Satsang  –   Volume 14, Number 02: January 31, 2011
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The Offering Of God

People came from all over Kullu, India and the world to celebrate Swamiji’s Amaram Light. The celebration, which went on for two days, began with a langar, cooked over open wood fires built near Chidaakaash. We ate this prasaad together under the new spring sun. The celebration continued on Chaytan Mandap, with inspiring satsang, fifteen beautiful songs and some wonderful speeches. Each of us had the opportunity to express the essence of our heart, in a sentence or two from the speaker’s seat, and then to receive flower offerings from Swamiji’s hands. His theme song, repeated throughout, was Haray Amaram Haray Madhuram—Haray means God, but Swamiji revealed its essential meaning as “Hooray!” Here is some of his satsang, gifted to us on this extraordinary occasion.

You have sung, “Shyam came on earth.” That means, when the earth was not there, as you already know, Oneness was there. But with our eyes, we do not see any Oneness or any sense of Oneness, Self or God. We simply hear from people that a child comes from God. So God is the father-creator, and the child is his creation; his mother knows it. After birth, the child forgets whether he has come from God, Self, sky or not. His journey begins from the day he is born. He does not know anything, yet how does he know to drink his mother’s milk, where the milk is and how to drink it? So we, the elders, can know that a child is full of knowledge.

A mother says that her child is made out of material. The mother was also a child one day, and she was not informed, so she does not know that if a child has knowledge, then knowledge is the source of the child. It is just like how from the sky, the sun, moon and stars appear, yet people think they are material existence. They are in the sky, but how they hang on to the sky is not known. When we came on earth, we learned everything which mundane persons, the natural beings, taught us; we learned everything from our parents, our friends and our teachers. But we did not have the information from where we came.

We know that bicycles, motorcycles, cars and airplanes come from factories. But we do not know where a child comes from. A mother is not a factory, yet a child is on earth. That shows we need information. Somebody should bring this information who is connected to the God Being, the Source, and who knows that the Source is our reality, that the Source is one, the Source is love, the Source is knowledge—which a child himself indicates. A child has love at heart. He has knowledge in his mind or in his being. He has action in his body and senses. So action belongs to God, the mind belongs to God, the intellect belongs to God, and that God is Pure Awareness. If you know Pure Awareness, then everything is a manifested form of Pure Awareness. The one who knows this will know, “I am the Source and all is a manifestation, which is Me. My body and other bodies—my mother and father’s bodies, the earth, fire, air and sun bodies—are all from that Awareness, from that Knower.”

Anyone may have brought this information, but it must be Guru information, valid information, the highest information. Why? Because it relieves a human being from the fear of death and the fear of birth—or that every human being becomes poor, middle class or rich, becomes diseased and becomes dead. So human life is full of happiness and unhappiness. Whether we have this information or not, we have to live it. We do not know who has given us hunger and thirst. Hunger, thirst and breath are not a form of the body, yet it appears that they go to the body and come out of the body, and we do not know how. Therefore, information is needed.

The giver of information must be your friend, who knows you as his own Self, at the Source. And he should know this on the level of the bodies. Such as, there are millions of leaves in one tree, but their source is sap, essence, fire or water—their source is not even a seed. That essence, that essential knowledge, is the one who has made the universe out of himself, so he is one with it. He has made hunger, thirst, water and food out of himself, so he is one with himself, one reality. Suppose a man is that one reality. Then he is an individual and that individual is one with the whole universe. So there is no difference between the sky in one pot, the sky in a dome, the sky in a big building or the sky in the sky. It’s all one Being.

This a human being knows in the form of the Knower. Thus, the Knower has made the mother, the child, the father and the world. Therefore, all is the Knower. That’s why a man can know all these things, for all are one with him. So the information is the sense of Oneness. God has given us understanding, given us to play with our brothers and sisters, to be in our mother and father’s laps to get care; and when they need care, we give them. Thus, exchange goes on. It’s a play. Two players play, it’s an exchange of a ball. The ball is the same, but one plays on this side, one plays on that side. The game of life is that game in which a human being has forgotten that the game-maker is he himself, the game-players are he himself, the game-knower is he himself, the game that is defeating him is he himself, the game that is making him victorious is he himself. The knowledge of Oneness is the prasaad, or offering, from the side of God. It is God’s world and God’s day. It’s not that God is born and God dies. It’s the same thing: the leaf comes in the spring season and the leaf goes out in the winter season, but the sap is the same.

