Satsang  –   Volume 14, Number 12: December 25, 2011
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Swamiji’s Christmas Message 2011

The Message Given to People
All Over the Globe

Dear one, your true Being is immortal, unborn, undying. Thus, your true Being is pure, free, forever. But the mind, which is being used by you as your personality, conveys to you, “I am a person with a name and a form,” and this form is known by everyone, including your relations, friends, and parents. But you have never known that your body and mind are known by you, because you were born as a child-form of body, which was never there nine months before your birth.

That unformed, impersonal Being—pure, free, forever Awareness—is overlooked by everyone—whoever has seen you as the body form of a human child.
From that moment onwards, they began to call you a child. And when the name was heard by you, you did not know as to who heard the name which your parents associated with your form. Later on, when your body had grown up, you unfolded out of your Pure Awareness the knowledge of the name and form with the identification, “I am a body form with a name.”

The body and name have been spoken of by all the people who were ignorant of your Pure Existence, which existed before your birth. It was not known by them, so their minds were ignorant of your true Being. With the ignorance of their minds, they began to call you by a name with a body in which there are senses of knowledge and organs of action. Having heard the call of everyone, you responded. Without having any information or knowledge of your own Pure Being, you had to accept the ignorant knowledge of their minds, and you copied every sound associated with the words and objects, and you began to call yourself the form of a body.

It does not matter whether you question or do not question or do not consider at all as to why you did not question. I want to tell you that you are using the mind of the persons given to you, which means your original Knower Being is not known by you at all. Therefore, my message now is that the true nature of your Being is unborn, pure, free, forever, uninvolved, and is never caught and bound by the ignorant calls of the minds of the people.

You can understand now, being fully grown up, that this body is increasing, becoming healthy, becoming diseased, and decreasing, and one day, after some years, it will end. Then you will question as to who is that in you who is your Being who says, “I don’t want to die. I want to remain ever the same. I don’t want to have old age or diseases of the body or pain and suffering.”

Then you will harmonize with the message given in my words: Your I is that who is your true Being—immortal, unborn, deathless, pure, free, forever. It is possible for you to realize your true nature if you ponder over this factual information and think deeply about it. You will unfold the knowledge of your true Being by not giving any importance or significance to the ill-informed talks given to you by your elders in the society of human beings.

You will come to know “I am actually pure, free, forever, but the body that is seen by my eyes is born and is changing, growing, learning, forgetting, and getting deteriorated. My true Being is the same Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum—I am immortal, I am blissful, pure, free, forever, ever the same. Yet with my body I have to deal practically with the social beings that have a name and a form with senses and the mind.”
The result will be, dear one, that your I will be the very knowledge—pure, free, forever—and your experience will remain uninvolved with any subject or object.

The purpose of your being born on Earth with the body will be fulfilled if at any stage you realize the meaning of the message that your true Being is immortal, blissful, birthless, deathless, pure, free, forever Shyam, Swami.

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