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The Year Of The Knowledge Of Highest Awareness

Happy New Year to you—the year 2015! A happy and prosperous year, 2015, to all of you! [Applause] The year 2015 is bringing great prosperity, harmony, happiness and joy—or Absolute Bliss Consciousness—to all of you. Traditionally, we can say something to you, that this is the year of the knowledge of your Highest Awareness. Up to the year 2014, we had been interacting with people while established in the knowledge of birth and death. This should be the year of the knowledge of Highest Awareness, in which there is no birth and death, no beginning and no end, no high or low, no gain and loss, no defeat and victory, no upset and no downset. [Laughter] No sense of duality exists now. It is that siddhant, that principle, which is the state of Purushottam, the Highest Awareness. Purushottam means Highest Awareness.

Highest Awareness cannot be found in the state of birth and death, because in that state there is always some drawback: there are worries, tension and agitation, because of this factor and because of that fact, because this has not been done like this, and that had not been gained like that—all this remains. But the state of awareness which all of you have is the state of Highest Awareness, the Purushottam, which has been the first, before the world and all sentient beings came into manifestation. “Sentient and insentient” exist in the mind of a human being, who is born, who lives, who is, who changes, who becomes increased, who becomes decreased, and who, in the end, gets destroyed.

This has been the tradition for ages and ages. But this is a new age, it is the same age of birth and death, it is not that type of new age, but it is certainly a new time—that time which is eternal. The time which belongs to a human being who is born becomes non-eternal, or changing. But this time, which we are talking about, is ancient: in it there has been no increase or decrease, no birth of time and no death, or end, of time.

It is the year 2015, and we have worked constantly, for more than 43 years. On what? On our deathless-birthless state—which a human being normally cannot do. That is why every year, they have to have their fireworks from the topmost buildings, or from everywhere, so that on one day in the new year, they can feel very high and happy. But the next day, again the same thing.

It is not like that. We have been working in such a way that we have made efforts for the Paramarth [supreme meaning], leaving the side of the lower arth [meaning]—or that which is painful, suffering, and is the worried state in a human being. These states exist in the dream state and in the waking state. All human beings who are born carry three states: sleep, dream and the waking state. In the waking state, they always remain in time and space. In the dream also, not only in the waking state, they remain in time and space. So the human body, in time and space, is a human body with consciousness, imagination or delusion. In the waking state, a human being remains in the same state of illusion, division, or birth and death—where some people are born and some people are dying.

In the dream, both birth and death happen together. The dream state is better than the waking state, because there, after a short period, you wake up—then neither birth is there nor death is there, and so you cancel it. But in the waking state you cannot cancel it, because it is a long dream, in which people easily remain a hundred years, and then they go and disappear. That means that in the waking state, birth is there and death is there; in the dream state birth is there and death is there; and in between, there is deep sleep. Not many people have the knowledge of deep sleep. Thus, not many people who are born have the knowledge of the first, the Purushottam state, or the state of Highest Awareness, in which there is no birth and no death.

I want to let you know that this has been reached by all of you. Our findings are complete. Those people who are not yet established and who feel that they are into sadhana [the practice of Oneness] and are doing it, they have to work continuously for sadhana, so that they should attain freedom from the idea of birth and the idea of death. All human beings have the idea of the birth and death of their relations, of their friends and of their enemies. But all of you, in the year 2015, are supposed to have reached that state where when we close the eyes, there is no time and there is no space. [Swamiji closes his eyes]

Here a normal human being says, “The world is gone.” But for us, the world and me, the world and Awareness, Highest Awareness and lower awareness, or in between the two, is only Oneness. I have been talking to you that a human being has three bodies. The first body, he cannot see, he cannot know. With the second body, he sees his form and the changes in it. The third body is his physical body, which he is always, always thinking should remain forever. But when he is not forever, it is the same Space about which we are talking. It is birthless-deathless. It is Pure Free Forever.

This is just traditional speech or words which I have been talking. Otherwise, I have seen that for the last 43 years, you are always the same. Everybody knows, “I am the same,” although the years have been changing, and it looks like a new year has come. Yesterday was 2014, so what happened in a few minutes? At twelve o’clock, they began to play with all kinds of fireworks and give congratulations.

You can realize when your eyes are closed and you are in the state which is the first. The second body, the mind, is not there now. The ego-intellect-mind, desire-anger-attachment-greed, all these things are not there. And the physical body is not being seen. Everybody is sitting as a human form, a human body, which is humanity as a whole. As I said, we cannot transcend it, it has always been there. That is why we give emphasis on health and happiness, as if health and happiness alone is, and not its other side.

Those persons who always remain in time and space are always feeling that they are changing, and changing, and changing. But all of you, I am sure, have come to grasp the sense, the intelligence, of that Highest Awareness when you were not born, and when this birth- and death-ridden body will not be—yet you are, and you will always be there.

I am letting you know that you never committed any mistake when you were born. No sanskars (mental impressions) can bind you. No increase and decrease can affect you. You are always Amaram, Immortal. Therefore, there is no sense of any change or destruction. You are always, always Amaram, always Immortal; you are always Blissful, always Madhuram—provided you are the persons who transcend the idea of birth and death, and choose, according to your freedom, the One who has always been there, the ever-present reality, truth, or love and joy.