Having come to know this information, you become blessed. You become happy. You do not fight. You do not quarrel. Even if you need to fight and quarrel, you can do that, but God is the same. If you know that God is the same, then you can get satisfaction after becoming hungry. So today is the day of food, and God has given you prasaad: in all beings, in all forms, there is nothing but the offering of God, the offering of God, the offering of God. So let us begin with eating and drinking.

All your friends who have organized and prepared [this langar] have done such a great work which nobody can easily manage as one person. I want to manage everything, but I cannot do it. Therefore, I have to be egoless so that you also do, you can also share. If you are egoless, you are vast and vivid. That’s called Guru Consciousness, Guru Awareness. I welcome every one of you.

You have seen, we celebrate birthdays with sixteen, twenty or thirty persons. Every week and month, we do it. Therefore, I am also one like you. When you have this observation of a birthday, then it’s observation, not a birthday. You think it is a birthday, but you do not know when I was born, yet you observe. So, what is your observation? Your own Self. Whose birthday are you observing? Your own birthday. Happy Amaram, Haray Amaram, Haray Madhuram. Bring the food and sing Haray Amaram Haray Madhuram. …

You continue your means of getting information from any quarter, from any person, regarding “What is that which does not die? And what is that which changes, becomes old, dies and disappears?” This inquiry, you cannot flout. You cannot ignore it. It is there. All of you are observing varieties of festivals and observations, which are never-ending. Again and again you observe them, yet the question still remains just the same. If you end your life with this question, what you will get? The next time, the same question. And what happens if the body-life ends with the answer or the knowledge that “I have never become my clothes, skin, hair, bones and blood, because they change and die, but I do not”? That means that if I associate with age and time, then you will think that I grew and became eighty-eight years old. And you’ll be afraid, thinking, “What will be after that?” You won’t be able to eat, drink, act, walk or play properly. Nobody has been trained to think like this. So you have to have a school or a place where you are exhorted to begin to think.

You think you have to achieve a great feat in the world. What is a great feat? To become a grandpa or a great-grandpa. That is your status. After that, that status is gone, which means that if you identify and think you are that status, then you will die. But you have the essence already, that “I never change.” If you never change, then that is the sense that “The body is born and the body changes, but I must not be taking birth and I do not change.”

This is a very difficult question to bring about or to continue with. Since you know this, you don’t ask or require any kind of answer to it. It is the difficulty of all human beings: they think, “I am born, I’m increasing and I’ll die. I’ll not be.” So it is only on a birthday that you become aware that your body was not even born. The moment the body was born, you became body-knowledge and the child’s knowledge, which he carried from his mother’s womb, is lost. So Pure Knowledge is lost, and the knowledge of forms comes—which cannot be called knowledge, because forms change and die. Therefore, on such occasions, when we observe birthdays, we rejoice about our time and space, that we were born and became aware—aware of what I am, of what you are and of what the world is.

When the world was not, you know it. When your mother and father were not, you know it. When your body was not, you know it. That means knowledge is not missing. Knowledge is always there. When you dream, when you are awake, when you sleep, you know that. And when you wake up, you forget everything. So the waking state is to be awakened. This is the awakening day—rather than the day of destruction, where eighty-eight years have been destroyed and we are thinking we are still alive, so we should have all the things.

But no. You are aware that “I am Immortal, I am Unborn, Unchanging.” But because of the form, form blinds you. So you pay attention on formless. And formless should be known to you, where it is. If you do not know it, then get the information that formless Being, the Space, you are. If you close your eyes for five minutes, you will not believe in those eyes, because they cannot see it. The eyes are meant for seeing forms made by sun and showers. And they were not there. Yet you think they are there. The surprising part is that what is there is that which has always been: the Knowledge, the Knower, the Love, the Lover, the Beloved. For you don’t love a dead body. That means, who do you love? You do not love your relations only, you love the life in your relations. When the same relation becomes old and dies, you bury or burn him, and you are not doing any mistake at that time. So we do right thinking, that we are human beings and we will remain human beings; but there is a possibility with us that we can observe that “I am Pure Free Forever.” That is your observation on your birthday. …

Today, we just came together. Why it is that you came together? Because you are in my heart. You are in my space. You are my Love. You are my Knowledge. You are my Being. You are my Self. I know that. If you also have come, then you must be inspired by the same power which inspires me that all of you are Me. And if you become happy after eating, then you must eat, like I do. You should have everything that you need. Whatever need is there for the body, you should have it. Why do a couple of people have while others are have-nots? Again, disparity. Disparity will continue and will make you weak, as it does not allow you to think. If you remove disparity and understand and realize Oneness, then you will be happy. Your mother, father, brothers and sisters will be happy. Your relations will be happy. The whole country will be happy, because you will know it is Me. And the whole world will be happy, because you will know that being tuned in to the sky, the sky sees the world and says, “It is all Me.”

