Satsang  –   Volume 15, Number 6: July 4, 2012
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When the World Was Not,
Guru Poornima Was There

… When I say, “The world was not,” there was something there. But you never get that that was you or that was all I. Therefore, for you, “I” and “you” means a body. This body is a form. It looks nice, it gives information, and you think that that is Guru. But this is Guru Poornima day, which means Guru is to be worshipped, Guru is to be known, the space of Guru is to be imbibed. That is utsav (celebration): Utsav Gyaata Amaram Bolo. Who is Utsav Gyaata? Utsav means uts, high. And a man is only 6 ft. tall, sometimes 6 ft.10 in. or a little bit more, even 7 ft. But Utsav Gyaata is the very original Space, and that is Amaram. …

Amaram, Pure Existence, is full, complete, total and pure of the world. The world is seen, but the Poornima, the Fullness, the Source, which is the Immortal Existence, is not known. You see the world, and you think it is half here, half there, small here, small there, that someone is sick, someone is old and someone is going to die. No! Amaram and the world are nothing but one reality. The whole world is the body of Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, just as the seed of a mango tree is the whole tree, and then mangos, mangos, mangos. In this way, Amaram Madhuram, Amaram Madhuram: each body, sentient and insentient, is nothing but Amaram Madhuram. …

Guruji is saying, “You are Chaytan (Pure Awareness). Pure Existence is only Chaytan. You are never jar (insentient).” When you see the world, at that time the maaya—the magic, the force of understanding, the force of knowledge, the force of consciousness—creates a situation that you only see bodies to die, or bodies to live or bodies to eat and drink. You do not know the maaya, you do not know the power of the illusion that has been given to you as an illusory power. It is called the maaya of God. Knowing this, you should be free—because maaya doesn't belong to you, it belongs to the original sense. If it is original, then you are original.

Guru Poornima is not a day. It is not a time. It is not a person. The very Amaram Madhuram is Perfect Awareness, the full, total, filled state. We are observing the festival, we are observing the uts, the height. Everyone is very high today. From the very beginning, you were dressing, many of you have taken a bath [laughter], including myself, early in the morning. We have been preparing. We think we are going to be pure just because of the body. But I say that you are Pure already. Before birth, you were Pure Amaram; when your body has come, it is Amaram; your body is living, it is Amaram; all the experiences are Amaram; there is nothing else but immortal Pure Existence.

It is Guru Poornima, Mahan or Infinite Awareness, which, in India, they are observing everywhere—in every city, perhaps in every home. Why? Guru Poornima is Amaram Madhuram, Pure Free Forever. When the world was not, Guru Poornima was there. Why Poornima? Because there was no division of birth and death.

This you know now: you do not know birth and death. Yet out of your illusion, everyone claims, “I was born, this is my birthday, and I am this many years old; my birthday is not being celebrated, your birthday is being celebrated; my birthday is being celebrated, his birthday is not celebrated; my dad and mom are not there, and now they have no chance to have their birthdays celebrated.” What is this? Everybody has this illusory sense of ego-intellect-mind, which has created a problem for you to forget that you are immortal, you are blissful. What do they say? That you are a body-born and you are a body to perish.

Many people reconcile with this and do not care to attain anything else—except all of you. You can check: you are from many different countries, from here too, and you were never known to me. But when you heard me, how is it that you knew me? You have known many animals and birds also; many parents and family members. But how is it that you thought that I am you, or you knew that I am that who you know? How did you know? Just because I know. Whenever I appeared before you, you became That. As I appeared as a boy, I became a boy. As I appeared before you, you became so many people. I appeared before you as the world, where you became so many. That means it is only Me who is visible with your eyes, but there is a forgetful sense. The eyes see one moon, yet sometimes they say there are two. In exactly the same way, there is one Being, who is immortal and blissful, but all human beings say that millions of years have passed, millions of people are there, differences are there.

