Satsang  –   Volume 2, Number 6: February 14, 1999
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Festivals Are for the Delight and Joy of the Heart

[Satsang today was a celebration of both Shiv Ratri, a major festival  in Asia, as well as Valentine's Day. Swami-ji spoke and various groups sang 206-1.jpg (26557 bytes)chants, songs and stotrums, including a group which sang a new song by Swami-ji which he had written earlier today just for the occasion.]

Any time a festival or utsav is celebrated, our hearts feel different. Our hearts are up like the sun is up. Any time we give a boost to our normal hearts they experience their highest knowledge, and that is the highest consciousness.  That is why there are so many 'utsavs' or festivals in this country and why  they are very popular.

Whenever consciousness gets tuned in to the absolute Shiv consciousness, it is immediately delighted.So the heart immediately feels high and delightful. So we experience that height of awareness in the height of oneness which is Valentine's Day and Shiv Ratri together. Let us have songs to express that delight, that abundance of joy, delight, bliss and happiness.

[Swami-ji said that when he awoke this morning, he was inspired to write a song for the occasion of Shiv Ratri. Within a couple of hours, a tune for it had been composed by Pavitra, a group had been formed and the song was sung at morning Satsang.]

Glory to You, Lord Shiv  (Jai Shiv Bholo)

(Written by Swami-ji, 14 Feb 1999)

JaiShiv.GIF (6602 bytes)

Glory to you, Lord Shiv. Glory to you, Lord Shiv.
Glory, glory and glory to you, Lord Shiv.

  1. Your eyes are uniquely beautiful and your form represents truth and beauty. You keep sitting daily on the top of the Himalayas in a very beautiful posture so peacefully that no example can describe how peaceful you are.
    Glory to you Lord Shiv.
    Glory to you, Lord Shiv.
  2. You remain permeating the whole universe, yet you remain absolutely all alone, one without a second. How do these two things go together? Nobody reveals the truth of your existence.
    Glory to you,
    Glory to you, Lord Shiv.

On Patience

If you are a human being, the highest power you have to have is patience. With patience, you can do anything - with great results. But patience is not cultivated in one day. Just as it takes time for a child to grow, patience can only be cultivated over time. Success in the world - and success in saadhana is dependent on patience."

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