Guru Current

Date of Satsang: January 16, 2005Location: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India

Milan: … As I am speaking, I am finding that these are all the things my mind is concluding. But one moment with you and everything I just said is completely irrelevant. So I am describing the process of a mind that thinks it exists, but being with you I see that it doesn’t. I tremendously value your presence!

The Sesame Seed and Oil Satsang

Date of Satsang: January 10, 2002Location: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India

Swamiji: We look like forms, but when forms were not there, what was there? When Nandi was not there, what was she? And now that she is, what is she, Shaardaji? Shaarda: Space [Self, Oneness]. Swamiji: Then what was she at that time? Shaarda: Space. Swamiji: And what is your blanket? Shaarda: The blanket is

“You Never Existed” Means Freedom Exists

Date of Satsang: June 12, 2015Location: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India

Parents have talked about name and form, which is why they are known by a child. Yet the child is such a small unit of existence that neither has he the knowledge of his senses, nor of his form-body, with skin and limbs. It is parents who are responsible for giving their child knowledge. We

How Can You Know Unborn Born Or Non-Happening Happening?

Date of Satsang: December 13, 2016Location: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India

Swamiji: This is a unique program. “Unique” means it is not a program. Everybody knows what unique means from his own side. That is why I do not have to ask each of you what you know, but what I know I will tell you. I know that a unique person cannot exist as a human head, heart, and hands if he is only a born human being. As such, he will never have any unique program. Everybody is understanding a unique program as “my concept, my idea, my knowledge,” when all three are not there—neither an idea, nor a concept, nor any information about what is unique is there in unborn.

Unborn Is Your Pure Intellect

Date of Satsang: April 21, 2013Location: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India

Swamiji: … We are here on earth and became human beings. What wrong is there that we are human beings, with senses, minds, and organs? What is wrong is that we will die! That is the only wrong. [Laughter] Otherwise, a human being is most wonderful. If he is most wonderful, then what is his purpose? This has not been recorded in books written by our elders, or persons who have the sense of otherness. The sense of a human being is the sense of otherness, or that there are chaytan (sentience) and jar (insentience), an aware mind and not aware feet and teeth. Why is it that a human being believes he is aware because of the mind, intellect and ego-sense, but his ribs, shoulders, stomach, feet, and hands do not have awareness?