Satsang  –   Volume 9, Number 14: October 25, 2006
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It Is All Sense


Many people say that there is no meaning of words, and there are no words without meaning, so people should not talk. Many of you, or one of you, sitting over here can conclude that when it is one reality then why to talk? But Shiv Nath [a previous speaker] has indicated that it is a great joy to talk about it! So this has been accepted by us, as we are, that the body is there. Climate is there, and the body system is there, and it can be repaired if something wrong is there. We have doctors and they became experts. In olden days they were not so expert because there was no know-how. So we know that a disease can be cured, but there must be some expert who can cure it. Now, human disease is not his gall bladder. He can repair it, and then a second thing will happen, and a third and fourth thing will happen. Because there are thousands of nerves, and any medical person knows it. So that is not the problem; that will remain. People are hungry, food is produced. Thirsty, so then drink is produced, and clothes are produced and everything is going on, from complicated to less complicated. Like now you do not have to buy the wood from the wood sellers, and burn it. Rather, just buy a heater and gas. Or buy a television and have a remote, then you do not have to go to the whole world. You can just buy a cassette and see it; you put it in the machine at night and sleep, and in the morning you can watch. Everything is there. So many complications were there, and now they are all reduced to simplicity. But why is it that a human being is not getting simple? That is the question. Why? Because he is suffering from disease. What is the disease? Ignorance. So there must be some doctors who can cure the disease of ignorance, and, therefore, we are all having a doctorsí course. Itís a kind of MBBS going on, manifestation of bliss consciousness!

So you only have to find out the disease, and in talking, the disease can be found out. And then the cure will take place on your executive ability. The disease is your sense in the morning. To that you call waking state. That is the disease. Why do you worry about having less cancer, which after 10 or 20 or 30 years of eating meat, takes place? Why do you worry about waiting to know that cancer? The cancer is the initial waking state. You censor the cancer! In the morning that is sense. Sense of what? If you take only sense, which you have the ability to do, it has no subject and no object. But in order to know the sense, you say you have to make a body. First body should be born, then the sense should come. And that is what I have taken up, that it is not that body you have to take, and then sense comes. You have to take the sense first, then body comes. And then the disease is cured.

Then what will happen? It will not be that the sense is born as a body. No. Sense is in manifestation as a bubble. Water is not born. Sense is not born as a body. Water is not born as a bubble. There is no birth of bubble in the mother water. So in the sense, sense is not mother of a human body. But the moment sense manifests, that is gross. Subtlety is lost. With the gross consciousness, the very sense becomes gross, and then a little more gross, and a little more gross. Then senses, then body, and then this iceberg. But it is all sense. So then there is no birth, and thereíll be no death. As soon as birth takes place, then the field of cause and effect starts. That is the science, and scientists are doing it, and they are doing all necessary things, but only the collective group of yours has to produce this: that sense is first. That is your aadhaar bhoomi, your underground reality, or oneness. And oneness has got nothing to do that you will start knowing subject and object, and then itís oneness, then divide it and make it a bird or this or that, or make it connected. No. Itís oneness. And this is possible in our human system, that oneness of intelligence can be evolved out of that human intelligence. As when we go to the school and mother speaks in the childhood, we develop our senses. If the sound is not created, then no sense will ever be evolved. Even though you have ears, if sound is not created then soon something will happen to your nerves that you will not be able to hear all the Divali firecrackers. They will be there but you will not be able to hear them. So you should know scientifically the method of the process of the growth of the human being. Child is born, fine. We donít question it. And now the mother has to speak because she is the only person closest, or other persons who are close to the child. Just by speaking, the senses, gyaan indriyas, senses of sense, the sense of knowledge grows. It will not grow if human beings do not speak. Even to the chimpanzee and the dogs human beings speak and they understand. So at that time you should know that what is being developed is oneness. Now oneness is that which Alka has just said: shuddh chaytan. Why shuddh chaytan? Because human beings talk about jarh and chaytan. That talk is very much rampant. The artist is chaytan, and the paper is jarh. His idea is chaytan, but the picture is jarh. This is maayaa. In a human being maayaa is by birth, and the result of maayaa is pain and suffering. Little bit happiness, and that, too, is there so you understand suffering. [Laughing]

So jarh chaytan. When jarh and chaytan is dissolved, what will happen? Your mind will turn into self. The movement in the morning arises, but from where? We have to understand movement. The wheel is there in the car, and when you drive it movement arises. But what happened to the wheel? The wheel is intact; it has not even vomited movement, or expressed it. So when you realize that the movement is silent, at that time you know movement is not. When movement of the mind is, then you know world is and silence is not. So technique we have used. We have used the technique of silence. So movement should stop, we hope, but we are so much practically saturated in the idea of the movement of the mind that without mind nothing can be experienced, or nothing can be constructed. So then movement is okay, keep constructing. But then you think if mind comes and imagines, then worry is there. Why worry? Because you have no pencils or crayons, so you are worried. You should just imagine, thatís all. Why do you have to buy pencil and paper!? But that is where the system is. So the system we put into Yog. Thatís why Yog science is balanced; thereís no movement and thereís no silence. It is Yog, and that is samaadhi. So samaadhi is anusandhaan [laboratory]; samaadhi is not the state that you have reached. Deep sleep, dream state, waking state and samaadhi state. Samaadhi means anusandhaan is going on, research work is going on. All of you are in samaadhi, which means you are researchers. The result of samaadhi is that which is being, it permeates all four states. So then you will not say samaadhi turiya. Youíll say turiya teet.

Then you come to know the man in general. You will see at that time when you are awakened that, my goodness, the whole life I have wasted. Everywhere, every single person I thought he will give me the knowledge, or someone else will give me the knowledge. He is big and he is big, and all the persons they couldnít do it. When you came to know, then knowledge did not come from outside. It came from you. You were searching and searching and searching, and you found your watch. From where did the knowledge come? And that is where the human being is most precious to us, and he can succeed in the unfoldment of that space which is oneness.

Close your eyes and the technique we can use. Now this much has been alright. Talk has been successful, but now the practical work comes. I have given you all the formulas of swimming, swimming, swimming, yet out of the ocean and out of the river. Now you have to get into the water and swim by yourself. And know that you have the power of swimming. You have the power of identifying with yourself, and not identifying self with your body. People have heard me that Self is there, pure, free, forever, but they identify with the body. They are still miserable. So they have to practice. Practice this that Self is Self. Thatís all. And never worry about what will happen and what will not happen. All of you know how to do things. Whenever you are hungry you know how to cook or how to buy. Everything will happen. Itís not necessary that you are going to forget anything. Only the technique is to be used that Space is, and that Space has got nothing to do with birth and death. You have to recognize Me, and that is where the Space is.


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