But this time you were given the knowledge that “You are. And you have power.” That power can make you remember I—which everybody uses when they speak. In everyone's form, there is I. But everybody says, "I am an individual form." If the I of so many people is one, why is the I known as individual? There is something wrong. That wrong is illusion. All of us getting together are busy just to remove the illusion. To remove the illusion we have been working, we are playing, we are doing things, everything. The whole life is being lived just to know the Oneness that is I. …

You have the capacity or power to know that the intellect was not there—especially when the body was not there. Therefore that which was there, that is your reality. If it was there, then it is the same Light, but in the form of forms which illusion sees—and Space is not seen. So again and again I say, “Space you are. You are Me, my Self, immortal and blissful.” Because this is what you like. Knowledge and love you like. Knowledge Existence or love you like. So we give you the words of your liking. But you are not released. Because liking is mental. But then you close your eyes and know that the Knower is there and the Knower does not have any flowers or form. The Knower is formless. That Knower is your Being, your Gyaata. It is Pure Free Forever, because it is the Space. You hear it, especially on Guru Poornima, as you know it is a very special day, a special moment, a special observation. …

Joy is the nature of your Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. Anybody who has meditated on Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum became free. There is no difference or division between Guru and disciple… It is Guru Poornima day, not only a holiday, it is a holy [“wholly”] day also—the Whole. Day means time, and when the time is whole, it is timelessness; otherwise, time divides. Time will be of one hour, two hours, three hours, the millennium, one minute, one second. But when time is not, that is the Whole, that is Guru Poornima. Guru Poornima did not start some day, as Diwali, Holi or Christmas started. Guru Poornima is the first, which belongs to the Purushottam Being. He is Guru, the underlying Reality. When time was not made, that fullness was there. On earth, the first day, second day and third day exist, and on the fifteenth day, when the moon is full, we say it is Poornima. A human being only knows that the moon is little and then the moon is big, and then he says it is Poornima on the fifteenth day. No doubt this is the day too, which it is. But fullness, completeness, is Guru Poornima. Those people who are on the path of Divinity are on the path of realizing Guru Poornima, the Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, Pure Free Forever. …

All of you have come from your homes to observe Guru Poornima, who has given you the information that “You are the same as Me.” Guru is that who knows you are the same as him. But your eyes see him as a person. And his eyes are seeing You. Everywhere he sees You. To everyone he says, You. And you say “you” means the individual; you accept the individual. The day of Guru Poornima is the day of enlightenment. Enlightenment means that you have described yourself as “I am a sleeper, I am a dreamer, I'm an awake person, I'm a thinker, I am an ‘imaginator,’” but now you should be enlightened that you are none of them.

How is that possible? You have to find a place where you are not seen. So we close the eyes. Your eyes are not seeing your own person, let alone your neighbours. This is exactly the state when a child was in his mother’s womb. He was alive, he did not know form, but Awareness was there. Many people do not have a concept of it, they do not understand it. But now, when you are hearing me, each one is saying, "Oh, I know it. In the womb of my mother, it must be the same situation as this. But how can that be compared with this, when I'm thinking about the city, about work, about study?"

So we say, “Try. Watch for a few minutes. You’ll reach that which is neither a daughter, son, mother, father or the world.” This awareness which only sees things and forms in time and space is illusory, mental, intellectual. But that which is within you is Guru, with whose light and power your eyes are seeing, your ears are hearing, your feet are moving, your tongue is moving, your intestines are churning their food, and all that. That's only one Guru. It's complete. It's not divided between birth and death. Today, when you hear from Guru that you are the same as Me, it means you are not a deep sleeper, a dreamer or the waking state. You are Guru Light.

For you, there is no tradition of Guru Light. At least we have some tradition, that a person who becomes aware becomes the informer, who always gives the information to whoever comes to him that “You are the Self, you are Pure Free Forever, you are Amaram, you are Madhuram.” That is his work. He becomes Guru. You can check: you cannot do this work. Even if you do it when you go for your visa, you can talk about these things—“I have gone there, I've seen this, and you can also do this”—but you cannot do this work unless you become Guru. That's why your mind does not allow you to become Guru. So you deny it, saying, "I can hear, I can understand, but I cannot become a Guru." Why? Guru has to efface his person, personality and everything, and be united with the Space. Space alone is, Space everywhere.

