Satsang  –   Volume 20, Number 1: January 1, 2017
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The Year 2017 Speaks Out Loud,
If You Meditate, You Will Never Die


Happy New Year to everyone! Since we are all meditators, it was designed that on the first day of the year 2017, at ten o’clock, you should be invited and be disturbed [laughter]—for as we are meditators, we tend to become with lips closed, quiet or silent, and then begin to meditate. Since all over the world the occasion of the ceremony of the first day of the year is so high, even though everybody knows it is the same day [laughter], we as human beings are vocal enough, having the words to create anything we like. Mostly, we want to be happy. But we do not have any clue how a human being becomes happy and what the nature of happiness is. Therefore, we do not get into that which our subject is. Rather we learn the same thing—that every new year, we wish for happiness. …

There are so many people here who are actually interested in happiness, who know that somewhere happiness exists. They have suffered enough on this earth, which is daily changing its characteristics. Some people become sick, some people are normal, some people are going here, some are going there, and nobody is settled. So we began to unfold something which should be common to all, and that is that there should be happiness. Therefore, we try to become happy at any special occasion—on any New Year’s Day, at Chanukah and other celebrations, on any nice day when somebody is born, when somebody is going somewhere on a trip, we become happy. But here we finish by saying we wish you a Happy New Year 2017, as only you, being unique, are now capable of realizing the space or state of happiness—which is Me.

This message is for everyone, all over the world, whoever has been meditating the way we have, or who has become aware that happiness alone is throughout—throughout the life of a human being, throughout the life of all animals, throughout the life of all trees, throughout the life of all the light objects, such as the sun and moon. Happiness alone is. So happiness is to be wished for those people who are not yet aware of happiness alone, of happiness only, of happiness everywhere just the same, which never changes. The happiness that changes now and then—because of this reason, because of that reason, because of that reason—is not happiness.

We are human beings, therefore, we do not carry happiness by birth. By birth, we have carried unhappiness and gave a lot of unhappiness to our source, our mother! [Laughter] If we were the unhappiness givers to our mothers, who were there to look after us from the very beginning, how can we expect from anyone to give happiness to all his friends, to all his people? Thus, nobody among you is capable of giving happiness to anybody! [Laughter] …

You can again hear the message for the year 2017, and that is that you are the only one who has come over here to realize the state of happiness alone—which is everywhere just the same, unborn, unchanging, undying. That state is called happiness. Other than that, you can make any state of mind, any state of man, any state of ego, mind and intelligence, and you can try it for a hundred years, but you will not be happy. You have come to realize the fact that you have to get happiness. Since it is not far away, it has not to come every year or every day. It is always with you, twenty-four hours, in the body. But this is to be revealed, or told, by someone. …

Out of compassion, knowing that all of you will one day be healthy and happy— I knew, but you cooperated. And you now appear to be happy, because you came to know that when the waking state and your open eyes, ears, mouth, nose and touch are all shut down, whatever remains is happiness. Whatever remains, you never get; that is why happiness is unborn. Since you are understanding with unhappiness-intelligence, which is always unhappy and wants to be happy, that is why the talk of happiness is given to the intellect. Since the intellect is always unhappy and tries to bring more and more unhappiness, thus we talk about happiness. But nobody gets it.

All over the world, presidents, prime ministers and the highest, topmost people, or those who are called the topmost people, are talking about happiness only today—as if happiness was not there yesterday, or last year, or when they were young enough. It is very clear to us how human beings remain ignorant of their own true nature, which they are born to get the knowledge of. The knowledge of it is that you are unborn: before you were born you were unborn, and when you were unborn there was no question of change, no question of death.

Thus, those who have joined us are only capable after hearing me that they can attain that happiness which is total freedom from all kinds of reasoning that a human being  can extend. This became the message, and those people who are not here will hear it and will come to meditate, for happiness only comes through meditation—even if they just meditate for ten or fifteen minutes. For as long as they are closing their eyes, the world of unhappiness is not there; the form of unhappiness, the body, is not there; that hungry stomach of unhappiness is not there.

It is difficult for a human being to get to that state of happiness. That is why I always come here and speak about it, so it is just possible you may get it—today or tomorrow. Maybe today, in 2017, on Sunday, you might get it! [Laughter] And if you get it, you can close the eyes for some time. That many of you can do. Those who have yet not come, they will also come and share. If not, they can go back.