This is the time for you to know that you are in the state of love. This love is indivisible. It cannot be divided into two, just because a female is there or a male is there. This love is ever present. You close your eyes, it is there. You do not close your eyes, it is there. Only when you close the eyes, because of the senses, especially the eyes, the decision of the intellect is that there is nothing there. And then when you open the eyes, then the decision of the intellect, attached to the senses, is that there is a multiplicity of different things and forms, and all that.

But I am talking to you about that One which has always been one. It is not like a peacock, who lays an egg, and the egg has in it a yellow yolk (the tej, or mind-intellect-ego), which, when broken, produces the peacock, with its wings, beak and hood, and with multicoloured flowers of all colours. It looks like one bird, a peacock, has made the whole world of different colours, just as there is one sun which sometimes appears to you in the rainy season as a rainbow containing all the colours. All are imaginary then. Only on the level of a human being are we given, from our very birth, this type of understanding which is called illusion. So we know that the body is born and is like a pind, or an egg, in which all the multi-coloured flowers, all the multiple forms, are hidden.

It is only Highest Awareness which explains the state that all of you have now got in the year 2015 which is before us. I congratulate you for that and wish you happiness, prosperity, harmony. Traditionally, we are speaking about it. But it remains just the same. Sameness and Oneness has been reached. Thus, purity, freedom and non-division is this state of awareness. I will be quiet for some time. … [Meditation]

When you open the eyes, you come to know that the listener is the same and the speaker is the same. Each human being speaks and listens. But the time of this year will be called “Living in the State of the Knowledge of Highest Awareness.” If you remember this year, then you will always be established in the knowledge of the state of Highest Awareness. With bodies, we will perform our actions with awareness. We will interact with each other with the awareness of the knowledge of Highest Awareness. We will walk, we will talk. We will be driving, we will be coming, we will be going. In different countries, we will be attending different people. This will all happen. We will be watching that some people are coming, some people are going, that somebody is born, and somebody is not there in existence. We will witness all. This Witness Self is your Sakshee, the Pure Being, who has never become anything else, who has remained forever the same with its Highest Awareness. I will be quiet and will expect you to take five minutes in meditation. …

Open your eyes with enthusiasm and confidence! I wish you a happy, happy new year, 2015. Thank you! [Applause]  Alka, come and sing a song of congratulations. Before she comes, you can listen to me that you were never born, so you have never committed any mistake. You have never learned, and you have never forgotten anything. You are ever the same as when you had closed the eyes. Now that you have opened the eyes, stick to your name and form, and come and listen. [Songs and speeches]


We have started our journey from birth up to this time. In our lives, we have seen changes, from childhood onwards. Sometimes we wept, sometimes we became happy, sometimes we played, sometimes we became worried, sometimes we became agitated, sometimes we became fear-stricken. Our years have been changing with these changes all the time. We were born, but we are only those fortunate persons who decided to walk on this path of highest Realization, because we came to know that being born as human beings, no doubt we are better than animals and birds, but still we are not complete.

We have decided to be on this path to attain Highest Awareness, because as human beings we came to know that, after fifty years or so, day by day we are deteriorating on the level of our bodies and senses, our minds and thinking. Thus, we have stepped onto that path which leads us towards Highest Awareness. Highest Awareness is Pure Awareness. Highest Awareness is Knowledge. Highest Awareness is Love. Highest Awareness is that Nishkam (Non-doing), where no result of action can touch us. Highest Awareness is that which is the lotus flower that speaks to us that the lotus is born in water, born out of water, lives in water, yet remains untouched by water. We are born as human beings in the world. We should walk on that path where we should remain forever free, or uninvolved in the ideas of birth and death. It is a fortunate moment that we are entering in the year 2015, in which we have succeeded in telling each one that we are Pure Free Forever, we are Amaram, we are Madhuram, we are Immortal, we are Blissful. …

We have seen that the waking state is a longer dream and the dream is a shorter waking state, and both are states of the human mind. It has now come to be realized that we have never been the mind—neither in the dream state, nor in the waking state. In deep sleep, we are not the mind at all. Thus, we are not the mind of the waking state, nor the mind of the dream state, nor the no-mind state of deep sleep. Then, what are we?

We have stepped forward on the path to attain Highest Awareness in the state of turiya (the fourth state). In turiya, we were established that neither are we the waking state, nor the dream state, nor the deep sleep state. We are the fourth state. That has been the prior state, the first of all. After that, we have all realized that we are Pure Free Forever. Yet, still we think we will die! Thus, it is not yet complete.

So we have reached the state of turiyateet (beyond the fourth state), the Siddhant—where there is no time, where we are not born, where we are not living, where we are not going to change, where we are not going to die. We came to know that before the body came into existence, we have never been the body. Before the bodies passed, we have never been the body. Thus, we have come to know that the waking state—which made us aware through using the sense of mind, intellect and ego—does not exist. Thus, time has never changed. Years have changed. Millennia have changed. And our life, day and night, changed. The waking state changed. The dream state changed. All those changes have taken place. But we have heard somebody speaking that Unchanging exists forever. It is Eternal Existence. It is Forever. It is here. It is there. It is everywhere. We are always in one state of Eternal Existence.

Thank you very much. God bless you. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. Once again, Happy New Year to you. A prosperous year to you. Happiness and joy to you, full of harmony. May everybody be established in that state of Highest Awareness. Thank you. Happy, happy New Year to you! [Applause] …

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