Krishna Wants To Let Arjun Transcend The Ego-Intellect-Mind Personality

Date of Satsang: June 10, 2011Location: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India

Madhuri: In the first seven or eight verses of Chapter 8 of the Gita, there are slightly differing definitions, which simply means there are different perspectives on the same term. I wanted to ask you for clarification about them and their relationship with each other—such as Adhiyagya, adhidaiv, and adhyatma. How do they relate to each other and to the idea of Brahm?

There Is A Need In Every Being That They Do Not Want To Die: Invest In That!

Date of Satsang: November 9, 2013Location: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India

Swamiji: … In English, you can never say anything which has no meaning, you only speak with meaning. They all say that a thing is only that which makes sense. That is why if, from birth, a human being only hears this, he will never grow into that which is Space, because Space has no meaning [which the intellect, or meaning-maker, constructs].

It Is Your Choice

Date of Satsang: July 6, 2015Location: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India

Swamiji: Today is the day of choice. Yes.
Priyam: Swamiji, yesterday you said that when you speak something happens, but Truth does not come. Every day when I hear you speak, or even just see you, something does happen by your presence. I would like you to explain what that is, if you say that Truth doesn’t come. I don’t understand.

I Is Free

Date of Satsang: December 29, 2016Location: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India

Shiv Nath: … Several times you said to us that through our meditation we have become uninvolved, but we have not yet become free. I do see my tendency to equate uninvolvement with freedom. But I feel your words were to make me inquire further into what real freedom is. Could you say a few words about this?

When Guru Speaks, His Voice Is Without Body

Date of Satsang: November 28, 2016Location: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India

Gaurav: … Certainly, the answer to all our human questions is for us to know we are unborn. But it is a process. I see in this process, system, or laboratory, I still have a hard time with two areas of identification: work and family. … Where it pinches me sometimes is in the area of letting people down, or at least in having the sense I have let someone down, and that is still a point of identification. I was wondering if you could help me navigate through it?