Amaram Madhuram, Amaram Madhuram. Unborn, Immortal I am. Unchanging and deathless I am. I am that Love which remains forever pure. Nobody on earth can deny it. I am the Knowledge that remains forever with me as an experience, no person can deny it. Even insentient beings are the same Knowledge that I am. But only in a human being can we see this. Whenever you say, “I am,” immediately the body comes into the limelight, because I turns into the body. As the body changes, so you naturally have to say, “I change.” If you put sugar into milk and the milk becomes dried, the sugar will be dried. If the milk becomes curd, the sugar becomes curd. If the milk becomes butter, the sugar will become butter. And when the milk becomes light, why is the sugar not in the light? Because milk was never anything but light.

Who should tell you that you are moving in your understanding from the gross, to the subtle, to the subtler, to the subtlest? Light is there in milk, yet you don’t see light anywhere in the milk—you can check it anywhere. Before it is known as milk manifested from blood, there is no life or light. Thus, man gets confused, or becomes ready to know, “You tell me, you tell me.” But nobody knows who wants what.

Therefore, when we get together in the state of Oneness, we are able to manage the sense of love, compassion and oneness and forget about to which country and family you belong. That’s fine, continue belonging. But when you are sitting and you are in the Space, you must be able to know that when you have closed your eyes and the Space alone is all around you, why is the Space not inside too? If you see a jug and all around it there is space and inside the jug there is space, why do your eyes not see that the earthen jug is also nothing but space? Because the power has not been given to the eyes to know that Space alone is.

It’s only Guru Consciousness, Guru Awareness who knows—maybe he is unique or not unique, maybe he is like you or not like you. But words are not English words born in England or in India. Maybe it is the English language, but the meaning of I is not English or Indian. Check I. Sound has no male and female to it, no division. That means you are moving towards the sense of Oneness. Sound is ever the same. If somebody fire a gun in the mountains, sound is all over, the same sound. So sound is one. And without the sky, sound cannot come. Therefore, sound gets absorbed in the sky, and the sky is one. Where does the sky get absorbed? That only a human being can know. It gets absorbed in your Knowing.

We are observing the celebration of that Knowing, that Knower, which has come on earth. Everybody has come on earth, but before our appearance on earth, we were the same sky. I say there is a possibility in you that when you are closing your eyes and the sky is available to you and you are knowing it, you will see—today, tomorrow or one day—that out of sky, all forms appear. If you think of your relation, he appears. If you think of the sky, that appears. If you think of a mountain, the mountain appears. Have you not seen this in the dream state? You may be convinced of it or not, it doesn’t matter, but in your dream, how does everything appear from the space and how does it get absorbed back in the space?

It is only a brilliant person, with that intelligence which is Pure Free Forever, who knows this. I worship that intelligence. I salute you. I love you. And, again and again, I know that you are one with Me. I must be one with You. It is another thing that on the level of our eyes we have to use our sense of duality, the otherness. But we have come to know Oneness. We do not care for waves and bubbles when we have come to know water. Water is ever the same; whether a bubble, wave or whirlpool, it is the same water. The one who knows it is the same water is not afraid of the knowledge of the bubbles and waves of his friends. He will know, “Waves and bubbles are, but, for me, water is.” That is the knowledge from where you are observing every single day, which has been offered to you in your awareness. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. …

I wholeheartedly place my love of the heart in the heart of yours and wish that you have the same awareness—not only for you, but for your family, for your neighbours, for your country and for the world. You should be satisfied with your experiment. We have conducted it for forty years, and we have found that there is a possibility that human beings can be brought from suffering, disease and destruction and be established in the love of God—provided they know that God within and God without is God alone. Thank you very much everyone. I am indebted to you all.

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