It is very clear that in this state, no knowledge is needed of any kind— not the knowledge of flowers, fruit, candles or your decorations, or the knowledge of Guruji. Whatever maximum facility and sense of happiness can be extended to me, all of you have shared with me. You gave it to me. But it is for me to have that compassion that whatever you do I should be able to tolerate, and lead your attention towards that which has been possible for me. That possibility is happiness. There is no word for that.

Because all of you in the waking state have been vocal—shouting, whispering and talking, you think it is necessary. Everybody was born without any word. Thus, it is very clear that you have forgotten, and, daily, forgetfulness becomes necessary for you as soon as you wake up. In deep sleep, there is no question of you forgetting. You need almost a daily reminder, or a moment-to-moment reminder—not by someone, but by yourself.

As soon as you open the eyes, deception, or the mind, arises. Mind means deception, mind means imagination, mind means illusion, mind means delusion. All of you, each one of you is the mind, that is why you are called a man, or a person. This is even to the extent that you have not figured out that although your mind is one, yet the mind is two, the mind is several, the mind is many. How can that be possible? If it is one, it should always be one. That is where the forgetfulness is. The moment you forget your unborn, pure nature, there stands a ghost of time and space, or place. Then you live in two places, which means you are not You. You live in the body, and the body is in time, the body is in place. That is why when you walk on earth, the earth becomes very important and you become nil. You are walking on earth and you have no importance of your own, rather the earth becomes important! The mind is thinking, and you become nil. You begin to think that the mind is conscious.

I say nearly the same thing again and again, whether on any festival or on any new year, because I see that you are the same person, with name and form. You never change this. It is changed only by itself in deep sleep. You never recognize this, so it is challenged again and again. Someday, somebody might get it. I say all of you are pure, free, forever the same, eternal happiness. I will be quiet for ten minutes.


Many people, not only among you but also in the world, think that if they meditate they will lose everything. That is why they do not meditate. They think they have to close the eyes, and somebody will take all their things [laughter], that if they close the eyes, all their mind and intellect will go away. Who can have a wrong notion, wrong thinking, a wrong conclusion? Not an animal. Only man. Man is suffering because of wrong conclusions. You have seen that they sang, and I wrote that song to say that everything is Shyam: black, white, yellow, green, all kinds of colours are Shyam. Even if colours are not there, still it is the same Shyam. I have not only written this, rather proved that when all of you close the eyes, what do you see? That is not darkness, because darkness cannot happen when light and sunlight are there. It is Shyam. It is so simple, so easy. …

Here is a right conclusion: Shyam is everywhere, every thing, every form, every business, every car, every car rider, every car driver. Everything is nothing but Shyam. You open the eyes—Shyam. You hear sound—Shyam. Everything is Shyam. … But with the wrong conclusion of a human being not to meditate, he never gets that space which is called Shyam. Shyam is always available in the form of a drum. Watch, no music goes without a drum. A drum is essential, and a drum speaks nothing and means nothing. In the same way, without Guru the life of people is nil, although Guru doesn’t do anything much, except be like a drum. It is essential. I interjected in between only for the purpose that all of you should not think that if you meditate for ten minutes you will lose everything. No. You will gain everything that is in the world. That is why one has to meditate. Thank you. …

Watch. We as human beings cannot become a human being in the ocean, we cannot be a human being in the air, we cannot be a human being in fire, we cannot be a human being in akash (space). We are a human being only on earth. And earth is so solid that we can’t leave it. That is why it is no fault of yours. Keep taking birth and dying, keep taking birth and dying, but you came to know that even if you are born on earth, you do not want to die, you do not want to let your children die, you do not want to let your family die, you do not want to let your country die. Why should you not do this by finding out some technique? That technique is meditation. If you meditate, you will never die. So the year 2017 speaks out loud that if you meditate, you will never die. [Applause]


Let me speak today of where the mistake lies. These people have sung, “Wherever I go, you live there. Wherever I meet people, you are there. Wherever I do things, you are there in the things. Wherever I travel, you are there.” A human being has committed the mistake that when he is alone, he never says you, or tum. When he is in deep sleep, he never says you. When he starts saying tum, or you, he becomes unhappy, because there became two—one became me here, and one became you over there. For you over there, I became you; and from this side, if I say me, then you became tum. So hum-tum (I and you): a wife and husband, a mother and child, a brother and brother. If one becomes hum then the other becomes tum, instead of Me, Me, Me, Self, Self, Self. So Self Realization is the target of a human being who has learned hum and tum, I and you, me and you.

