustful, you are miserly, you have meum, you have pride, you have the sense of fear, you have the sense of death and destruction—and you do not how you became all of that. If deception is gone, then satsang will come. As long as deception exists, satsang will never come. You should know this.

Then, what will you do? If you have to be free from deception, you will not accept it. And deception chases you. In skin, deception. In bones, deception. In blood, deception. In your doing, deception. In eating, deception. In drinking, deception. In eliminating, deception. Human life is nothing but deception. When a human being dies, only then deception is gone. You are not born for death! Then you come to know that you are not born to accept deception. Now, you are born and you are deception: how would you remove it? You cannot. Therefore, when you come to satsang, and if Guru is realized, he will say to you that you are under deception that you are born and worldly people are born. It has never been possible that anybody is born on earth. You will not accept this. Therefore, either you accept it or you suffer. Suffer fear. Sixty people died today. …

The one who is responsible, he speaks. Here in satsang, I am responsible. Why? Because you are under deception, and you cannot accept it. I have to make you accept it and tell you that you have never been male, never been female. … But under deception you do not understand anything. That is why ultimately Guru has to be quiet, because when you are accepting deception and you never leave it, why should he talk? How much can he say, “Leave deception. Leave deception.”? Deception is used with a variety of words. Sankalp, or imagination—deception. Illusion—deception. Mind—deception. Ego—deception. Intellect—deception. Eyes—deception. Ears—deception. The whole body is deception. Now, how unique you are that you have come to remove deception! You have come for moksh, or mukti, for freedom from deception, which includes birth and death. In this way, deception is useful: to give up. First of all, you have to know you are under deception, and because of deception your life has become miserable. … What do I mean? Birth and death. That is deception. Now, so many people are on earth, how can you make them free from birth and death? …

Dham means home, your original home. Original you are not. You do not know when you are born and why and who made you take birth with hands and feet and all that. So it is necessary for you to know that there is no confusion, deception, imagination, illusion, wrong or mistake—if you close the eyes. [He closes his eyes]

You cannot change any person on earth. You hear me, and you are committed not to try to change people, not to dare to change them. Whoever thinks in whatever way, allow him freedom. You cannot save him that he should not die, or he should be alive, or he should remain happy, or unhappy—that is number one. If it is known, then satsang is over. But satsang still began, with “Close the eyes and know Sat.” I am using the word Sat, in English the translation would be “Truth.” Truth and Love are the same. But a born human being uses the word “love” for progeny. He uses sat for speaking the truth about the description of a visible thing. So neither does he live with Truth, nor does he live with Love. He is under deception. And he spends a hundred years’ time being under deception. Perchance, if he comes to satsang, sits in front of Guru, and listens to him, then Guru says, “You have lived these many years under deception. But from today you should know that deception is not your coin, so don’t encash it, don’t accept it.”

You are Pure Free Forever the same. Pure Free Forever You. Pure Free Forever Param, Supreme. Pure Free Forever Mukt, Moksh, or non-existence. If somehow you know you know non-existence, then you have used your Gyata (Knower), which remains hidden in the heart and in the mind. The heart and mind both remain hidden in the body, yet a human being uses them without knowing them. Guru says, “No. You have the power everlasting with which you know you are never born.” Nobody is born. Nothing sentient or insentient is born. Yet, you are a human being among those who think like that. Change your thinking and become Pure. [Meditation]


Rebecca: Swamiji,  you said, “First, you have to realize you are under deception. Otherwise, you won’t know where worry, agitation, miserliness and greed come from.” Then, when we went into meditation, I questioned about the mind field being still, about what is stillness? I’d like to check how I answered it for myself. In meditation, I saw that it is the fear, the deception that is removed, not the waves themselves. In meditation, I can still observe some waves, but the deception, or the worry, tension and agitation, is not there anymore. Is that a correct observation?

Swamiji: Yes, it is correct.

Rebecca: So when you say it is described that the mind becomes still, then it is the sense of duality that is removed, and the waves…

Swamiji: The wave is removed. It is the wave which is not being understood. We know the ocean water and the wave. Yet we use the word “wave” for everything—a wave of the mind, a wave of thinking, a wave of intellect, a wave of movement. So a wave is anti-“no wave.” No wave is stillness. Stillness is not when the lips are closed, or when you are sitting quiet, or being in silence in the forest, or when there is no noise. Stillness has no words to describe it. It is called shanti (peace). Shanti is when the world was not; and shanti has never gone anywhere when the world is. When a human being is born, shanti is there; he is living, shanti is there; he is dying, shanti is there; he has died, shanti is still there; and he is born, shanti is still there. So, stillness is not understood.



