Satsang  –   Volume 16, Number 5: May 25, 2013
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Meditation Is Meant For You

… The main information for you at this time is very authentic, so that those who are leaving should know, from this time onwards, about human life. The lifestyle that you are living, which you have been trained into living, is known to you. But whatever you have learned, that education is not found here. Here, the vidya [knowledge] is adhyaatmik vidya, spiritual science, or Brahm vidya [knowledge of Oneness]. Therefore, it is not world education. For world education, you have educational institutes, and they cannot include Brahm vidya—they have decided not to. But there are some people among you who have inquired, “What should I do throughout my life?” When you have inquired into this, people have given you a map of your life to follow: such as you are born a baby; you become a child; you play for some time at home, sometimes in the school ground, where you receive schooling; then sometimes you work to earn a living; and sometimes you live family life. After living family life, you should know that the world dissolves.

The world appears and the world dissolves. You know this. But adhyaatmik vidya, spiritual science or spiritual knowledge, is that you are not born and you never die. Therefore, this education is very rare—even to hear about it. You have been celebrating your birthday, and observing days in the hospital and other such days. All of you have become aware that this is the pattern of life and the world. But in you something appeared from beyond your understanding, so that you want to be free from this predicament of disease and destruction, of worries, tension, agitation and being upset, of construction, deconstruction and always remaining worried.

I find that all of you are in a situation which demands some kind of knowledge that you should gain and then live your life. Here, some of the persons are retired, and they are not really any consideration for us. They are retired, so they choose to do whatever they like. But some of you are still in the world and have to be in the world—all people should be in the world as long as they see the world and they know the world.

Then, what do you have to do? Throughout your life, you have to add the education which is called adhyaatmik vidya, which is called, in your language, spiritual knowledge. Spiritual knowledge is not physical knowledge. You are fully sure that physical knowledge is necessary and spiritual knowledge is found nowhere and is of no use. Thus, no one goes for it. But you have chosen that “I should be able to know physical knowledge, or physical science, in the world, as well as something which is my deeper spirit, which speaks to me when I am all alone.”

You have a sense of conscience, or spirit, inside, which speaks to you, but you cannot hear its voice. So you have reached here, where you have come to hear your own voice, which says, “I am that which is never going to be diseased and destroyed.” That is what you have come here to know. It has not been made available to you through physical science, thus you have joined over here. I am the one who has come to know that every human being can live a full life, with full intelligence. In the world, all our elders compromised with intelligence which remained half, and then they died. Body-wise you are born, and body-wise the end will take place. But the life that you are going to live, every single day, should be full of the deepest side of knowledge, which is spirit, which is freedom.

I’m talking at this time about your true nature, your truth, your true love, which is freedom. You have heard the word “freedom.” I too have heard it, but for me freedom is swatantrata. Swatantrata means that every human being should be free, whereby his inner side evolves the order, tantra or style that can be lived in physical life, with health and happiness, in all the interactions with his dear ones. That is possible only when the hidden power, which is freedom, is unfolded.

We have closed our eyes. The method begins. Without closing your eyes, you will always remain with your senses in the world, with its physical style. You know all that, so I am leading your attention towards that which you do not know. You close your eyes, and, working with your intelligence, you will conclude that “That which I have known up to this time is not available here, at this time, with closed eyes.” So you will cancel it. But I say, “No, you are persons who are unique. You have to learn this.” Otherwise you will cancel it, and you will become like all your relations, like your mom, dad, great-grandpas and great-grandmothers, and you will go empty-handed, without any power to unfold your understanding.

Here, you have closed your eyes. Now meditation begins. We call it meditation because we cannot say, “Everybody should close their eyes, close their eyes.” We have evolved the word “meditation,” because it was available with our sages and saints, our elders and concentrated people, who began to call it meditation. For archery and shooting, you don’t need meditation. For working in an office or hospital, for working as an engineer, for a householder’s life and for cooking, you don’t need meditation. Thus, nobody needs meditation. This has been established.

But there are a couple of people who would nearly go mad if they lived the type of life that all people have lived. And they don’t want to become mad. All of you are those people who actually don’t want to become mad. You have become aware, so you are farsighted, you are knowledgeable, and better than that intellect with which they are living their lives. You were born with that intellect, with that awareness which inquired about what you had to do. Nobody told you what you had to do. They all said, “This is the pattern, which I have dictated, or told you.” This is thus a totally different education. So you should not be confused and think that this education should be applied over there. That will never happen. Therefore, it is a personal education, it is the individual education of your own. You cannot get it mixed with their knowledge, with their education. That’s why I have an exclusive place for it. …

Now it’s modern times, and physical science is so rampant, so prevalent, that you cannot leave it. So you should have your clothing the way they dress, you should have your style of playing as people do, you should have your education as they have, you should live life as they have lived it. Yet you should add something in that life which is your own. That is called meditation. Why? Meditation evolves a knowledge of your own. Again I have to tell you that meditation is meant for you, who are an inquiring person who asks what is that deepest knowledge which makes the mind free. “The mind free” means the mind more aware, the mind bigger than the earth—which is the sky. The sky is free. So your mind will not be completely gone: it is, from earth to heaven. This is heaven consciousness, or sky consciousness, Shyam Space.

