Akaran (Causeless) Explained

Date of Satsang: May 6, 2014Location: Karaun, Himachal Pradesh, India

If you hear me saying the world is causeless, or a human being and humanity are causeless, you won’t understand. Then what is to be done? That which can be brought so understanding can take place should be brought first; then it will be called “unfoldment.” If unfoldment is not there in a human being, he will not understand. But unfoldment of what? He is not a paper that rolls down and then he is unfolded. When we talk to human beings, we know they were born small children, who had no power to understand. But when they grew big, they began to understand what their mother, father, house, pets, and exhibits were and what the lawn, trees, and ground were. They knew how to play by sitting, picking up grass, taking it out and putting it in mud and mud in grass—all this a little child does. What happened to him that he began to do this? When he was being led in a perambulator, there were only his head and eyes and nothing else.

There Is A Need In Every Being That They Do Not Want To Die: Invest In That!

Date of Satsang: November 9, 2013Location: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India

Swamiji: … In English, you can never say anything which has no meaning, you only speak with meaning. They all say that a thing is only that which makes sense. That is why if, from birth, a human being only hears this, he will never grow into that which is Space, because Space has no meaning [which the intellect, or meaning-maker, constructs].

The Source And The Form Of The Source Are One And The Same

Date of Satsang: September 6, 2005Location: Raison, Himachal Pradesh, India

When one begins meditation, he understands that he is getting into a process. For an ordinary man, it is only closing the eyes and not remaining conscious of the action of the eyes, ears, hands, feet or mouth, so, for him, meditation is not the practice of any kind of action. But there are the ones who have come to know that the actions of their eyes, ears, mouth, hands and feet have not given them the unfoldment of knowledge that may allow them to know the Source of everything. A human being is born such a form, with the senses, mind, intellect and ego, that he does not know the Source of every thing, every form, every situation, every emotion and every action, negative or positive. Not knowing the Source of the whole body and its actions, and the Source of other bodies and their actions, what happens to a human being? He remains craving to know the Source, because whatever he sees and whatever he knows do not give him satisfaction. Rather everything he knows creates a new situation in him to think either “This is right” or “This is not all right.”