Satsang  –   Volume 10, Number 5: April 14, 2007
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You Have Not to Accept the Mind’s Voice

You are Bliss, which has no form—of happiness, whether more or less, or of ignorance, whether a little or more. Bliss has no form which is seen with the human eyes. That is what is meant by “I am Bliss.” Any time your mind, intellect, or ego constructs you a form, at that time you are supposed to know, “I am Bliss. Bliss I am.” This has been given to you to understand. But the power to realize depends on your practice.

To intellectual beings, we give a thought, which is called vichaar: When you are closing your eyes, examine, and apply vichaar. Vichaar means that whenever you think, “I am one person, who is seeing the mountain,” apply vichaar that “No, I am not a person and I am not seeing the mountain.” Whenever you think, “I’m someone of this profession,” apply vichaar that “I’m not someone of this profession.” Whenever you think “I am a male, or a female, to change, to forget, to understand, to study, and to get perished,” apply vichaar that “I am not.”

Thus, whenever your mind or ego says, “I am a human being. I am born, thus I am increasing and I am decreasing. I am living. I am my relations,” apply vichaar that “I am not.” In this way, the nature of Bliss will appear, which means that knowledge will appear. If you don’t apply vichaar, knowledge will not come, realization will not come, and you will be saying, “I have yet to realize. I have yet to see that knowledge should come. I want to achieve knowledge. I want to achieve love. I want to achieve the Self of mine.”

Everybody is seeking. Seeking means trying to uncover. They call it discovery. To discover, or to uncover, is the right word for when you seek your Self. Because by birth, your birth is a cover. Your birth-body is a cover. Thus, anything which is seen with the eyes is a cover, any sound which is heard by the ears is a cover, any thought that is thought of by the mind is a cover, any identification which is made by the thinking mind-I is a cover. And when you are on the path of discovery, you are not supposed to accept the cover.

If a jug wants to discover the space, it can discover it if it takes the cover or lid from its mouth: it’s all space, inside and outside. But the form of the jug will say, “I am in between the space” because of vaasaana, because of identification. Because of the round form of an earthen jug, it will say, “I am a round, earthen jug.” To this, apply vichaar that “Guruji says I am not. I am Space.” Even if you do not practise, “I am not, I am not,” you can practise, “I am Space.” That is where you know, “I am Amaram, I am Madhuram.” Jap Jap Amaram, Jap Jap Madhuram: every moment, every day and night, you should know that “Bliss is what I am.”

Bliss, and the son of Bliss or the form of Bliss, is only Bliss. I have defined and described Bliss, and a human being can meditate and discover “I am Bliss—undying, unchanging, immortal.” The mind will say, “No, don’t say this. I am born and I am a form. I’m going to earn money and live happily. I’m going to have a family, people, and all that. And I am going to die.” The mind will say in that way. You have not to accept the mind’s voice. The mind’s voice, the intellect’s voice, the ego’s voice, and the senses’ voice is the same. Therefore, the technique is to have vichaar. Vichaar will produce vivek [knowledge of the Self]. Vichaar will also produce vairaagya, that “All those things which I say I am—relations and forms—I am not.” That will become vairaagya. When that will arise, it will arise vivek.

This is where the technique of realization is. Anybody who dares, or who has the courage, or who is one-pointed to do it, will know that with the body he has to do all that which all human beings have been doing, yet he can add one more pursuit, which is the practice of vichaar.

Whenever you are meditating, you should apply vichaar. In your state of meditation, with closed eyes, you will ask, Is this the vision of Oneness? Say no. Is this the vision of duality? Say no. Is this ether, the element of space? Say no. Is it fire? Say no. Is it wind? Say no. Is it earth? Say no. It is the ocean or water? Say no. It is a creature? No. It is an animal? No. It is a human being? No.

Then, knowledge will appear. You will attain that knowledge, and only then will you say that knowledge has appeared. As a girl who has no milk in her breast cannot say, “I have achieved milk,” so you cannot say, “I have knowledge” or “I have love.” It is like that. It is so profound that when knowledge arises, ignorance is removed. It is like, for example, the sun which, when it arises, darkness goes away. So when knowledge arises, then the ignorance of your Self goes away and the knowledge of your Self, the Bliss, appears. …

All the sounds are there. You are hearing the carpenter. Sound is there, but he has to strike the nail, and then sound comes. It is already there. In this way, the Blissful Being is there. Again and again, you have to strike your mantr. Knowledge will come. Then you will come to know, “I know the Bliss, I realize the Bliss.” Thank you. God bless you.

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