Since he made you as you, he never cares for you—he made himself me, so he cares for himself. Everybody does this, so everybody became selfish. If you come on earth to be with children and all that, you do not know that in satsang “hum and tum” never exists. When you become a body, then you say hum, and your bed becomes tum, your blanket becomes tum, or anybody, like a pet, becomes you, or tum. Hum-tum: this is a human being who is born. He has to say hum-tum, me and you, I and you—and then suffer his whole life. When you die, he never cares. So selfishness, duality or the sense of hatred entered into a human system, and he hates his neighbour, although it has been said long before, “Love thy neighbour.” You don’t even love your own husband or wife.

Their song was very relevant, as it said, “Wherever I go, you are there.” Now, to let you know what you can easily understand: if you are all alone and you go to the kitchen, the table is empty at this time, food has not yet come, and you are sitting all alone. Are you sitting all alone? Or is it that God is within you, God is without you, God is left of you, God is right of you, God is above you, God is below you, and God is permeating you everywhere? But human beings became scientists and left God altogether. It is only here in satsang that you close the eyes and see God. That too, I have to say, “Don’t treat it as darkness,” because you began to say, “There is no God here, there is only darkness.” So this song became very relevant for all of you, as due to their song I gave you satsang, and you must have gotten something out of it. Thank you very much. God bless you. [Applause]

The last song is coming, but before we hear it I want to tell you that without God, nothing on earth can happen. How important is this for you! God is not visible, your eyes and shoulders are. You think you are a brother or sister, a father or mother. If I say you are God, you say, “No, no, no. I will die.” That is a human being. If you remain a human being, you must suffer. You can observe many years to come, but you will not have happiness. Happiness will only come when you add God first and you later on. Because all of you are scientists, I do not talk about God. But here today, some people who are not scientists are also sitting. [Laughter]


Many people do not do this work because Guru sits on a higher stage, and the disciple sits on lower ground. They don’t like it. Guru does not mind where he sits, but if he sits on the ground and does not face you, he cannot speak to you. So, many people cannot listen to him if he speaks from the ground. Even in conferences, where a president or prime minister speaks, he too takes a higher chair or platform.  In the world, you cannot get rid of being a child. The child lives in the lap of his mother, and the mother is always higher than the little child, who clings to her body. Human beings have used the wrong word, “disciple.” “Child” is the wrong word that human beings have used for a child and mother. They call them mother and child, whereas the child is the mother. A child is nowhere without his mother—his mother’s food and water, his mother’s hands, feet, skin and bones, his mother’s sickness and health. Everything a child has is his mother, but they have made a separation. If they can make mother and child separate, they can easily make Guru and disciple separate.

The sense of separation came. The sense of separation is not the sense of One. There is only mother and no child, but how to use language? Everybody has learned language and became the recipient of speaking language for the purposes of taking things and giving things. I am talking about One. Who is one in the family? The mother. Then the family starts—the second, third and fourth generation, and if you go up, the grandma and great-grandma. There is one woman, and then all that. So Guru is like a mother—disciples could be two hundred, but they are all Guru. Again and again they sang, Gurudev key jai sharanam, which means you should not think you are separate from Guru, you should not think you are separate from your mother, you should not think you are separate on earth away from the sky. You breathe in sky, and sky is in you. When a jug is broken, what happens to the sky? The sky is sky forever. But as long as it is in a jug, the sky thinks, “I am small and the jug is bigger,” “I am in her lap and my mother is bigger,” “I am sitting down below and Guru is sitting over there.”

But these people very boldly sang, Gurudev key jai sharanam, because for them Guru is not only within—but without also, up also, left also, right also, everywhere also. So Guru is Awareness. A human being dies and somewhere he is burnt, somewhere he is buried. But what is Guru? Guru is that which remains forever. That is where human eyes cannot see, human ears cannot hear, human senses cannot reach. But those who are among you with a sharp intellect have made one intellect: your intellect does not divide, it is everywhere intellect. The eyes are intellect, the ears are intellect, here, there and everywhere is intellect, every cell is known by the intellect. Then, the Knower is that Guru. You became one with the Knower. Everybody here is the Knower. That is why they have sung Gurudev Key Jai Sharanam. Go to the Knower and just enjoy. Thank you.

It became twelve, and the new year’s celebration is over. You have to eat and drink and do other things. Sing Om Poornamada. … Once again friends, Happy New Year 2017 to you. Be prosperous and enjoy. [Applause]


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