You have closed your eyes. This secret is not known to anybody, but now you have come to know that your forgetfulness of this Space is gone. In your heart, and in your mind and in your knowledge, with closed eyes, this Space has appeared. It is not that it came from somewhere: it was always there. But your mind and understanding had suppressed it, your senses had suppressed it, all the world interactions had suppressed it. Now it is available for you.

But you, being in the world, are not going to identify with it as your true nature. That’s why you will take time. The mind will not allow you to get convinced. However, if you listen to Guru’s words, “This is your true nature, this has no death in it, this has no defeat in it, this has no loss in it, this has no disease in it, this is what you are,” and if you identify with it, then you will be a hundred times better than other people. If you don’t identify with it, it will turn into sleep, which means you will never recognize it as your true nature, just as you do not regarding sleep. You never recognize that sleep is your true nature, you say, “It must be some resting place. Our waking state gets rest in it, so it is ok.” But nobody has told you that this is the Space which is always there, ever present. Here there is no time, no destruction. It is Pure Free Forever Space, Eternal Existence, Eternal Consciousness.

You are supposed to do it daily, if you can; if not, on alternate days; if not, weekly; if not, monthly. But for those of you who are eager to have the sense that “I should have a better view of my life and a better view of the life of others,” this will only happen when you have a better understanding. A better understanding will only come when you know how the sap travels in the tree to the sky, how the life appears as a child or as a bird, how this is the Space which is the Source. I call this Source Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. In English, it is “I am Immortal, I am Blissful.” These are not false and fictitious meanings of words. As we have learned words and have grown and become human beings, if you learn these words, you will become divine, pure, immortal Existence, Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. Take ten minutes.

You already know the technique, that thoughts may come and go—they are physical, they are jar [insentient]. The ego, intellect, mind, senses and the body are all physical. Therefore, worldly people in the world have not succeeded in adding this. Rather they think, “It must be useful for our senses to get relaxed, and then we make them busy.” It’s not like that. As you are going, and I am very sympathetic to my Self as I know that you and I are the same, so again and again I say, “My I and your I is ever the same.” But the body and bodies are totally different; the minds, each one’s mind, is different; each one’s intellect is different; and each one’s ego is different. That’s why differentiation is found to exist in the world.

This is the space of Oneness. Anytime you feel confused on the mind level, just remember this moment, this day, that you were sitting on the roof when Swamiji had called you, early in the morning. The sun is witness to this. There is no cloud. So you cannot say, “There is nobody witnessing me and what I am doing.” The sun knows you. And the Self Sun, the Aatma Soorya, knows you, that you are one with it. You have closed your eyes. Above your head there is a sun, and inside your head there is a sun. So why not in between? In between, you are preventing this knowledge, thinking that in between there is no sun. “Outside and inside” has taken place, and I’m talking about that which has no outside, no inside. The Self has no outside, no inside. The Self Sun, Self Light, Self Love, Self Purity has no outside, no inside. Again and again, I can say the same thing, because the mind will not hear it easily. There is no outside, no inside, in the Knower, in the Knowledge, in the Gyaan Soorya, in the Knowledge Sun. And the Knowledge Sun, dearest one, you are. The Love Sun, you are. … [Meditation]

Take your own time. You have heard me saying a few words. Still a few are, Add this as a part of your practice in your life, in the morning or the evening, twice or once a day. You want to live a free mental, intellectual and sensual life. Then freedom is to be added. Freedom is this Space. As you take food early in the morning, you take the food of freedom in the morning. The result will be that not only will you be healthy body-wise, you’ll be healthy mind-wise. If you are body- and mind-wise healthy, then work-wise you’ll be efficient. This can be done only half an hour daily, without thinking about concentration, stopping the thoughts, or stopping the ideas which come in your head during this period.

This is very essential: thoughts will come, thoughts will go. But you must know that when you are meditating for half an hour, thoughts will not hammer anything in your head. They are airy-fairy, they are not solid. They are not guns, they are not arrows. They are not bricks and they are not insults. Any kind of thought you may think, whatever possible thoughts there are in the world may come and may go, and others may replace them. But you will meditate half an hour knowing the fact that Space I am. My true nature of I is the Space. My I has never become bones, never become blood. My I is Pure Free Forever, my I is Pure Free Forever, I am Pure Free Forever, I am Pure Free Forever. No birth can touch me. No death can touch me. No defeat can touch me. No poverty can touch me. I am Pure Free Forever, the infinitely wealthy Being. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. This fact is over. This talk is over.

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