Satsang  –   Volume 2, Number 8: March 14, 1999
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The Art of Unfolding the Perceptive Mechanism

"You never see and you are blessed. I see and I am blessed."
Swami Shyam (14 March 1999)

I have used the metaphor of ocean and wave many times.You can understand it when I say that wave has never been anything but water.

But when I say 'thought-wave,'  you always see that as separate from 'consciousness-water.' Why? Because consciousness cannot be seen. But thought can be perceived. If you know Me as Self, then thought does not exist. Wave does not exist. But if you know only wavv0208-1.jpg (12634 bytes)e, then you like to surf-ride and you will drown!

But on examination, we see that wave - or thought - is not in any way a real substance. So the waking-state consciousness, with its thoughts and emotions, is just illusion.

But the world movement is going on, nevertheless. It's a wheel. Spring is coming - wheel. Flowers are blooming - wheel.The flowers turn into fruit - wheel!

When consciousness moves, it is called 'thought.' When this consciousness- wheel stops, it is called gyaan (knowledge).

Unless this gyaan is clear, unless this knowledge dawns, our state is of human consciousness or waking-state consciousness. The intoxication of the dream

In deep sleep, one is free.  But when you begin to dream, you become hypnotized, forgetting your own reality. While dreaming, you are unaware that you are dreaming. You become intoxicated. And people who are intoxicated are unaware that they are intoxicated.  But when the dreamer wakes up, he no longer calls himself a dreamer.

The one who is in the waking state, however, is a little more crystallized.

As a human being, you do not have the perceptive mechanism for grasping the chaytan (Pure Consciousness). So dig! Dig that perceptive mechanism. Know that it is all one chaytan reality.  People can understand that which they can observe. But to perceive chaytan, you cannot use the gross mechanism of the body-mind. The mechanism for understanding and perceiving chaytan has not yet been developed.

From the unreal to the real

Someone has to take you into the situation. Only then will you understand. A teacher should let you grow. A teacher should give you the ability within the perceptive mechanism to know that it can be unfolded. 

You know that with your body mechanism, you cannot reach it. So you have to use the subtlest of senses - the source of the senses.With eyes, you see, but the source of eyes is vision itself. With ears you hear, but the source of ears is is audition. The source of speech is the same source as the source of thinking. The source of feeling pain and feeling joy is the same source. Now you see that source, like the ocean, is the heart of all clouds, all drops, all waterfalls, all whirlpools. It is infinite.

'Pure Space,' 'Knowledge,' 'Gyaan' - these are just words. But you are not words!

Now you can conceive of that centre, that ocean, that source.But you cannot give it a name. But when sat (Pure Existence) is talked about, sat will happen.When chitt (Pure Consciousness) is talked about, chitt will happen. When aanand (Pure Bliss) is talked about, aanand will happen.

It takes time. But you, one day, are going to have the sense of immortality.

Quotations from Satsang

"When you know tat everyone is 'Me', how could you hurt anyone? So we donv0208-2jpg.jpg (11971 bytes)'t use hurting or insulting language, or words that make people feel small. Such language can create in you anger, agitation, possessiveness, attachment and ego."

"Ten years ago, say someone abused you or insulted you. Now, even now, every time you think (of that incident), the hatred just sits there. It just sits there, within. as a sanskaar.""Guru is that which has a sense of oneness. He does not feel for others. He is everyone. He will never be agitated, even if you are agitated. Because he is established in that freedom where anger, lust, attachment, possession and ego-pride do not exist. He knows that infinity exists."

"First, cultivate freedom"

"A questioner once asked me, 'Why can I not maintain the vision that it is all Me, everywhere?' And I answered that it is because consciousness  - individual consciousness - changes. When you come into the body level of consciousness, the 'I' returns and infinity is forgotten. But in that state of Realization, you see that it is all Me. The 'I', the individual 'I' is not there."

"When you shift your 'I' to the source, something nice always comes of it. Everyone gets the benefit."

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