This is the message to you from Guru Poornima day. Guruji comes on earth only to tell those persons who do not know that “You are Pure Free Forever. You are unborn, immortal, indestructible. You never die. If you are one with that who never dies, then you also never die.”

This is the beginning on the path—birth and death. But Guru is not used in any sphere. If you are a mathematician, you talk about mathematics, algebra, geometry or computer science. You talk all that, but you never talk this: what is before birth, what is after death, what is in between, who is running the show. It's only at this place that you get this information. After that, it is all your work—whether you want to do it or not. But if you realize the Self, then you become at peace, at home, and you remain forever blessed. What a great benefit you will have just by not seeing yourself as a person, which is now.

Those who are meditating as persons will remain persons. Whatever you put your attention on, that will be perpetuated and become matured. So if you are meditating on the body, you will become the body—the body will die, so you will die. But if you are knowing Knowingness, immortal blissful Existence as Space indivisible, naturally you’ll become perfect. That is the message of Guru Poornima. You become faithful, trustworthy, and knowledgeable of your own Self, which is Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. …

When you are meditating, in the heart of hearts you are knowing the depth. The depth of your thinking is not your thinking. Thinking is on the surface level, where whatever is in the relative field in time and space you can surf ride. But when you reach the depth, it is totally Absolute. Your ears are open, they’ll be hearing the drops falling, but nothing will happen to you who will reach your own Purity. This is a possibility. It is not a show. It is very practical work.

I appreciate all of you who also observe festivals. You work also, you go to offices, schools, colleges, places of engineering and hospitals, but you have added I to yourself, Me to yourself, Guru to your work, Guru to your house, Guru to your children, Guru to your body, Guru to your mind.  Guru is immortal and blissful. So you say Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. We not only respect that, we are one with it. Therefore, there is no division of any kind. That is Oneness, or joy, knowledge and love. …

Glory to Guru! Glory to Guru Poornima! And glory to all the devotees—the very Divine Being—who have been blessed with that space of awareness which has made them be tuned-in to Oneness, which is Shyam, which is pure, which is free. We have watched in our lives that whenever the mind arises, our dukh or sukh (pain or happiness), raag or dwaysh (attachment or aversion) starts manifesting. But when we do not wake up, we are totally nirmal and paavan (pure). There is a possibility, but only for a human being who can remain awake and not be with the sense of duality. The sense of otherness, the sense of duality makes one dualistic on the level of the mind, and he begins to think that he is an individual and he needs the assistance of the senses and the mind, and of many people with senses and mind.

But these people have sung, and it led us into that Space, which is full of delight. Even though they were singing, not an iota of thinking of duality was there. I was so delighted with the song they have sung, which completes today's Guru Poornima festival. Wherever whoever has become Guru Consciousness, he is tuned-in to That. I appreciate everyone. I send my love and blessings all over the world to those who have become aware of their true Self, which is Amaram, which is Madhuram, which is Amaram, which is Madhuram. That is why Adabhut Hain Gurudev Hamaaray, Adabhut Hain Gurudev (“How wonderful is my Guru, wonderful is he!”). We want to own something which is our own Self. When we become tuned in to that Adabhut Space, which is never born and which never dies, then the voice appears, the song appears, Adabhut Hain Gurudev Hamaaray, Adabhut Hain Gurudev. I thank all the persons who participated and shared with us. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. Thanks a lot everyone! God bless you. …

May this shaanti be forever a permanent space in your heart. Go with this awareness, this blessedness. You have experienced that Space, which we have created collectively. The one who is above all is called Guru. Guru Poornima has blessed you. Thank you very much. God bless you. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. Thanks. Take care of each other. [The audience applauds and sings Jai Jai Guruji Jai Jai]

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