A human being calls stillness what you said, that you closed the eyes and there was stillness. Why? Your wave of the mind, or the mind, was not there. But now you came to occupy the seat and the wave of the mind came. What happened to the stillness? It changed into the mind. And the mind changes into stillness. This keeps happening with a human being. He is always the mind, and he is always in shanti. Now it is his choice whether he projects his awareness towards the mind, or he projects his awareness towards shanti. If he projects towards stillness, then he is stillness, and if he projects towards the mind, then he is the mind. Choose one of the two. The confusion is that shanti you are, and no shanti you are. You have to be a human being who was not there. So stillness is when birth and death is not there.

Rebecca: I see that I make a difference between observing stillness and the knowledge that I am not there, as if that would be a deeper or more evolved state when my consciousness is not registering the sense of individuality or separation at all.

Swamiji: That is your choice. I never object.

Rebecca: … I can see it is a deception. I can see when the mind wants to convince me of worry, fear or agitation, but it is not true.

Swamiji: If it is not true, then why do you accept it?

Rebecca: Is there a difference between accepting it is not true and being completely convinced that it does not exist?

Swamiji: It will be only when you accept it is not true. You have the power. Such as you accept that the money in Dikpal’s safe is not yours.

Dikpal: That’s true. [Laughter]

Swamiji: You accept it. In the same way, you can understand that the world never existed.

Rebecca: So when the acceptance goes from just a mental understanding to a deep realization, that’s when it becomes full.

Swamiji: The mind in the beginning has never been there. You are born, and you are talking about the mind.

Rebecca: Because you said the deceptive mechanism is what dispels the deception, that you have to use that deceptive mechanism.

Swamiji: I say it because you are born. The moment you are born, you are deception. And that you do not want to leave. So deception is never left. Because you are born. And every day I say you are Pure—which means unborn. But you never listen. You apply your mind, “Let us see what the mind says.” That you hear.

Rebecca: I can see the fault, as if in trying to remove the deception you have also accepted the deception. So you should just not accept the deception at all.

Swamiji: Since you are born, so you want to understand. And you are born deception. How will deception allow you to understand? Deception says you are born.

Rebecca: So don’t accept.

Swamiji: But you are born, so why would you not accept? For the one who is born, there is only one way, that he should examine what is the cause of it.

Rebecca: The idea that one is born.

Swamiji: So then the cause of it is the idea that you are born. There is no cause of it. Because you are not born! [Laughter] That is why I say you will not listen to this, and you will struggle all the time. But you will convince each other that you have understood, that Guruji said deception and you have left deception. You yourself are deception, how can you leave deception! Like death. Call it birth, call it death, it is the same. But there is something in a human being that he calls birth as separate and death as separate: the sense of otherness.

Rebecca: Thank you, Swamiji.

Swamiji: Thank you. There is only one way out for a human being who is born. Again and again, I will say this. It is just possible that somebody among you can find out a cause. There is no cause of a human being born! This is satsang, which I can speak here. Otherwise, many people are going to the dham (wedding feast). Why are they going to eat if they are not there? …

A human being is always in duality. There is no way. It is only to come from satsang and go to satsang, and after some days again come to satsang and go from satsang, and then, when you are all alone, die. That is the only one way. That you do. Like Sukhveer is going, he is the only one today who is going. He is going because he knows the world exists. You have to accept it—satsangee (one who attends satsang) or no satsangee. You cannot accept when I say that the world does not exist. Guru is free. Guru knows that no human being can accept that world does not exist. So we change the attention and bring in the Gita, chapter nine, verse eighteen. …

What has Krishna said here? Indestructible. Only this, a human being will not know. The design of a human being is like this. So among you—You. I said, “Among you.” You is only one. That one I say is Pure. You hear this daily. But because you are born, you are a human being.  There is a possibility among you satsangees—you satsangees—that you have to purify your intellect. Which means that deception should not be there, born should not be there, which I say as the world never existed. Now, why would you not hear it when you know it? Sing Om Poornamadaha … You can watch that you as a human being have to live in shanti. Daily you hear Pure Free Forever. And you go to your dham. Bye everyone. Go anywhere, do anything, but know shanti. [Applause]

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