Do Not Sleep Over It!

Date of Satsang: January 16, 2011Location: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India

If I say to meditate, you will not do it. [Laughter] That means you are able to appreciate the Lord of sound. The flute creates sound, and you begin to love the flute. But you do not like the flute to keep sitting somewhere; rather it should be on the lips of the one who can make it sound. Who is playing on our flute, with lips? The very one who loves the lips. Who is the one who loves the lips? Not a dead man. Life! So you like life. That is why we are on earth as lively human beings—as lively children, lively birdies, lively cubs, lively kittens, lively pups, lively kids, lively colts, lively calves. Why is it that they have not yet seen anything, yet you love them the most? What is that which you love? Life. So you want to hear about life. How much it is necessary for a human being to come to know that sound and the sound-maker exist. The sound-maker and sound are not heard in a stone or a rock, although they are solid. And the sound and sound-maker are not intelligent, in the way that birds, animals, and, above all, human beings are.

The Source And The Form Of The Source Are One And The Same

Date of Satsang: September 6, 2005Location: Raison, Himachal Pradesh, India

When one begins meditation, he understands that he is getting into a process. For an ordinary man, it is only closing the eyes and not remaining conscious of the action of the eyes, ears, hands, feet or mouth, so, for him, meditation is not the practice of any kind of action. But there are the ones who have come to know that the actions of their eyes, ears, mouth, hands and feet have not given them the unfoldment of knowledge that may allow them to know the Source of everything. A human being is born such a form, with the senses, mind, intellect and ego, that he does not know the Source of every thing, every form, every situation, every emotion and every action, negative or positive. Not knowing the Source of the whole body and its actions, and the Source of other bodies and their actions, what happens to a human being? He remains craving to know the Source, because whatever he sees and whatever he knows do not give him satisfaction. Rather everything he knows creates a new situation in him to think either “This is right” or “This is not all right.”